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Eden House Children's Home

Eden House Children's Home removes Akha girls from their traditional land and Akha villages and exploits them to raise money for the inflated lifestyle of these western missionaries.

Currently Vern McCully and his wife are building a new 10 million baht compound for approximately 20 captive Akha girls. Looking so lonely, there in the bare, desloate back end flat lands of Ban Du, north of Chiangrai. They have sure fallen a long way from the village.

Also very noteworthy about the NEW Eden Children's Home is that it is built adjacent to a very impoverished Thai community. This is also terrible PR for the Akha and their children, to the Thai people.


Eden's Children's Home is run by Vern McCully from the US.

There are approximately 17 to 20 girls at this facility. The main building are not built yet, the compound has an obviously empty place in it, and a large house is completed to one end.

Why is it that any Akha village has many more than 17 children, but can not use them to raise this kind of money?

A large vacant spot in this compound awaits the building of the "Orphanage".

This orphanage and ones like it are excellent money raisers, but do it at the expense of the Akha children. In the end the Akha children must leave, new ones come, but the compounds stay in the hands and control of the foreigners.

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