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Death Threat - Jeh Dtaw's Money and Motorbike Stolen


Jeh Dtaw's Motorbike stolen Lahu man robbed for second time by Som Yaek Army Ampur Mae Faluang Chiangrai Province


The first time Officer Ponthee took 20,000 baht (his village loan money which he must repay), his TV, VCR

The Second time they came in a truck and took his motorbike while he was working in the fields.

Then they told him he would have to come to the army base to talk or they would burn his house.

Now it comes out that Haen Taek police and local army were hiring Lahu runners to stage the importation of speed pills so that the army and police could appear to have been doing their job, making drugs busts.

The police collected the reward money for drugs they imported themselves. But all does not go smoothly and people end up dead.

Jeh Dtaw, a Lahu man


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