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Two Lahu Trucks Stolen - Lahu Men Witness Murders

Two Lahu men witness two Lahu murdered

Summer 2002

Bpah Eh Lahu Village

Ampur Mae Fah Luang

Chiangrai Province


Bpah Eh Lahu Village Two Lahu Trucks Stolen This case is related to the "Yah Tooh" Case

Two Lahu men had their trucks stolen from Bpah Eh Lahu village (Ampur Mae Faluang, Chiangrai Province) and 35,000 baht taken along with one heavy gold chain. The army made a 6 AM raid from 4th Army Battalion 241 under the command of Col. Apisit. Major Orachai was in charge of the raid.

The army forced all the residents to the center of the village at 6 AM. After searching the village and firing off a gun in one hut, the army produced a pack of raw opium weighing seven kilos. When the Lahu asked what hut it was found in the Army could not say. They took the money, two trucks, gold and left.

When the Lahu men went to Huai Maw Army base in Haen Taek, while they were there, they saw the two Lahu men, Ah Tsah and Leeh Cheeh Bow brought in from Loh Mah Keh Lahu village. These two Lahu men were shot in the chest at point blank range with a hand gun while they were there. Both Lahu men ran away from the army base at that time. The two men they said they saw shot never returned home. See that case.

Weeks later they returned the two trucks in battered condition. No explanation.

A bullet hole can be seen in the floor of Lahu house in Bpah Eh Lahu Village. Gun was discharged while the Lahu were waiting in the village square.

M-16 cartridge found in house.

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