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Children of the Golden Triangle CGT Mission

In June 2007 we met with Rotary in Salem, Oregon. Shortly after this the Rotary Akha site for CGT was pulled. We were told Rotary would not fund CGT any more. We were told this via a intermidiary in Australia. We have no proof that Rotary continues to fund CGT but we do not know either way.

CGT is a mission run by David and Asa Stevenson. Asa is an Akha woman. Back a while, the mission was nothing but some small buildings in a sand trap, that was removing Akha children from their nearby mountain villages and families to follow the model of making money off these children.

David kept working and got Rotary to back his scam, and Rotary International picked up his project and did a video story about this mission, as well as placing it on their website. From a few kids, the mission shot to 560 children removed from Akha villages, a virtual money mill of donors, sponsors and hapless volunteers.

We questioned Rotary about their involvement when we saw the picture of a traditional Akha woman on the cover of their Rotarian magazine. The leader of the project at Rotary would not answer our emails. We told him that the project violated the rules of Rotary. But Rotary has continued to support this project that takes children away from their parents and villages and culture. We also stated that it was odd that they used the picture of a traditional Akha woman's headress as converted Akha were discouraged from wearing them. Ethnocide.

CGT Directions. You have to go south of Chiangrai towards Chiangmai. When you get to the cross road to Fang, turn west. Down this road a few kilometers at most there is a dusty or was a dusty road to the right, more like a driveway at the time, going back into the area to the mission which is in bottom land, hardly the view Akha kids are used to.

People from this mission have been trying to convert villages in the area as well. They have no regard for Akha culture or Identity.

You can contact your local Rotary people to ask them about this project and why Rotary is involved?

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