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Booh Sah Arrested Without Cause

Bag of rice gets her prison

Bpah Cheeh Akha Village

Ampur Mae Fah Luang

Chiangrai Province

Booh Saw Mah Yurh
Arrested without cause by Thai Army
Sent to prison by Ampur Mae Faluang
Now resides at Chiangrai Prison

Booh Saw Mah Yurh loaned 3 kilos of rice to her neighbor Law Dtoh Ah Gneeh. Several days later after working in other people's fields she returned home to find she did not have enough rice and so she went back to her neighbor to get back her three kilos since rice harvest was now over. She got her three kilos and as she re-entered the road to cross back to her house, an army soldier grabbed her.

Her bag contained only rice, but the army said that the house had drugs in it so they took Booh Saw to jail where she has been since December 8, 2002. The army also caught the owner of the house when they discovered the drugs in his house, about 14 capsules of heroin, it is alleged, or the equivalent of 14 grams.

Mr. Ah Gauh, the village headman, pictured below, went that night to secure the release of Booh Saw. The army released her but then came to her house the next morning and asked her to go to the now infamous Sam Yaek army base where they arrested her again, put her in hand cuffs and told the headman to go home.

Booh Saw has not been told what the evidence is against her. Booh Saw is a widow and has three children. There is now no one to provide for her children in the village.

Booh Saw had to wait over 14 months in the Chiangrai Prison before hearing what the charges were against her.

Booh Saw in two different photos.
Booh Saw's Dauhter tells what happened to her mother.
Ah Gauh, The Village Headman


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