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The Missionary Myth
The Missionary Myth
Children Pay the Price.
Abuse in Mission
Residential Schools

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Mission Documents

Carefully read these documents. They will give perspective on the Akha situation. As well there is a lot of specific commentary and documentation of incidents here, that will give you a clear idea what the Akha face and who is working to destroy them as a unique people.

Salem Alliance Church in Salem, Oregon, who denied they were funding Paul and Lori Vernon and there ethnocide work with the Akha now have a full brochure showing their direct connection and support of Paul and Lori Vernon and Akha Outreach Foundation. Nothing has changed, now they are just admitting it.:
A document on how the fake orphanages take Akha children
Before you pay to volunteer abroad, think of the harm you might do

The history of stolen babies and children in Canada - The Duplessis Orphans
The Duplessis Orphans pdf
2012 Revised Vernon Brochure pdf
Christian Doctrine Fueled Dehumanization: UNPFII Report
GRACE Complete Report on Sexual Abuse at Mission School in Senegal - August 23, 2010

The Akha and the Mad Nazi Dream
Akha Face Chinese Mission Take Over
Bangkok's Maitrichit Church Denies Mission Actions Against the Akha
True Lies and Black Theology - American Missionary Sayings in South Africa 1835-1910
The Barbados Declaration
Black Friday in an Akha Village
Canadian Church Wants to Deal With Abuse
Catholic Church Fights Hispanic Conversions
Chinese Baptist Split Mae Chan Luang Village
Christianity's Destruction of the Gospel Prophetic Response To Political Challenges
Church Genocide Against the Canadian Indians
Convention on Genocide
The Defects of Western Religion
Economist 2004 Article on Missions
The ILO 169 Tribal Rights
The Infiltration of Missions in Thailand
Israeli Anti Missionary Bill
Letter to Emanuel Gospel Fellowship
The Lost Generation pdf
Missionaries Steal the Akha Children
The Missionary Cold War
Missionaries as Drug Dealers
Mission Intervention - Bodley - No mention of human rights
Missionaries Lay Seige to the Akha
Missions and the Akha
The Mission Watch Network
Our Belief In Jesus
The Papal Bulls
Poverty and Religion
Protecting the Rights of Individuals
Religion for Good or Bad?
SIL and the Wycliffe Bible Translators
Steve Saint vs. the Huaorani
Save the Children
The Black Hand - Missionaries and the Destruction of Akha Culture
The Church as Sinner
The Hmong Religious Experience
The Jesus Film Incident
The Maesai Incident
The Nance Profiles
Typical Mission Data
Verbo Villages and Rios Montt
Wycliffe and the CIA
Scandal of Canada's 'stolen ones'
Canadian Apology: Quebec Native Women’s Association Reply

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