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The Murder of Meeh Pyaw and the Massacre of Meh Joh Akha by the Thai Army

Destruction of Meh Joh Akha - Lahu

Feb 2002

Meh Joh Akha, Burma

Across from Mong Gow Lang 1Village on the Thai side

Ampur Mae Fah Luang

Chiangrai Province


Meh Joh Massacre Meeh Pyaw was a 24 Akha girl from Loi Chang, Thailand who was visiting Meh Joh Akha in Burma, some five hundred meters from the border when it was attacked by armed forces from the Ampur Mae Faluang side of the border.

She was shot through the chest when the attackers shot randomly into the houses. She was dragged out of the house by her brother, but then soldiers came and so he hid while they stripped her watch and jewelry and left her for dead while the hut was burned.

Many people were not so lucky and were killed or burned to death in their huts including women.

Witnesses say the Thai army shelled the village from the Thai side at Mong Gow Lang 2 village. Thai forces are said to have been dressed as Shan irregulars.

Meeh Pyaw lived for three hours but was not given assistance.

She was buried on the Burma side and as a Thai citizen her case has yet to be investigated or her body returned.

Witnesses to this attack claim that some 50 people, including old folks, women and children were killed in this attack. Meh Joh Akha no longer exists on the Burma side.

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