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The Killing of Mr. Ah Pah

Shot from behind

Feb 2003

Mong Gow Lang 1 Akha Village

Ampur Mae Fah Luang

Chiangria Province


Ah Pah from Gow Lang village was shot from behind three or four times with a machine gun while sitting outside his hut at night warming his hands at a fire around 9 pm. He died immediately.

There is the Gowlang 514 special army task force adjacent to the village by about fifty meters.

He had a wife and four sons.

The house where he was shot.

There was no police investigation of any kind. These kinds of lawless killings by security forces spread terror through the hill tribe communities and have been the common behavior of these forces for as long as one can remember. When you can be killed so easily, with no questions asked, it becomes very clear why the hill tribe doesn't readily mobilize to protest their own living conditions.

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