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The Beating of Mr. Ah Tay

Mr. Ah Tay is beaten in detox camp

Dec. 2001

Mew Maw Akha Village

Ampur Mae Fah Luang

Chiangrai Province


When Ah Juuh of Meh Maw Akha was beaten and died Mr. Ah Tay was in the same hole with him and was also severely beaten.

Ah Juuh fell over dead at 6 am and Mr. Ah Tay was experiencing lung problems and was taken to the hospital at 7am. He had a unit of blood removed from his chest on one side and took days to recover.

The medical reports of Ah Tay and Mr. Ah Juuh's autopsy were not made public.

Ah Tay tells of his experiences the night his friend died.

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