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The Missionary Myth
The Missionary Myth
Children Pay the Price.
Abuse in Mission
Residential Schools

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Ethnodcide and Fake Orphanages

Steps to Village takeover and elimination of the culture and language content:
1. Pay someone to be pastor in the village.
2. Pay that pastor for each family he "converts".
3. Pastor will pay a family to convert or make them promises he can not fulfill.
4. When Pastor has been paid enough to "convert" enough families, pressure will be increased on the remaining villagers that what they are doing (being traditional Akha) is evil and that they all have to "convert".
5. Anything related to the traditional culture is banned except traditional clothing. Even traditional clothing was discouraged in the past.
6. Traditional items are burned.
7. Recitals and ceremonies which convey the history of the Akha to the children are banned.
8. Children are removed to in town boarding schools as a means of further seperating them from their culture and language.
9. For the child, the bulk of the historical, agricultural and social governance knowledge has been destroyed.
10. Missions begin their OWN "development" projects in the village, such as "leadership training". What they mean is training people to be leaders of THEIR movement, not leaders of Akha people busy being Akha.

Then the missionaries put on their website that they are protecting Akha culture.

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There is no single factor which so dramatically effects the children and cultural identity of the Akha people as missionaries. Predominantly American missionaries. Immediately we note the racial attitudes of these people who would advocate the removal of Akha children from their villages, families, culture and langauge. This is not new in history but few people know that it is still going on and that it is predominantly being carried out by white people or in some cases their carefully chosen proxies.

The goal and function of these missionaries is ethnocide. A stated purpose to do things which will bring Akha culture and language to an end. The Young clan and Paul W. Lewis set many of these events in motion and funding continues to flow for the continuation of these actions. Combined with the racist US Drug War which profiles the Akha and other hill tribe, the missions work to dominate Akha culture. We think they are fascists. White Racist Fascists. We also think they are liars. Lying about what they are doing and why they are doing it, liars to their donors, liars to the church congregations. Churches which may know where the money is going may also be very racist in their make up. What possible relevance does a white church congregation at a church like Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, Colorado possibly have with the Akha?

We feature Paul and Lori Vernon as examples, of white racists. People who promote Ethnocide. Supported by congregations in the Denver area and also the Salem, Oregon area. Paul and Lori Crouch Vernon went to an Akha village in Thailand and totally eliminated their culture. If you want to see a work in action, you can go to their blog to find out how the minds of these people work.
Paul and Lori

New folder for Paul and Lori Vernon:
We are really focusing on how Paul and Lori Crouch Vernon are working to destroy the culture of the Akha while portraying lots of traditional images on their new website (type it into your browser yourself or you won't get there). What is most noticeable about the vernon journal is that there is almost no real time information about what is happening to the Akha, the name of the village, or what Paul and Lori are doing to change these core events such as human rights abuses, land rights, ID card rights, etc. Who owns the land they are on? Is the village traditional or not? How did this happen? Anyway, we got a whole folder for them now at the link below.
NEW Vernon Journal Folder

Missionary Arrest Cases
Most recent site for the Bobby Morse case including a quote from his blog exhonerating himself, just a big mix up.
Most recent page for Bobby Morse case
Moss Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Hill Tribe Girls at Residential School Mae Taeng

A document on the fake orphanages that take Akha children:
Before you pay to volunteer abroad, think of the harm you might do

Stealing Akha Children - The Formula
Missionary Update 2006
Why We Watch Missions
Ill Advisability of Orphanages

The List
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Missions in China - Yunnan
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From Home Page:

Mission Watch List
Why We Watch Missions
Can Missionaries Explain?
In many of our conversations
over the years with missionaries
their explanation of their
tactics is that "culture" is in
the way of people knowing God. So
the culture for many different
reasons has to be removed, displaced,
forbidden, destroyed. Its all
based on their definition of what
they are looking at. And they have
made an assumption that it is their
job to do this, appointed by who we
are not sure. They would not be able
to take the same action in the United
States. But where they have a specific
ethnic group cornered in SE Asia they
can impose their complete and total
theocracy on the villagers, and they do.
Missionaries in China are understandably
cagey about what they are up to.

In all our years of working with the
Akha as friends, it never occurred
to us, that the best way to help
them was to take away their

Family Values?
Missionaries believe that if they
convert Akha children, then it is OK to
remove them from their families. That
children deprived of their parents is no
problem for Jesus. Missionaries want
family values for themselves but not
for the Akha children?
Missionary Ethnocide
Paul and Lori Crouch Vernon
Paul and Lori Crouch Vernon are
cooperating in a program to destroy
Akha culture, but at the same time
they wear Akha ornament, and say
they are trying to learn about Akha
culture. How do you learn about
something you are bent on destroying?

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