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The Beating of Mr. Ah Nay

Beating while in detox

July 2003

Bpah Mah Hahn Akha Village

Ampur Mae Faluang

Chiangrai Province

Mr. Ah Nay was enrolled in the volunteer opium detox program at Soy Yah Akha, Ampur Mae Faluang, Chiangrai Province Thailand.

Around approx the first part of July, 2003 Mr. Ah Nay was sleeping off detox medicine that was given out by the government. He was kicked awake by three soldiers.

His house was searched, and ashes from opium were found in an old pair of pants.

He was beaten, taken to Huuh Gkah army camp and beaten in the face again and placed in a hole. Upon being notified by his wife and daughter I went to Huuh Gkah army and checked on his condition. Three days later he was released upon activist request. This photo is several days after his first beating.

When Mr. Ah Nay's daughter first saw him and reported to me, his eye was swollen shut. This photo is taken nearly six days later.

Mr. Ah Nay has been smoking for 30 years, not a big man. He was beaten by a number of soldiers at Huuh Gkah camp.

This beating and detention were a failure in army procedure. For one, he should not have been beaten while in detox, and secondly, had he been in serious violation he simply should have been taken to jail and booked.

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