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Three Men From Bpah Mah Hahn Akha Shot, Burned, Arrested by Thai Army

Night Raids

Dec. 2001 Capt. Dumrong Squadron 541

Sam Yaek Army Base

Ampur Mae Fah Luang

Chiangrai Province


The Bpah Mah Hahn Three Ah Yeh, Ah Peeh and Ah Nyoh

On 19 Dec. 2001 at 7:30 PM after dark, the Thai army squadron 541 of Mong Gow Lang entered Bpah Mah Hahn Akha Village and began shooting at huts. One Akha man, a homeless man, fled a man's hut in the dark and was shot at repeatedly in a small creek behind the house until he was struck in the head by either M-16 fire or small arms fire. He and two other men were taken into custody and disappeared for three hours while we tried to find what happened. They then showed up at the Haen Taek Police station where we spotted the head knockers dropping them off from a black Thai Army truck.

Mr. Ah Peeh was burned over the back of the neck with flaming paper, he lost all the skin.

Second Akha man, Mr. Ah Yeh

Shot in the back of the head, Mr. Ah Nyoh

This man is homeless, was shot at in the dark with no regard for his life.

Shell casings in the village. M-16, supplied by the US Gov. Capt. Dumrong told us that the Army may enter any village at any time to shoot, that they may injure or harm any "bad" Akha's they catch. This is in direct violation to the UN Bill on Human rights as well as the Thai judicial system and Constitution.

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