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Law Urh and Rgoeuh Sah Beaten

Twice captured, Law Urh's life is saved

July 16, 2003

Hua Mae Kom Akha Village

Ampur Mae Fah Luang

Chiangrai Province


Law Urh Kidnapped by Huai Mo Army for second time Beaten, tortured On 16 July, 2003 Law Urh was taken into a truck by black shirt army at Loh Mak Chit Lahu village in Amphur Mae Faluang Chiangrai. He was taken to Huai Mo Army base at Haen Taek. He was beaten there by four or five soldiers.

On 17 July he was taken to Meh Dturh Army camp behind Doi Mae Salong and told he would be killed. This is a more remote border area army camp. On 17 July we went to Huai Mo army camp and the commander denied he had seen Law Urh. On 18 July Law Urh was beaten with a M-16 rifel sold to Thailand by the US Government. He was beaten to the head, ribs, end of the spine, arms and face. He was hoisted off the ground by the neck and left to hang in a tree by his arms and legs. On July 19 we again contacted the Huai Mo army base with Law Urh's daughter who was afraid her father would be killed. The commander at Huai Mo army base denied that he had ever seen Law Urh after we showed him a picture. A soldier was riding Law Urh's motorbike.

We went to Sam Yaek Army base and were told to go to the Chiangrai Army base commander. We went to Chiangrai army base and were told to go to the Chiangrai Police which we did. The Chiangrai police told us to go to the Mae Faluang police which we did. The daughter made her complaint there but no formal case was written down or filed on part of the officers there. We suggested that the army produce Law urh shortly. On 20 July Law Urh was taken to his home and told to report he fell down while farming.

Skin torn off his arms, injury to face and forhead, bruised arms and ribs and chest

Shackle burns to ankles

Bruises to back, low of tail bone

Law Urh and Ah Sah Beaten After Kidnapping By Thai Army Mooh Gow Lang and Huuh Maw Army Camps, Chiangrai - Amphur Mae Faluang 20-26 June 2003 Law Urh and Ah Sah were taken into custody at the Mooh Gow Lang army checkpoint, Ampur Maefaluang, Chiangrai Province near Haen Taek. They said that they were not in possesion of any drugs. They were taken to Huuh Maw Army camp near Haen Taek and put in steel restraints (rebar wound around the wrists) and repeatedly abused and beaten. Stomped, ridden, hit with guns, sticks, and kicked. Hung by necks. Both escaped after the soldiers told them that they would be killed. Happens here. The murder and abuse of Akha hill tribe people continues in Northern Thailand while the US strengthens ties with the Thai government, promises more and more money for the DEA drug war.

Law Urh, blackened eye, bruises to upper chest

Law Urh, bruises to lower chest

Law Urh, bruises to back

Ah Sah, hung by neck and beaten

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