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The Beating of Dah Gkeh and His Son

Arrested while working in orchard

Incident #714

Nov. 2001

Dah Gkeh and Son

Hooh Yoh Akha Village

Ampur Mae Fah Luang

Chaingrai Province


Dah Gkeh and his son were arrested while working in the fruit orchard in Doi Mae Salong. They were taken to Sam Yaek Army base at the top of the hill and detained for three days. Many Akha complained about vicious beatings and electrocutions at this army base.

Dah Gkeh, headman of Hooh Yoh Lah Buuh Akha village, was beaten to body and back of neck, electrocuted over three days time at Sam Yaek Army Squadron 241, Ampur Mae Faluang before being released. Army officers tried to find out if he knew anything about drug smuggling.

His son who was arrested with him underwent the same treatment.

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