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Yah Tooh's Money Stolen


Hooh Bah Akha Village

Ampur Mae Fah Luang

Chiangrai Province


Mr. Yah Tooh of Booh Hah Akha village was away from his village solving a dispute. When he returned the army was searching his neighbors house. The army asked where an Akha would get money to build a small house of concrete. Mr. Yah Tooh said that they saved it from selling crops, pigs, water buffalo and such.

The army asked Mr. Yah Tooh if he was saving for a house too? Could he show them the money?

Mr. Yah Tooh, in order to protect his villager, showed the army that he too was saving money for a house. 91,000 baht. He said he would build the house when he got 100,000 baht.

The army immediately stole the money.

Activist intervention saw this money returned after two months.

The army tried to say that the money was found on Mr. Yah Tooh's wife while she was returning from a drug deal in Burma. Then they said they found seven kilo of opium in the village which no one ever saw either. The week before the army had found this seven kilo of opium in Bpah Eh Lahu up the hill, when searching houses, yet couldn't say which house it came from. That was when they stole the money and two Lahu trucks.

The army has trouble with facts relating to time and place.

An army report tells stories about where the opium came from.

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