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What you can do:
We are organizing protests in the Toronto area. You can be of assistance by contacting us to be part of a picket or other protest. We are in need of photographic and video interviews to be placed on the web. Use the contact email above. You can also contact the individuals listed below and ask them what it is they are covering up. The more people who call the better.

Update We aired on the Hidden from History radio show with Kevin Annett and Marcie. Marcie followed up on our story about the location of Isaac at the Wiang Pa Pao Scarboro Mission residential school by calling Mary Olenick listed below. Mary claimed she was confused, maybe not a hard thing to do when people are trying to remember what the lie was they used last to cover up the truth. From forwarding all my request about the school to the school itself, "they can answer if they like", now Mary claims they have no contact with the school and are not involved. And she hung up. Twice. Interesting Fr. Frank Lynch pictured below, has now been removed from the Scarboro page here:

Thailand Base

We are organizing protests in the Toronto area. If you want to get involved contact us at our email at the top of this page.

I sent the following letter to the Archbishop.

Our Letter of July 10, 2012 to Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto
Office of the Archbishop
Office of the Archbishop
Catholic Pastoral Centre
1155 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario, M4T 1W2
Telephone: (416) 934-0606, ext. 609
Fax: (416) 934-3452

Dear Archbishop Thomas Collins:

I am contacting you because I have gotten little success in dealing with the personnel at Scarboro Mission.

I have a son, Isaac McDaniel, who is the six generation of McDaniels originating as circuit riders in Ontario Canada since 1850.

My son's mother of the Akha tribe, took Isaac out of school at Ban Tom, Chiangrai, Thailand and placed him in a residential school at Wiang Pa Pao, Thailand, just north of Chiang Mai. She sent me the phone number of the mission and a supervisor named "Brother Johnny".

After repeatedly calling this number and having it either shut off or ringing for a long time and not being answered I looked up the mission on line and the only contact I found for it was Scarboro Missions in Ontario. I contacted Fr. Jack Lynch and was referred to Mary Olenick. I asked Mary for contact information for the mission in Wiang Pa Pao, who was the surpervisor and what was a good time to call? I also asked for any other contact information such as email or street address. I explained the reason why I was trying to reach the school, and mentioned that many of these schools have a website, all the contact information available. In this case however Scarboro is the only contact with information about building dorms at this school. I was told there are 1900 students at this school, mostly hill tribe. Most of the hill tribe in this area are Akha.

But Mary would not give me any information except to say that she had forwarded my information to the mission and they could do contact me if they wanted to or not.

So my understanding is that they have something to cover up.

When someone asks to be given basic contact information for a school at which their child resides, they should get it. Isaac McDaniel is a US Citizen. It would be rather interesting to have the FBI call on Scarboro and the mission at Wiang Pa Pao to see what is going on.

Mary has claimed that my request for information was "unclear" "confusing" when activists contacted her to find out the same basic information. Mary then claimed that Scarboro was no longer involved there in Wiang Pa Pao, had no information, which of course is not true. She has plenty of information. She is just trying to cover up the subject.

Fr. Jack Lynch's picture disappeared off the website. You can still see it here on ours:

Some back ground information about myself. I am a human rights activist with the Akha people 20 years now. One of the main focus's of my work is to stop the removal of Akha children to mission compounds where they are separated from their families and culture, missions just like at Wiang Pa Pao.

I would like full contact information for the mission at Wiang Pa Pao. I would like to know who is the supervisor in charge. I am told there are western people at the mission and I would like to know who they are, not just the name of a Thai lay person who has been told not to communicate about the subject.

I would like to know why people in your diocese are concealing the location and contact information for my son, Isaac McDaniel? Since Isaac is the six generation descendant of an Ontario circuit rider, which I have the original Bible that was used, I think a lot of people in the Ontario area would find this a most interesting story.

Matthew McDaniel

About Archbishop Thomas Cardinal Collins

Consistory 2012
Celebrating Thomas Cardinal Collins Archbishop of Toronto

"Cardinals are chosen by the Holy Father to serve as his principal assistants and advisers in the central administration of Church affairs. Collectively, they form the College of Cardinals. The word cardinal is derived from two early Latin terms, cardo and cardinis. The English translation has rendered these two words as “hinge,” a device that connects two opposing forces and brings harmony as a result. As a hinge permits a door to hang and open easily, so to it was believed that cardinals facilitated an easy relationship between the theological and governmental roles of the hierarchy of the Church. The role of the College of Cardinals remains a pivotal one in the Church of our time.

During an Ordinary Consistory at the Vatican on February 18, 2012, Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto became the 16th Cardinal in the history of the Canadian Church. As Cardinal, he not only represents the great archdiocese of Toronto, but all of Canada, especially Anglophone Canada.

This DVD set includes the Ordinary Public Consistory, where each Cardinal was formally elevated, along with Mass the next day in St. Peter’s Basilica, celebrated by Benedict XVI with the new Cardinals. The week leading up to the consistory is chronicled in the half-hour special, “A Cardinal in the Making”. Also included are four interviews with Cardinal Collins, conducted by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB (in French, Italian, and two in English).

Finally, the five DVD set contains three special liturgies celebrated by Cardinal Collins after the Consistory: a Mass of Thanksgiving in the crypt of St. Peter’s Basilica, a Mass of Thanksgiving in St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto, and Solemn Evening Prayer in the Cardinal’s hometown parish church of Our Lady Immaculate in Guelph, Ontario."

Wing Pa Pao Scarboro Catholic Mission

Wing Pa Pao Scarboro Catholic Mission in Wing Pa Pao, Thailand, north of Chiangmai on the Chiangmai to Chiangrai highway is a RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL that primarily takes possesion of Akha hill tribe children. The school is run by Scarboro Missions in Ontario, Canada. Residential schools run by the Catholic church were used in Canada for basically eliminating First Nation children's culture and if the truth be known, more than that. We contacted Fr. Jack Lynch at Scarboro Missions in Ontario, Canada regarding the school. We were referred here and there.

Superior General:
Fr. Jack Lynch

You can contact him.

We left a message for Mary Olenick, Lay Mission Office at Scarboro Missions in Ontario, Canada. We asked her for the name of the supervisor at the mission, their contact email or phone. She wrote us back after a couple weeks and we asked for this information again, so that we could know who was running the mission, who the supervisor was and what an accurate phone number or email was, along with what was the best time to call. Mary Olenick said that she would not give us any of that information, that she forwarded the information to the mission and it was up to them if they wanted to contact us back or not. We told Mary that we found this highly secretive and unusual, as if they had something dark to hide. The protestant missions at least have a web page, supervising names, email, phone, mail address and other supporting contacts. In this case the Catholic Church has nothing. What are they hiding? What is Mary Olenick helping to hide? Even barber shops have phone numbers!

But more seriously, with the Catholic Church's history of moving paedophile priests around and keeping their true identity and their crimes of raping children secret, it seems a bit disingenuous on Mary's part to hide this information. The Catholic Church has been sued for billions of dollars for these crimes. Victims have committed suicide. Victims have had their lives destroyed. Churches have been bankrupted and forced to sell all they had, but Mary Olenick seems unaware of all of this.

Lay Mission Office:
Mary Olenick

For "straight" answers you can contact her.

Here is Scarboro's address in Ontario, Canada.
Scarboro Missions
2685 Kingston Rd.
Scarborough, ON
M1M 1M4

Here is Scarboro's home page as well as their page on Wing Pa Pao Residential School.
Scarboro's Homepage
Scarboro's page on the Wing Pa Pao Residential School Phone number given to us by an informant. Phone is either shut off or is not answered when it rings for a long time.
We are told that "Brother Johnny" from Switzerland, runs the place, but this information did not come from mission headquarters.

By comparison, here is protestant church in Wing Pa Pao and their PUBLIC contact information:
Christian Outreach Centre Thailand Wing Pa Pao

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