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Yah Goh's Money is Stolen

Brutality and Theft

Summer 2002

Meh Maw Akha

Ampur Mae Fah Luang

Chiangrai Province

This is the same village at which Mr. Ah Juuh Cheh Muuh was beaten to death.


The army came to the neighbor man's house and drug him from the house, bound him on the ground and beat him in the front yard of Mr. Yahgoh.

Then when they felt he had no money they entered the house of Mr. Yahgoh who had a fever and was sleeping.

Mr. Ah Dauh was going to the fields and left his wallet in Mr. Yahgoh's house, the army found this and took the 40,000 baht Mr. Ah Dauh was saving to buy water buffalo.

As a result of this loss, Mr. Ah Dauh's wife left him.

The army also took the wallet of Mr. Yah Goh with some 35,000 baht.

Mr. Yah Goh pictured below in front of his house.

The army is quick to assume that if hill tribe people have money it is from drugs. However the hill tribe are good farmers and do well on crops on some seasons.

This robbery was just one more in a tradition of robbing the hill tribe people.

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