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Robert Moss aka Bobby Morse Church of Christ Missionary Arrested Mission School
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Mae Taeng Thailand Sexual Abuse


May, 2009
Sources in Chiangrai and Chiangmai say that quite a bit of money is being thrown around in this case, certain girls are being asked to recant or change their stories about what happened at the north Burma mission.

Other sources close to the story say that there are other missionaries at this same mission who have been suspected of sexually abusing girls as well.

Meanwhile the Morse website insists that Bobby Morse is innocent, and the website continues to ask for money.
North Burma Christian

Enquiries at the US Embassy by Oregon Congressman Wu's office regarding the case and the Protect Act of 2003 were met with a rebuff, that the Privacy Act prevents the Embassy from telling a congressman anything. We have always considered that at BEST the Embassy turns a blind eye to these things given the long term relationship to powerful wartime missionaries.

Robert Moss identified as Bobby Morse on this website:
Thai Visa Forum

13th March
Front page of a few Northern Thailand newspapers showed Bobby Morse at the police station. This is a section of one of the newspapers.
Morse_arrest_thai_newspaper.JPG ( 137.44K ) Number of downloads: 95
I still wonder why the English language Thai Newspapers haven’t printed this story.
Mr Morse and a Thai man were arrested and charged on a number of child abuse charges. Research on the internet and local people tell me that Bobby Morse is well known in Northern Thailand and Myanmar, particularly Yangon for his continuous work with the Church of Christ, various orphanages and youth training centres.

One worrying thing that has been conveyed to me is that these guys are out on bail, possibly back to their alleged crimes.

Despite the fame or good deeds that someone may attain or do in life, all alleged child abusers should be locked up once arrested and charged. No bail, zero tolerance. People like this leave the country. Just hope the police confiscated Morse’s passport. He would most certainly have one if he travels so frequently to countries like Myanmar and China and other global destinations. Watch out that he doesn’t get on a flight to somewhere.

The abuse of children in Thailand is illegal. It is reprehensible no matter who the perpetrator is.

No excuses, ever, ever. Lock up all child abusers and throw away the key.

North Burma Christian Mission
Bobby Morse
Box 249
Chiangmai, Thailand 50000

March 31, 2009 Update:
Research on the internet says that Mr Bobby Morse is well known in Northern Thailand and Myanmar, particularly Yangon for his continuous work with the Church of Christ, various orphanages and youth training centres.

Mr. Morese is already released on bail, freedom for missionary phaedophiles of course!

Robert Moss/aka Bobby Morse, is a third generation missionary. Coming from one of the most powerful church familes in the north of Thailand, their history goes back 100 years or so, to Yunnan province, China, which they left in 1932, through work in Laos , Burma, and probably Vietnam, to their presence in Chiang Mai. Another powerful family such as the Youngs (Bill Young Opium Trader of Luang Namtha, Laos), missionaries, close affiliation with the US Embassy (Bill Young is CIA) and the hegemony of missions in the north of Thailand. The Akha and other hilltribe nothing more than their tools to get the money and power they want. See our page on Robert Moss - Bobby Morse

The two blogs in Thailand that covered the story quickly pulled the articles, showing the power of the missions to sexually abuse Akha and other children and cover it all up. Must have been the girls fault?

Where is the US Embassy enforcing this as a case to take Mr. Moss Morse back to the US for sex abuse charges? Are missionaries exempt from prosecution? Especially old family name missionaries?
What has become of the Child Protection Act that makes what Mr. Moss Morse is alleged to have done a crime?

Like Vern McCauley of Eden House Children's Home (YWAM Chiangrai) said (on video in the film "Prisoners of a White God") when asked about the rape of an Akha girl by a Missionary: "We wouldn't want to talk about that, it would give missionaries a bad name."

How many cases will there have to be of children being raped before missionaries in Thailand are no longer immune? These phaedophiles go where there are children, where they can have control, and that means missions that specialize in setting it all up by taking the Akha children away from their families. There needs to be a bounty on these missionaries, it needs to be made unmistakably clear, till their knees are pounding together, that the best thing they can do while they are still alive is get on a plane and get the hell out of there.

You can do your part by calling or emailing the US Embassy in Bangkok, and the US Consul in Chiangmai and asking about the Moss Morse case.

First Story

Robert Moss (seated right) and Chailong Siriwong are questioned at the headquarters of Police Bureau Region 5’s Juvenile and Women’s Protection Division.


Two men charged with sexual abuse of young girls in their care
Saksit Meesubkwang

Two men, one American and one Thai, were recently arrested and charged with sexual abuse against a number of young hill tribe girls between the ages of 13 and 15. It seems that the two men’s abuse of the young girls in their charge may have been continuing unreported for a number of years. The men were questioned and charged at Police Bureau Region 5’s Juvenile and Women’s Protection Division; a search of the foundation’s premises resulted in the seizure of CDs and DVDs which will be used as evidence.

Robert Moss, 55, the proprietor of Hor Fuang Fah, a foundation which supplied accommodation and access to education for hill tribe girls, with premises in Muang and Mae Taeng districts, together with his employee Chailong Siriwong, 49, are, at present, denying the charges. During questioning, Chailong insisted that he had not sexually abused the girls, and that he had loved them as would a father. He refused to comment about Moss’s involvement, stating that it was “none of his business”.

Prior to the two men’s arrest, Somboon Jai-ngarm, the principal of Mae Tang’s Sop Perng Wittaya School, had become concerned about the behaviour of a number of young girls from the foundation’s Mae Taeng premises who were being educated at the school. The students seemed ill, nervous and depressed, and were often found crying. Suspecting child sexual abuse, Somboon contacted local police, and was finally able to persuade 7 of the girls to talk with police. After the subsequent arrest of their alleged abusers, the victims felt able to tell their full stories.

The Hor Fuang Fah foundation was supposedly acting to sponsor selected students from impoverished hill tribe families living in Chiang Rai’s Mae Suay district, providing them with education and a place to stay in Chiang Mai. The accused Thai, Chailong, originally from Mae Suay, was employed by Moss to drive the girls to and from school and to perform housekeeping duties. At least 100 young girls were resident at the facility. However, during questioning by police, the possibility that the foundation was being run for the financial benefit of its proprietor was revealed. Each student’s family was charged 3,000 baht annually for accommodation, food and transportation to school, and another 10,000 baht for education services. It is being suggested that the bulk of the charges, plus national and international donations received by the foundation, were retained by Moss.

One of the abuse victims told the school’s principal that girls staying at the dormitories often went hungry, as food was in short supply. Another said that she was afraid she would have to die before she could get away from Moss and Chailong, and that if she could escape, she would never go back. Others said that on many occasions, Moss and Chailong would force girls to go with them to their private quarters in order to ‘give a massage’. Outsiders were not permitted to enter the foundation’s premises, even when girls were sick and needed medical attention, or when the school’s principal needed to check on their health. The children were also forced to work in Moss’s orchard.

Since the arrests, almost half the girls have left the foundation’s premises; a number have been sent to other children’s homes in Chiang Mai, others have been taken back to their villages by their parents. Some, who have been terrified by the constant threat of abuse, have refused to return to the facility. Pol Lt Col Thawatchai Yoomark, deputy superintendent of the Juvenile and Women’s Protection Division, said that police suspect that a further number of organisations may be acting in this manner, and that their founders’ and executives’ history and profiles were being investigated by the authorities.

Data on Robert Moss - aka- Bobby Morse

From Lisu Diary, a great site of blah blah blah what wonderful fukcs missionaries are, with Jesus jargon thrown in every five minutes.
This blog piece gives valuable information on how Robert Morse fits in to the long missionary dynasty in Thailand.

Now the real ministry begins. A short flight (1:30) from Chiang Mai to Kunming, capital of the Yunnan Province, has positioned us for our road tour that we will be on for the next 7 days. Bobby Morse will be our tour guide, accompanied by his wife Tassanee. Our team was completed when Ruth and J. Knipmeyer flew from Shanghai to Kunming and met us at the airport. The highlight of our day was meeting with Eugene Morse, Bobby's uncle, who will turn 87 in two weeks. Eugene was the author of Exodus to Hidden Valley which tells the story of the Morse family exile in an unauthorized area between Burma and India for nearly 7 years, living off the land and their own wits and ingenuity. Eugene as a 5-6 year old actually had some memory of Greg's grandparents who were serving with the Morse's in Batang. He regaled us with stories of their WWII efforts to rescue pilots who planes did not make it over the "hump". The members of the Lisu and Rwang tribes were mobilized to provide safe passage for the survivors. What a treat to meet one of the hidden heroes of the faith.

I want you to know that we have made a change of plans over the last couple of weeks. Originally we were intending to return to Batang, the site where Greg's and Bobby's grandparents served. We have decided not to tack that on to the end of our trip primarily because of the logistic strain after an already full week of travel by bus and so we can linger longer at various sites as we meet with Lisu Christians

Posted by gregogden 05:32

YOUR MONEY IS BRINGING PEOPLE TO CHRIST (No shit? Should we give more?)
The Lisu Production Team is hard at work. Don Leonard and Bobby Morse have been working closely with Christian members of the Lisu Tribe, primary from Burma to make the first recording of the Visual Bible in Acts. We witnessed selections from Acts 4 that had been carefully recorded in sync with the professional images on screen. Bobby Morse has written the script and his Lisu compatriots did the recording and syncing. We could see immediately the powerful impact that this can and will have throughout the million Lisu in Burma, China, and Northern Thialand. We can hardly wait to see the reaction to the showings we will have. Tomorrow we fly to Kunming, China to start our adventure.

We also had a chance to hear David Morse, Bobby's cousin, describe the updating of the translation of the Lisu Bible that they hope to complete by the end of the year. This will occur along with the notes from the NIV Study Bible. So they will have the first Lisu Study Bible in print soon. When you think of the people who will count in eternity vs. those who count now, the tables will be turned. Donald Trump, who is he? The Morse family is off the charts amazing. To sum it up. What can't be done? This is their attitude. (yeah, they are priveledged, they can get away with anything) With the Lord anything is possible.

So Divine
We would like to point out that the Lisu, working with the Chinese Baptist in Maesai, were some of the very people abusing the Akha as a "lesser" people, taking girls out of villages, such as Hua Mae Kom, which we reported on in the mid 1990's.

A Divine Appointment By Greg Ogden

Every once and a while the Lord makes His presence known in such a way that you can’t help but think, “No Question, there is a God after all!” This happened for the Ogdens the weekend of our Mission Fest. We received a last minute call asking us if we could host Don and Pam Leonard of Vernacular Video Mission International. We had never met the Leonards, nor had we any idea in what aspect of world mission they were involved. We got them settled in on the Thursday night of their arrival. Since Friday is my day off, Lily and I spent some time in the morning to get to know the Leonards before they ran off for their day’s activities. In my prayer time earlier that morning the Lord had impressed on my spirit a simple message, “It is important that the Leonards are here.” Some Background In order to appreciate the dramatic discoveries and connections that were soon to be made, you need some background. My paternal grandparents, James and Minnie Ogden, were Disciples of Christ missionaries in Tibet in the early part of the last century. In 1906 James and Minnie joined Dr. Albert and Flora Shelton in Batang, Tibet. Batang is now located in Western China, and is considered a border community at about 8500 feet elevation. Over a period of approximately 25 years 8 missionary families populated what became known as the Tibetan Christian Mission. The Mission closed in 1932 when support dwindled because of the Depression. Throughout my childhood and adult life there frankly had been only occasional interest in my grandparents work, because my own father had disassociated himself in a major way from this part of his life. Though he was raised in Batang from the ages of 2-17, certainly formative years, but because of some negative experiences, he only intermittently made reference to this part of his life.Yet, recently the interest had intensified, because I had received a speaking invitation for a conference to be held in Katmandu, Nepal in March of 2009. Lily and I had already made arrangements with my brother and sister to tie this into an adventurous excursion to Batang to reconnect with this part of our family heritage. We reasoned if we get as far as Nepal, we might as well keep going to Eastern Tibet.

Page 2
Back to the Drama On that fateful Friday morning, Don Leonard was telling us how hisministry had taken a major turn to a new locale. Up to this point he has spent hisentire focus on the Philippines producing videos in their vernacular to communicate the gospel. He had been looking for a new territory in which he and Pam could be involved and they had landed on Western China. He had just returned from a month long visit to what they suspected would be their next venue among the Lisu, a Chinese minority people group. Their main contact was Bobby Morse, a third generation missionary among the Lisu. Bobby was raised in Western China, and although he is of American parentage, his first language is Lisu.Now the story gets interesting. Since parts of Western China border Tibet, I related the above story about my grandparents’ mission in Batang, Tibet to our guests. The thought occurred to Don Leonard that, because of Bobby Morse’s history in that part of the world, he may have some knowledge of my grandparents’ mission or some connection through the mission grapevine. SoDon sent an email to Bobbie Morse asking if he might be aware through some family lore of James and Minnie Ogden and Batang, Tibet. On Saturday morning we again found ourselves around the breakfast table chatting up a storm. Don says, “Oh, I’ve got an email from Bobby.” Don chuckles as he reads. Bobby writes, “My father was born in Batang, Tibet.” Immediately shivers went up my spine and I was choking back tears. “A God sighting”, as Vickie Bare would say. What are the chances? Can you believe this connection? Through some resources we had at home, we were able to ascertain that Bobby’s grandparents, J. Russell and Gertrude Morse, joined my grandparents in 1921 in Batang. Bobbie’s uncle Eugene, still alive at 86, was an infant when they arrived and Bobbie’s father, Robert, now deceased, was born a couple of years later. Because of a dispute that had arisen among the missionaries, the Morse family departed to serve among the Lisu people of China. Their story is a wholeother adventure.Today, the Lisu have a thriving church of over 200,000 people in a peoplegroup of just around 1 million. Amazingly, the Lisu church is just starting a mission initiative to take the gospel to Tibet. Wow! How the Lord works through the generations.

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The Marvel of It All Is there a God? You decide. 1. The Leonards were scheduled to stay with someone else. They could haveended up with any number of Christ Church families, but they came to stay with us. 2. Don Leonard had just returned within the last month from Western China where he had just met Bobby Morse. Two months ago there would have been no connection if they had stayed at our house. 3. The Leonards were seeking confirmation that this new locale had the Lord’shand on it. Don and Pam were flying high. They had their confirmation.4. The Tibetan mission had been ravaged by the Japanese in the 1930’s and destroyed by Chinese in the 1960’s. But the Lord kept a remnant alive through the Morse’s mission, and now the Lisu people are ready to be the ones who will take the gospel to a more receptive Tibetan population. Dr. Greg Ogden is the Executive Pastor of Discipleship. He provides overall leadership to our church’s efforts to help people GROW into multiplying followers of Jesus Christ. In furtherance of this disciple-making vision Greg supervises the Grow Sector staff of the church. Greg and wife, Lily, live in Hinsdale. They have one grown daughter, Aimee, and son in-law, Adam. The Ogdens are also proud grandparents of Claire, now six months old.In March, 2008 the Ogdens plan to accompany Don and Pam Leonard and Bobby Morse to Chiang Mai, Thailand (the launching point for many Christian missions) and then into Western China.

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