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Army Reports

17 Year old Chaiyaphom Pasae tortured and killed by Thai army 2017
Mr. Ah Dteeh Beaten and Tortured
A Talk With General Anu Sumitra
The Beating Of Dah Gkeh and His Son
The Beating of Mr. Ah Nay Later he was killed by the Thai Army
The Beating of Mr. Ah Tay Later, after the army's guilt was established, he was sent to prison for a very long time.
The Beating of Mr. Ah Turh
Booh Sah Arrested Without Cause
Jeh Dtaw Threatened to be Killed, His Money and Motorcycle Stolen by Army
Elderly Akha Couple Robbed by Army
The Killing of Mr. Ah Pah
Lahu Trucks Stolen by Army - Witness Killing of Two Men
Law Urh and Rgoeuh Sah Beaten by Army
Mr. Ah Aw Murdered in Army Deal
The Murder of Mr. Ah Juuh Cheh Muuh
The Murder of Meeh Pyaw and the Meh Joh Massacre by the Thai Army
Shan Man Dead
Three Men From Bpah Mah Hahn Shot, Burned and Arrested
Two Lahu Men Missing, Presumed Dead
Yah Goh's Money Stolen by Thai Army Later he dies of ill health and hardship
Yah Tooh's Money Stolen by Thai Army

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