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VENEZUELA: Missionary group expelled from indigenous regions

November 10, 2005 | World Indigenous News

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez ordered the expulsion of the New Tribes Mission evangelical group from indigenous regions on October 12, citing indigenous rights abuses and violation of national sovereignty. IPS News Agency reports that the New Tribes Mission is accused of cultural colonization and forced acculturation and religious conversion of indigenous peoples, as well as prospecting for geological and mineral wealth on behalf of transnational corporations. Chavez’s announcement was supported by 33 indigenous communities representing eight groups, including the Pemón, Warao, Uripacov, Yekuana, Chiriana and Arauco. 

The New Tribes Mission has been active in Venezuela since 1946 and has close ties with the U.S.-based Summer Institute of Linguistics, whose purpose is to translate the bible into indigenous languages. New Tribes has missions in 17 countries and has long been accused of ignoring indigenous rights and culture. There are approximately 200 missionaries living in the southeast region of Venezuela. 

A Brief History of SIL International 

The principal founder of SIL International (formerly known as the Summer Institute of Linguistics) was William  Cameron Townsend. He began early cross-cultural work with the Mayan Cakchiquel people of Guatemala in 1919. Without formal linguistic training he made a significant contribution to linguistic, educational and translation work among this group. By 1929 Townsend’s vision had broadened to include many other peoples on the fringes of development. His basic approach involved living in a village among the people, learning their language, developing an alphabet, beginning an education program and eventually translating the New Testament. 

The actual organization known as the Summer Institute of Linguistics came into being in 1934 as a summer training program on a farm in the state of Arkansas, with 2 students attending. The course was repeated in 1935 with five students. After the course was over, four of the five students went with Townsend and his wife when they began field work among the Indian groups of Mexico. The enrollment of these summer classes grew each subsequent year. 

Among these students, was Kenneth L. Pike who  began work on the Mixtec language in a remote village in the state of Oaxaca.  This work launched Pike into the study of tonal systems and phonology, and  eventually led to his work on language and society. Kenneth Pike served as  President of the Summer Institute of Linguistics until 1979. He is internationally  known not only for his personal work on dozens of lesser- known languages,  but also for stimulating thousands of other researchers to do likewise. 

The summer sessions in western Arkansas continued and by 1941 had a much larger enrollment. That year one of the attendees was a professor of French from the University of Oklahoma. She had been assigned to work on one of the Indian languages spoken in that state. So impressed was she with the useful training received, that she convinced her chairman to invite Pike to the university to demonstrate some of those techniques. The result was that the Institute was invited to hold its sessions at the University in Norman, Oklahoma. This cooperative agreement with the University of Oklahoma continued until 1987, and almost 10,000 students over the years took the training offered in various aspects of linguistics, literacy and other cross-cultural work. 

Similar  courses were offered in Australia and the United Kingdom by 1951, and a few  years later in Germany. Currently SIL and its partners offer training courses on every continent. SIL has cooperative agreements  with a wide range of educational institutions, including the University of  Texas at Arlington, the University of Oregon and the University of North  Dakota in the United States, Trinity Western University in Canada and Northern  Territory University in Australia. Individual courses and field workshops are offered in many other countries. Each  year thousands of people are trained in these courses and workshops. [The  term Summer Institute of Linguistics now refers to both the linguistic training  programs and the various entities engaged in linguistic research and language  development work around the world.]  

Researchers of SIL began working in much of the Americas during the 1940’s and 1950’s. Their basic program, like that of Townsend’s, revolved around village life: learning to speak the local language, studying phonological and grammatical structures; understanding the cultural context; assisting with language development matters such as alphabets, educational materials, diglot dictionaries and translating helpful materials including portions of the Bible. Usually this was done under the sponsorship of national government agencies and the results were made available to those agencies, other national institutions and the wider academic world. 

This same program was developed over time in countries around the world, beginning in the Philippines in 1953, spreading from there to other parts of the Pacific and Asia, in Africa in 1962, and in parts of Europe starting in 1974. Work has been completed in two countries and is in progress in about 50. SIL’s approach has taken on new dimensions as its work has expanded to many different environments. In addition to living in the village with the people as much as possible, this method has been supplemented with others when demanded by the particular situation. 

SIL works in partnerships with people speaking less commonly known languages. As national education systems have increased opportunities and skills for these local people, they have assumed increasingly significant responsibilities. SIL is committed to enhancing their training to build further depth and competence. Working together in this manner has been shown to further strengthen cultural identity. 

When SIL was formed in 1934, linguists estimated that there were about 1,000 ethnolinguistic minority languages in the world. As language researchers continued their investigation, many more languages were documented. Now it is known that there are nearly 7,000 languages still spoken today. The conclusions of this ongoing research have been published in a reference work called the Ethnologue: Languages of the World, found online at A new edition of this catalog of languages is published every four years. The fifteenth edition, published in 2005, lists 6,912 languages. 

In its 70 year history, SIL has worked with over 2,072 languages. Currently there are over 1,300 SIL language-based development programs in progress. The SIL Bibliography contains over 25,000 references to books, journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, and other academic papers about languages and cultures authored or edited by SIL International staff or published by SIL. In addition to a body of literature in ethnic minority languages, over 710 New Testaments have been translated as well as numerous portions of Scripture. 

Missionary activities

SIL has been accused of being involved in moving indigenous populations in South America from their native lands to make way for exploitation schemes of North American and European oil corporations. The most well known example is the case of the Huaorani people in Ecuador, which resulted in many deaths and the moving of the people into reservations controlled by the missionaries.

In 1975, thirty anthropologists signed "The Denouncement of Pátzcuaro", alleging that SIL was a "tool of imperialism", linked to the CIA and "divisions within the communities that constitutes a hindrance to their organization and the defence of their communal rights".

In 1979, SIL's agreement with the Mexican government was officially terminated, but it continued to be active in that country (Clarke, p. 182). The same happened in 1980 in Ecuador (Yashar 2005, p. 118), although a token presence remained. Remnants of SIL presence were protested in every subsequent Indian uprising[9]. In the early 1990s, the newly-formed organisation of indigenous people of Ecuador CONAIE once more demanded the expulsion of SIL from the country[10].

At a conference of the Inter-American Indian Institute in Merida, Yucatan, in November 1980, delegates denounced the Summer Institute of Linguistics for using a scientific name to conceal its religious agenda and capitalist worldview that was alien to indigenous traditions[11].

John Perkins provides an example of criticism of SIL activity:

I had heard that (Jaime Roldos, President of Ecuador, 1979-81) accused The Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), an evangelical missionary group from the United States, of sinister collusion with the oil companies. I was familiar with SIL missionaries from my Peace Corps days. The organization had entered Ecuador, as it had in so many other countries, with the professed goal of studying, recording, and translating indigenous languages.

SIL had been working extensively with the Huaorani and Matsés tribes in the Amazon basin area, during the early years of oil exploration, when a disturbing pattern appeared to emerge. While it might have been a coincidence (and no link was ever proved), stories were told in many Amazonian communities that when seismologists reported to corporate headquarters that a certain region had characteristics indicating a high probability of oil beneath the surface, SIL went in and encouraged the indigenous people to move from that land, onto missionary reservations; there they would receive free food, shelter, clothes, medical treatment, and missionary-style education. The condition was that they had to deed their lands to the oil companies.

Rumors abounded that SIL missionaries used an assortment of underhanded techniques to persuade the tribes to abandon their homes and move to the missions. A frequently repeated story was that they had donated food heavily laced with laxatives - then offered medicines to cure the diarrhea epidemic. Throughout Huaorani territory, SIL airdropped false-bottomed food baskets containing tiny radio transmitters; The rumor was that receivers at highly sophisticated communications stations, manned by U.S. military personnel at the army base in Shell [a frontier outpost and military base hacked out of Ecuador’s Amazon jungle to service the oil company whose name it bears], tuned into these transmitters. Whenever a member of the tribe was bitten by a poisonous snake or became seriously ill, an SIL representative arrived with antivenom or the proper medicines - often in oil company helicopters."[12]

SIL was allegedly financed initially by expatriate coffee processors in Guatemala, and later by the Rockefellers, Standard Oil, the timber company Weyerhauser, and USAID. [...] By the 1980s, [SIL] was expelled from Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, and Panama, and restricted in Colombia and Peru[13].

In response to the allegations that Perkins published, SIL posted the following on their website (SIL Responds to Errors in "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"), referring to an earlier (2004) publication of the book:

John Perkins in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man[14], makes a number of egregious errors in fact and presents false statements about SIL's activities in Ecuador in the 1950-60s. The comments are based on rumors that have never been substantiated and are contrary to documented eyewitness accounts. Throughout its 70 year history, SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) has been an active advocate and supporter of indigenous language communities in Latin America and around the world.

SIL entered Ecuador in 1953 in response to the expressed invitation of then President Galo Plaza to study, record and work on translation of materials into indigenous languages. SIL performed the work it was invited to do and maintained a full reporting relationship with Ecuador's Ministry of Education through 1982. At the urging and support of many indigenous communities, respected journalists, and civic leaders the government granted visas to certain SIL members to continue their activities until work was completed in 1992. SIL's linguistic research work was donated to local universities and is a matter of public record. Today a number of indigenous groups in eastern Ecuador enjoy their protected land as a result, in part, to SIL's advocacy before the government.

Perkins contends that SIL worked under the sponsorship and in support of oil companies in the Amazon. This is absolutely untrue. SIL has had no involvement with oil exploration and has never had any agreements with oil companies or any other parties to promote oil exploration. In fact, SIL members were known to have intervened to prevent violence between indigenous communities and oil company workers. Further, the accusation by Perkins that SIL has received support from the Rockefellers in Amazonia is also false. SIL has never received funding from the Rockefeller Foundation.[15]

Today, according to SIL's annual report, funds are donations from individuals, churches, and other organizations, channelled to SIL by the Wycliffe Bible Translators[16] 

The  Wycliffe Bible Translators,  

John Mott  & 

 Rockefeller  Connections: 

UnHoly  Alliances 

2 Peter 2:1-3  "But there were false prophets also among the people,  even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily  shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that  bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.  And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of  whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And  through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time  lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not." 

In order to understand the  interconnectedness of the Rockefellers, Wycliffe and Cam  Townsend, and John Mott, one must understand that missions  became a pawn to gain global wealth and control. It should be  pointed out that many missionaries, while sincere Christians,  may not have understood the implications of how their ministry  was operated or who provided the funding and desired direction  they took. The desire for wealth and power is not restricted  to those mentioned in this article, like  J. Howard Pew,  Nelson Bunker Hunt, but many more in the oil and commodities industry and others who sought the same things Rockefeller  did. 

Authors Colby and Dennett,  in Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon, show  how John D. Rockefeller Jr. worked with John Mott and later  how Nelson Rockefeller and Wycliffe Bible Translators founder  Cameron Townsend, worked with the U.S. and foreign governments  to secure the resources and 'pacify' indigenous people in the  name of democracy, corporate profit, and religion, resulting  in massacre and genocide.  

"In the  name of God, progress and the struggle of democracy against  communism, "Bibleless tribes" were pacified, oil  lands and strategic natural resources were secured, and  lucrative markets were developed. In the process, hundreds  of thousands of tribal people died and many more were  uprooted from their homelands....We see Rockefeller gathering political power and building a vast business  empire in Latin America, working with the CIA, developing  close friendships with famous Latin American politicians and businessmen, and increasingly advocating military  dictatorships, while Townsend's missionaries are used to  pacify native populations in frontiers rich in oil and rare minerals or subject to guerrilla insurgencies. Seeking to  hasten the Second Coming, Townsend pursues a fanatical  effort to reach every Bibleless tribe with the Word, even to the point of saving their souls by destroying their cultures  and allying with the dictators who oppress them..." 

This is really  no different than what was discussed in the article "What  Happened in Africa?". From Thy Will Be Done Acknowledgments  : p.xvi  " ...In the Amazon basin countries, the  conquest followed the general trend of exploring for oil,  rubber [etc.]...and U.S. competition with other big powers...All this was assisted by a foreign aid system which  was gradually crafted over thirty years by Nelson Rockefeller,  beginning as Roosevelt's Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs  during World War II and as Truman's foreign aid architect. 

"The  missionaries came in on the cultural, social, and political  side of the conquest, their leader influenced by Rockefeller  philanthropies and a counterinsurgency network shaped by  Nelson Rockefeller's development goals. Summer Institute  of Linguistics (SIL) was hired by military dictatorships and  civilian governments, often headed by Nelson's allies, to  pacify the tribes and integrate them into national economics increasingly being brought into the North American market.  SIL used the Bible to teach indigenous people to "obey  the government, for all authority comes from God."" 

The massacre  and genocide of, for example, the Indians of Cintas Largas,  Brazil for the land, minerals and wealth of the land was for  the most part officially ignored until 1968, although well documented today. According to Colby and Dennett, "the  disastrous impact of missionary activity" remained  officially ignored. 'in reality those in command of these  Indian Protections posts are North American missionaries--they  are in all the posts--and they disfigure the original Indian  culture and enforce acceptance of Protestantism.' But  officials of the American Fundamentalist missionary organization that worked with SPI [Service for the Protection  of the Indian] among the tribes---the Summer Institute of  Linguistics (SIL), known in the United States by its less  scientific alias, the Wycliffe Bible Translators--denied that  any genocide took place. The head of SIL's branch in Brazil disclaimed all reports of genocide, and the founder of SIL,  William Cameron Townsend, denied any knowledge of the  massacres at all." [Colby, p.3-4] 

It should be  noted that secular evaluation of Christian activities always  carries a certain amount of bias against what is done,  particularly the sharing of the Gospel, which is the mainstay  of Biblical obedience. There is a danger of condemning those  who love the Lord when evaluating the very ungodly  associations and practices entered into by some claiming to be  of the Lord.  

Our test of  what is true and right must be based on  Biblical truth as well as  facts. We are to "Prove all things." Far to often  people hear the words Christian missionary and feel that they  are indeed supporting something of the Lord. Only God knows  hearts. However, as will be discussed, if someone becomes  Biblically disobedient in their endeavor to serve God, it must  be questioned if what they are doing actually is of God.  

Although many verses remind  us to "be patient" and wait for God to work out His  perfect plan, often impatience causes a Christian to act in  ways that are contrary to Scripture. Impatience and being  mindful of earthly things may produce or reveal opportunities  which seem to be of God, but are not. Opportunities and open  doors do not always mean these are for us. We earnestly need  to be heavenly minded, checking that what is happening aligns  with the Scriptures that were provided so that we might know  what God would have us do. For example, dishonesty to further  the Gospel, no matter the desired end result, goes against the  Scriptures such as: 

Romans 12:17  "Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things  honest in the sight of all men." 

2 Corinthians 8:21 "Providing  for honest things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also  in the sight of men." 

1 Peter 2:12 "Having  your conversation honest among the Gentiles: that, whereas  they speak against you as evildoers, they may by your good  works, which they shall behold, glorify God in the day of  visitation. 13 Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for  the Lord's sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme;" 

Unholy Alliances 

2 Corinthians  6:15  

"And  what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he  that believeth with an infidel? 

SIL was founded in 1934,  although Cam  Townsend  originally encountered difficulties in being allowed to  proselytize. The endorsement by Dr. Frank Tannenbaum of  Columbia University, gave Townsend the in he needed with the  Mexican authorities. Tannenbaum had conducted studies sponsored by the Social Science Research Council and the Brookings  Institution-a liberal think-tank--both of which were  Rockefeller funded.   

See: The  Council for National Policy Selected  Organization/Media/Project  Index > 

Luke 6:26  

"Woe  unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did  their fathers to the false prophets." 

Whether it was misguided  zeal, pride, impatience for God to work, or calculated  Biblical disobedience, Cam started SIL under pretense and  deceit, gaining entrance to Mexico, for example, by having his  students claiming to be linguistic investigators rather than  missionaries whose goal was to translate the Bible into native  tongues.  

By joining the liberal  Linguistic Society of America, which became the official  sponsor of Townsend's group, Cam was able to funnel donations  from mission agencies to WBT, so the appearance  and  knowledge of their being missionaries was kept hidden. [Colby,  p. 65-69] Later,  

"...the  Inter-American Scientific Congress would be described by  Townsend's followers as the birthplace of the Summer  Institute of Linguistics (SIL). It was also the birthplace of SIL's active collaboration with Rockefeller allies."  [Colby, p.67-68] 

The third 'Camp Wycliffe',  precursor of WBT, found the missionaries put on salaries to  then Mexican President Cardenas. Two of the original ten  missionaries refused, offended that they were to be working  for a 'self-declared' "revolutionary" government,  with the emphasis on linguistics rather than their missionary  goals, which goal was to remain hidden.  

"[Cam's]  recruits were being told that they were working for the  Mexican government, and under an alleged Communist party  sympathizer, at that. "[Colby, p. 73-74] 

It was through  the Linguistic Society of America that Cam entered the  "Rockefeller-funded world of indigenismo, an  international movement of liberal anthropologists and other  social scientists in the Americas." "The penchant  for social engineering...peaceful integration, respect for  Indian culture, reforms in education..." [Colby, p.67-68] 

2 Corinthians  6:14 "Be ye not unequally yoked together with  unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with  unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with  darkness?" 

The  collaboration with Rockefeller allies lead to what many later  viewed as an attack on Native culture and the forced  acceptance of Protestantism, with the World Council of  Churches and anthropologists, who were Cam's former allies,  providing studies to that effect.  

In Thy Will  be Done, authors Colby and Dennett wrote, "Nelson  [Rockefeller] knew, as did much of the nation, that Barry  Goldwater had refused to disavow support for the ultrarightist  John Birch Society. He also knew...that Goldwater and the  Birch Society were both heavily funded by J. Howard Pew, owner  of one of Standard Oils major rivals, the Sun Oil  Company." [Colby, p. 453-454]  Wycliffe Bible  Translators received large funds of money from Nelson  Rockefeller, Crowell Trust [Quaker Oats], the Glenmeade Trust  [Pew] and the Lilly Foundation, the liberal Ford Foundation and others. [p. 569]. 

2 Corinthians  6:15 "And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what  part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

16 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for  ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I  will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people." 

Eventually, some  countries officially called for the expulsion of SIL  missionaries, although, unofficially in many cases, they were  allowed to stay. Part of the problem which resulted in SIL's later public denunciation lay with groups such as the CIA  using missionaries as informants. Although against policy,  some collaborated with the CIA, and in some cases, it's  counterinsurgency survey's in such places, for example, as  Vietnam. Some documented data about various people groups  collected by SIL and other mission groups was given to the CIA  database. Documentation reveals a pattern of SIL helping  various dictatorships or military governments control the  'natives' in return for furthering Townsend's goal of getting  Bibles to all tribes, believing he was ushering in the return  of Christ. Sara Diamond wrote in Spiritual Warfare,  

"Over  the years, WBT/SIL's close relationship with U.S. government  officials and allied foreign leaders has earned the  missionaries a reputation as "assets" of the CIA.  In the Philippines in the early 1950's, for example, WBT/SIL  representative Richard Pittman befriended Ramon Magsaysay,  the politician the CIA promoted after it's defeat of the Huk  guerrillas. Once Magsaysay was installed as Philippine  president, he awarded WBT/SIL a contract to work on the  islands.  [It should be noted that the Rockefellers fund a Magsaysay  Scholarship] 

In Vietnam  during the early 1960's, when the CIA trained the indigenous  Montagnards to fight the Vietnamese National Liberation Front,  it was the Summer Institute of Linguistics, with a grant form  the U.S. Agency for International Development (AID), [a CIA  funded front] that supplied ethnographic information to U.S.  forces and trained the Montagnards to read and write. To  practice their reading skills, the CIA gave the new literates  booklets on how to use M-16 rifles and blow up bridges. 

"...Wycliffe  serves an ideological function that is decidedly conservative  and pro-capitalist. In Mexico...the translators in 1978  prepared a dictionary for the Tzotzil people of Mayan Indian  ancestry...WBT/SIL's Tzotzil-Spanish dictionary eliminated the  Spanish and indigenous words for ideological concepts that  threaten the status quo: class, community, conquer,  exploitation, bossy, oppression, repression, revolution, revolutionary, rebellion..." [Diamond, p. 218-219] 

Cam Townsend had been won  over to the modernist thought long before WBT emerged. Townsend, although apparently accepting God's Word in the  Bible without question, owed his beliefs to his father.  Pursuit of the Promised Land, and belief of his Bible,  "and a stubborn belief that honesty, temperance and a  prairie-born populist justice would somehow, someday,  prevail." were instilled in Cam. However, the Promised  Land is not of this world and the concept that "populist  justice" would prevail, echoes the concept of Dominionist  theology, as is the idea of "ushering in the Second  Coming of Christ.".   

2 Corinthians 6:17  Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate,  saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will  receive you,"  

Thy Will Be Done,  reveals that the real source of  Cam Townsend's inspiration and beliefs was John Mott. 

But in spite of Cam's  lifelong reverence for the Word, his work had come under  growing scrutiny by his mission elders over the past five  years. Locked in battle with modernists abroad as well as  at home, Cam's fundamentalist superiors were doubtful  about his doctrinal purity. [p. 42] 

And they had reason to  be.... Even his inspiration for becoming a missionary had  been John Mott. Mott had delivered a passionate speech  before Cam and other students at Occidental College on  "evangelizing the world in this generation."  [pp. 42-43] 

In 1930, The Laymen's  Foreign Missions Inquiry, convened by John D. Rockefeller Jr.  and John Mott, surveyed Asia and issued a report in 1932  entitled, Rethinking Missions. Rethinking Missions provided the beginnings of "contextualizing" the  Gospel, and the concept that the focus of missions should be  on day to day living and through secular education, health  improvement to make good workers and so on.  

"Rethinking  Missions recommended reforms that few Fundamentalists  could accept: an end to segregation from Asian cultures and  appreciation of elements in Asian faiths that were kindred  to Christ's message; more quiet lessons of examples and  programs in education, medicine, and agriculture and less  evangelical proselytizing; more cooperation and efficiency  to reduce the wasteful overlap of programs; and most  important, a gradual transfer of power to indigenous  churches. 

'....another young  Fundamentalist missionary could understand Mott's call for  indigenous control over institutions founded by foreign  missionaries. And he had learned the values of the  Rockefeller philanthropies for his own mission. In the years  ahead, he would ally himself with Bell, his funder, J.  Howard Pew of Sun Oil Company (SUNOCO) and Billy Graham to  build America's largest and most politically controversial  missionary organization, the Summer Institute of  Linguistics...[He was] inadvertently serving the interests  of Nelson Rockefeller as "the Apostle of the Lost  Tribes."  [Colby p.40] 

The man was William Cameron  Townsend, founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT), which was known internationally as the Summer Institute of  Linguistics (SIL). Townsend's associations did not end with  the Rockefellers and John Mott,  nor did SIL's, as we've seen they are officially Partnered  with UNESCO.   

In 1967,  CNP's Nelson  Bunker Hunt provided Cameron Townsend,  property in  Dallas for a new international translation center for Summer  Institute of Linguistics (SIL) and the Wycliffe Bible Translators. Hunt also funded CNP's Ed  McAteer, who sat on Wycliffes' board.. 

"Ed McAteer,   was the...real organizing force behind the politicized  Fundamentalist movement. McAteer had the glib tongue of his  profession, substituting Christ for soap in his market  analysis. He was more than a friend of Cam Townsend; he was  a major figure on the board of Wycliffe Associates, which  was now a powerhouse of resources for SIL, providing it and  JAARS [Jungle Aviation & Radio Service founded by Townsend in 1963] with construction skills, money, promotion  and overnight stays for furloughed translators on  fund-raising tours. In return, testimonies from returned translators, films, books, and slide shows parlayed surrogate travels around the world for suburban believers.  Special trips to the jungle bases allowed the more affluent  faithful actually to partake in adventure for God. The sheer  human energy amassed by wealthy SIL backers like North  Carolina's James A. Jones, one of the largest contractors  for military bases in Vietnam, and oilman Nelson Bunker Hunt  of Texas. "Bunker Hunt had helped me  considerably," McAteer freely offered. 

"Wycliffe Associates'  "500 Club" was designed to offer the richer  members a way out of service through cash; $500 or more each  year was all it took to get a special certificate of membership. Some gave much more. Texas's corporate leaders  were prominent in helping Cam build SIL's International  Linguistics Center near Dallas; the Linguistics Center's  board meeting was one of those special occasions where a  Rockefeller business partner like Trammel Crow could rub  shoulders with an ultrarightist like Nelson Bunker Hunt. But  they were the old core of supporters. The real power in the  Wycliffe Associates was its thousands of newer members,  spreading the influence of SIL across the country, and the  influence of Wycliffe Associates in Cam's organization.  

"Promoting and  leading this base of support into politics was McAteer's  forte. During the Carter administration, his name began to  appear among New Right circles in Washington, D.C.,  connected with North Carolina's Senator   Jesse  Helms. It was McAteer who brought Jerry Falwell into this crowd, helping  Falwell build the Moral Majority. Then, in 1979, McAteer  organized the Religious  Roundtable. Well-funded, McAteer  pulled together many of the Fundamentalist leaders of the  nation to back the candidacy of Ronald Reagan. Cam was on of  those who followed McAteer into the founding meeting of the  Religious Roundtable...Cam's base of support in the homeland and his top financial backers left him little choice. He  was, at the end of his career, trapped by the Far Right  Fundamentalist base on which he had built Wycliffe's success  at home...." [Colby  & Dennett, pp 570, 804-5]  

See: Major  Donors to SIL/WBT to see some of the many corporate donors  who had a financial stake in SIL's opening the door for their  ventures.  The Apostle Peter wrote:  

2 Peter 2:1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;

5 And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly;

6 And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly;

7 And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked:

8 (For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;)

9 The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished: 


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          By Barbara Aho 


In 1971 Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. , aka John Denver, wife Annie moved to the gilt-edged Starwood section of Aspen, Colorado. While camping out at an 11,000 foot high lake Denver and some friends witnessed a spectacular shower of meteorites transfixed by the sidereal extravaganza for over two hours. After the "star" show and the accompanying "new birth" which Denver claims he had, Denver wrote the popular experience song "Rocky Mountain High." Denver has told reporters that now he can pinpoint the place he came from "near the ring nebula in Lyra." Denver is convinced he is among those called Starseed by UFO believer, Brad Steiger. "He is here to save the earthbound masses from the wrath to come." Denver has not convinced everyone in his beloved state of Colorado that he is the "Messiah." Some Coloradans have dubbed Denver as "Ecotwerp" or "Aspen's Singing Turkey."  

In 1976 Denver, freshly graduated from Jack Rosenberg's, aka Werner Erhard, EST new age conversion brainwashing system, actually a form of subjection to demonic possession. Denver, with the help of Rosenberg and a few other new age money bags, purchased 1,000 acres of prime mountain countryside near Snowmass, Colorado where he planted a new age commune and indoctrination center he calls Windstar. Denver's bodyguard and co-graduate EST victim, Thomas Crum, has added a decidedly Eastern flavor to Windstar with the introduction of the Eastern martial art known as Aikido which is more than just a martial art; it is "the road to a union with the universal spirit." Crum has reached the level of Guru Number II at Windstar, second in command only to Denver. The huge Aikido tent structure under which Crum works his Eastern spells is an imposing sight on the Windstar compound.  

Denver, while sleeping/meditating under his nine foot portable pyramid made of copper poles, was shown by "the power" that he would some day become President of the United States. Mrs. Deutschendorf, John's mother, has had the same dream. The fertile farm plains on the northwest corner of the suburbs of Wichita, Kansas are the site of a sister structure, an architectural carrier of the master spirit of the New Age, a large white, stationary pyramid, situated just outside a circle of eight glistening white "pyradome," geodesic domes. Buckminister Fuller, the inventor of the geodesic dome is (was) coincidentally on the board of directors of Windstar. The geodesic "pyradomes" are situated with seven domes in a circle surrounding the eighth dome in the center of the circle forming one of the basic New Age symbols, the 'hadit" and the "nuit," or the dot within the circle, a basic, timeless pagan/heathen religious symbol Babylonians, Egyptians, Roman Catholics, Buddhists, of the ancient Theosophists, arts, ancient wisdoms, and other occult traditions.  

The shining white pyramid in the picture here is located on ninety acres known as The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning International, Inc., 1. Or more simply as "The Center," or more revealingly as "The Garvey Center" after Willard Garvey, president chief director, executive officer of National Center Garvey Industries, Inc.; founding director, National Center for Privatization, International Executive Service Corps, National Legal Center Interest for the Public Interest, ad infinitum..., of Wichita.  

When the Wichitans asked Garvey why the pyramid, the Garvey Center published the following:


"A number of people have asked us why we decided to include a Garvey Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning, Inc. There were a number of reasons behind this decision and we would like to share these with you.

"Structurally, of course, the pyramid is extremely strong and should be able to withstand--as should the geodesic domes--almost any environmental situation.

"A principal consideration was of an electromagnetic nature. We live in a sea of energy. All of life, from subatomic particles to the galaxies, can be seen as electrostatic and electrodynamic fields. Close examination of life forms, including our own, reveals that rather than existing as solid state matter these forms are more accurately waves of energy interacting with one another.

"It is known that the shape or form of a container affects the nature and quality of the energy force fields within. This is apparent with sound and light and equally so--though perhaps less apparent--with other portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

"Experiments in recent years have demonstrated that the pyramid shape is particularly conducive to integrating and amplifying these energy fields. Significant results have been established with liquids, solids, plant growth and productivity, along with beneficial results with animal and human health. These results are not entirely isolated phenomena as a number of scientific researchers have demonstrated the response of animate and inanimate matter to various electrical and magnetic force fields. The uniqueness of the pyramid, however, apparently resides in its ability to provide a richness of these fields.

"Since ancient times, the pyramid has stood as a universal symbol to the four cardinal points of the earth, representing all things of the earth, and the four material elements or substances from the combinations of which the quaternary body of man is formed. From each side of the pyramid there rises a triangle, typifying the threefold divine nature of Man. The pyramid reaches a point apex depicting the Oneness of life.

"The founding fathers of this country incorporated a pyramid on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States 2. When it was adopted by act of the Continental Congress on June 20, 1782, and readopted by the new Congress on September 15, 1789. This seal continues to be printed on our one dollar bills.

"The thirteen tiers of the pyramid on the seal represent thirteen original colonies. Man can construct this part of the pyramid, whereas the capstone -- elevated on the seal -- can be only provided by God. The eye in the capstone signifies God's wisdom and attentiveness to the affairs of man.

"A pyramid seems to be particularly appropriate for The Center, dedicated to the health and well-being of the body, mind and spirit of man."

Thus reads the Garvey Center explanation for the pyramidal structure on its grounds. We have been told that the pyramid contains nothing but an altar and a light which plays on the altar and further that the altar has been used in rites and rituals best left undescribed. Some have hinted that the Garvey Pyramid is the location of blood sacrifices but this, so far, is mere unproven gossip. In 1979, New Ager Jeremy Rifkin copyrighted a book of giant significance to those who can read between the lines. The book was titled The Emerging Order.  

In his run for the Presidential Nomination of 1988, Christian New Age Change Agent, Pat Robertson gave both Rifkin and his book, The Emerging Order, a great deal of television exposure on Robertson's 700 Club television program. It has been said with great discernment that the life purpose of Rifkin and the sole intent of The Emerging Order was to channel the entire United States spectrum of the "Evangelical" population into the New Age Movement. Rifkin, however, proved to be much too blatantly associated with the vociferous element of the New Age Movement which openly advocated the element of "cleansing the New Age Movement action" of the earth, the physical extermination of all fundamentalist Christians, Jews and Moslems and anyone else who dissented from United States/United Nations/New World Order policies.  

With Rifkin being too radical to be used to charm "evangelicals" into the NAM, it would seem from the evidence presented herein that Willard Garvey was given by the Masters of the New Age the job of charming, beguiling the lesser Fundamentalists, the greater Evangelicals of so-called Christian America into not only accepting but also promoting and vigorously and wholeheartedly working for the establishment of a New Age/New World Order. . .  

If there is one thing Fundamentalists and Evangelicals trust it is money. They may not have any, but they trust and give their allegiance to those who have it. They ignorantly call this "conservatism." Conservatism is the Baal of Fundamentalists and Evangelicals. Not long ago Thomas Crum from John Denver's New Age Windstar compound appeared in Wichita for an evening before the Chamber of Commerce. Before the night was over the entire Chamber of Commerce had been indoctrinated into Crum's occult manipulation of Aiki. They were "centered" and "grounded" and empowered to go out and work for the demons of the New Age. The channel from Windstar to Wichita is established and it flows and finds harmonic convergence at the Garvey Center -- a vortex for the New Age Spirits of Anti-Christ. 3.


[The preceding introduction was reprinted with permission from the New Age Adversary Bulletin, October 1993] 



In 1983, Willard Garvey and other Wichita, Kansas businessmen founded the National Center for Privatization [NCP]. Its 1986 Board of Directors included Willard Garvey and Robert D. Love, a founding member of National Council of The John Birch Society who, according to a JBS publication cited by The Belmont Brotherhood, was "a Thirty-second Degree KCCH Mason, a member of the Median Shrine." 4.  

The purpose of the National Center for Privatization was "to educate Americans about the then-new concept of 'Privatization'", which meant relieving the government of services which Garvey and his partners felt could be performed more efficiently and effectively within the private sector. Ostensibly, the objective was to eliminate government waste, reduce taxes, and government control of the U.S. citizenry.

"Therefore, the foremost objective of the National Center for privatization is to encourage by all practical and legal means, the transfer of activities and responsibilities now being funded with coerced tax dollars, to the private profit and voluntary sector of the economy." 5.

Although privatization masquerades as relief for the overburdened taxpayer, a different picture emerges in real life scenarios where private enterprise and government have collaborated to profit at taxpayer expense. A practical illustration of how private enterprise often works involved Willard Garvey's profiteering at the expense of the taxpayer. Waste of the West: Public Lands Ranching discloses that "ranchers, government and private entities have been working together for decades to convert our public land into profitable livestock ranches." 6. In 1934, private interests pushed through Congress the Taylor Grazing Act which created the Division of Grazing under the Department of the Interior. This legislation resulted in the establishment of federal, state and local "grazing advisory boards" staffed by the same wealthy ranchers who lobbied Congress for their creation:

"All these 'advisory' boards were composed mostly of the same large-scale, aggressive, politically savvy ranchers who helped create the Forest Service and Taylor Grazing Act and awarded themselves federal grazing permits (or else stockmen who followed in their place). Most members were also livestock association officials, and many were bankers, real estate dealers, lawyers, timber barons, merchants, and mining tycoons. Congress enacted regulations, created grazing allotments, and charged a nominal 5 cent grazing fee. Leases were issued to the privileged few, generally the most wealthy and powerful cattlemen, especially those who helped create the Taylor Grazing Act, often those who had illegally fenced off public land. . .

"In 1939, under close supervision of the grazing industry, the Division of Grazing was reorganized into the Grazing Service. . .They went out and radically turned it over to the big cowmen and the big sheepmen of the West Why they even put them on the payroll. . . It is common knowledge that they have been practically running the Grazing Service. . . Seven years later, in 1946, again under the influence of powerful stockmen, the Grazing Service and General Land Office were combined to form the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). . ." 7.

Chapter 7 titled Welfare Ranching describes Willard Garvey's illegal use of tax-funded public lands -- with a little help from fellow rancher, Ronald Reagan, who also happened to be President of the United States:

"In 1984 appraisers for both the BLM and Forest Service uncovered more than 2000 secret subleasing deals providing the original holder of the grazing permit 'the opportunity to profit at the expense of the Treasury' (Com. on Govt. Oper. 1986). A recent study by Colorado State University researchers found more than 900 cattle permittees were subleasing 'their' BLM allotments. Considering there are only about 19,000 BLM permittees altogether, 900 (almost 5% of the total) seems to indicate a serious problem. And one further wonders how many subleasers were not revealed.

"These 900 were subleasing at an average rate of $7.76/AUM -- more than 5 times the then-current $1.35/AUM grazing fee charged by the federal government. Most of the difference went into ranchers' pockets. For example, according to the 5-11-87 Reno Gazette-Journal, multimillionaire Willard Garvey collected $120,000 rent in 1986 from a Humboldt County, Nevada rancher, while the government received only $14,587 in grazing fees for that public land.

"In 1985. . .in a slick move that infuriated many reform advocates, rancher Ronald Reagan rode to the rescue and (while vacationing at his California ranch) promulgated an executive order directing the Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior (at their advisal) to permanently adopt the PRIA fee formula. [Public Rangelands Improvement Act created by the public lands ranching establishment to assure low grazing fees] Both Secretaries promptly did so, with a new provision that established a floor of $1.35/AUM. Consequently, the federal grazing fee remained $1.35/AUM through 1987." 8.

In 1984, between the establishment of the National Center for Privatization and President Reagan's executive order to permanently establish low fees for public land grazing, Willard Garvey wrote a letter to the President which disclosed the real objective of the National Center for Privatization -- to wit, that non-profit organizations and the private sector might render the cumbersome machinery of representative government obsolete!  

Garvey's letter [see below] was published in a media promotion for an International Conference On Family Choice/Educational Vouchers that was sponsored by the NCP on Sept. 30-Oct. 2 of 1985. Speakers for the "Privatizing Education" conference were members of the secretive and elitist Council for National Policy -- namely James Dobson, Tim LaHaye and Phyllis Schlafly, and also free market economist, Milton Friedman and Secretary of Education, William Bennett. The NCP brochure promoted the conference as being "Where the Future Begins."

Executive Secretary

P.O. Box 1776

Falls Church, Virginia 22041

Phone (703) 820-2079


International Conference on Family Choice/ Educational Vouchers

September 1985

Featured: Dobson, LaHaye, Schlafly, Friedman, Pickens, William Bennett and others


Willard W. Garvey

300 West Douglas

Wichita, Kansas 07909

6 April 1984

President Ronald Reagan

Executive Office of the President

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington , D.C. 20500 Re: Privatization 

President Reagan, congratulations on rejecting the political system negatives. Now why not adopt the all positive system -- privatization? Hold a White House conference on Privatization and appoint a Presidential Task Force on privatization.

Privatization is documented in the enclosed paper from the Heritage Foundation and dates back at least to Adam Smith, Plato, Aristotle and Jesus. 

Privatization's more recent advocates include most of the non-profit sector-- and the entire profit sector. To name a few, Peter Drucker, Milton Friedman, Heritage Foundation, Reason Foundation, Pacific Institute, Manhattan Institute, National Legal Center for the Public Interest, VOLUNTEER -- National Center for Citizen Involvement, International Executive Service Corps, United Way with its Services Identification System, churches, labor unions, etc.

Privatization is now "an idea whose time has come" The knowledge, communication, and computer industry can make political representatives obsolete!

Privatization might well be the theme for the 200th anniversary of the Constitution. Privatization is essential for national salvation.

To restore privatization is the National Center for Privatization's purpose. May we help you?

With best wishes,

Willard W. Garvey


Encl: Heritage Foundation paper

National Center for Privatization brochure 

Officially, the National Center for Privatization relocated to McLean, VA in 1991 and was incorporated in the District of Columbia. It has since become the Council for Government Reform of Arlington, VA. A companion organization, "Center for Government Reform" functions as a non-profit. 9. The NCP brochure which accompanied Garvey's letter to President Reagan states that the National Office of the NCP was in Wichita, Kansas. However, the promotional material indicates that, as of April 1984, the NCP Executive Secretary actually resided in Falls Church, VA -- which is just outside the nation's capital.  

Serving as a National Advisory Committee Member for Garvey's international conference on privatizing education was the late J. Peter Grace, who was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR], an officer of the Council for National Policy [CNP] and President of the American Chapter of the Board of Founders of the Knights of Malta [SMOM].  

Willard Garvey's letter to the President included a brochure of The Heritage Foundation, the New Right think tank founded by CNP member, Paul Weyrich. During the Reagan Administration, the Heritage Foundation was delegated a powerful role of oversight of government policies and was close to a shadow government. Heritage has spawned a vast network of other right wing, tax-exempt organizations that are working toward the end of privatization of government services. Willard Garvey's selection of speakers for the "privatization of education" conference represented an alliance which was already well-established.  

To expedite the process of eliminating government by representation, the National Center for Privatization has recruited people from right-wing think tanks from among the many such non-profit organizations represented in the Council for National Policy: The Reason Foundation [Robert W. Poole], Citizens for a Sound Economy, the National Center for Policy Analysis [Pierre duPont], Advocates for Self-Government, Competitive Enterprise Institute [Jack Kemp, Distinguished Fellow], and the Cato Institute.  

In 1992, Reason Foundation, headed by Robert W. Poole, a member of the CNP until 1998, established the Privatization Center, which "provides how-to-guides, case studies, and reports that are designed to inform elected officials on how to streamline government." To understand the scope of the projected transfer of government services to the private sector, please see: Reason Foundation Privatization How-To Guides. 10.


Republican congressman, Jack Kemp, is a 33º Mason and long term CNP member. Kemp also co-directs Empower America with William Bennett and Jeanne Kirkpatrick [CFR]. The President and CEO of Empower America is Josette Shiner, a high-ranking Unification Church member and former editor at the Moon-owned Washington Times. Kemp recently addressed scholars of the Cato Institute on the topic of privatizing Social Security -- Solving the Global Public Pensions Crisis II: The Privatization Revolution -- ". . .imagine America not just as a constitutional republic, but as a vibrant shareholder democracy where everyone not only has a vote but also owns property." 11.  Congressman Kemp assumes that private enterprise will provide equitable pensions for retired persons once they control Social Security.  



Milton Friedman is a Nobel Laureate in Economic Science [1976] and has for many years been a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, founded in 1947 in Mont Pelerin, Switzerland by Frederich von Hayek. 12. The stated objective of the Mont Pelerin Society is to strengthen the principles and practices of the free society by encouraging market-oriented economic systems with minimal and dispersed government as opposed to government regulation of industry. Milton Friedman was president of the Mont Pelerin Society from 1970-1972. Edwin Feulner, president of the Heritage Foundation, was president of the Mont Pelerin Society from 1996-1998 and is currently the Senior Vice President.  

The American membership of the MPS has included, besides Milton and Rose Friedman and the late journalist Walter Lippmann [CFR], influential conservatives affiliated with the Heritage Foundation: Michael Novak [CFR/American Enterprise Institute], Thomas Sowell [Hoover Institution] and Deepak Lal [Cato Institute]. Anther member of the Mont Pelerin Society is former CNP member Dr. John A. Howard, president of The Rockford Institute, Senior Fellow of the Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society and a member of The Bohemian Club -- a coven of high-powered elites whose retreats in the mysterious Bohemian Grove near San Francisco are reported to involve Druidic rituals.13.  

Friedrich Von Hayek is considered by libertarians to be the greatest social scientist of the twentieth century, an economist whose theories on free-market economics have supplanted John Maynard Keynes. Free market advocates claim that Keynes' theories of government regulation of the economy have been gradually discredited and Hayek's model of "Spontaneous Order" accepted which contends that "social order, and thus social capital, can emerge in spontaneous and decentralized fashion." Milton Friedman, who was profoundly influenced by Von Hayek, is the leader of what is called "The Chicago Boys" School of Economics. Promulgating Hayak's monetarist theories from the seat of Rockefeller power, the University of Chicago, Friedman had Chile declared a dictatorship in the mid-1970s in order to privatize the economy.

"Starting from a tiny embryo at the University of Chicago with the philosopher-economist Friedrich von Hayek and his students like Milton Friedman at its nucleus, the neoliberals and their funders have created a huge international network of foundations, institutes, research centers, publications, scholars, writers and public relations hacks to develop, package and push their ideas and doctrine relentlessly. . .They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars, but the result has been worth every penny to them because they have made neoliberalism seem as if it were the natural and normal condition of humankind. . ." 14.

According to the Mont Pelerin Society, "liberal" in the European sense means "broadly epitomized by a preference for minimal and dispersed government, rather than in its current American sense which indicates the opposite preference for an extension and concentration of governmental powers." In theory, diminishing the expansive power of government is appealing. However, the wisdom of deregulating the transnational corporations, thereby permitting them to amass sufficient economic power to cripple whole nations, has been discredited since the Asian crisis:

"The devastating social and economic impact of the global financial crisis triggered in East Asia in mid-1997 has led a growing number of civil society actors, UN bodies and governments to explore strategies to regain control over global finance, which many describe as a cause of increasing systemic instability and social regress. . .Many debates in this area have focused on critiquing the neoliberal rationale for unfettered financial liberalization as part of the conventional policy package ascribed to the so-called 'Washington consensus,' which has been thrown into question in the aftermath of the East Asian crisis". 15.

The stated purpose of the classical liberal academic, business and governmental leaders who comprise the Mont Pelerin Society is to prevent world domination by communist, fascist and socialist regimes. However, the fruit of this elite society of has been generally of the same variety.  

Roger Pearson, a British race scientist, united the ex-Nazis and Nazi sympathizers of the Europe in the World Anti-Communist League. In 1975, Pearson organized the North American neo-fascists into an American branch of the WACL called Council on American Affairs. The Council sponsored seminars and published monographs with such influential persons as Ed Feulner of Heritage, Ray Cline, former C.I.A. deputy director, and others who would later become high officials of the Reagan Administration. With the support of New Right leadership, Pearson became well integrated within the conservative network. His influence in the U.S. was demonstrable by his oversight of an organization that included Dr. Milton Friedman, whose free market theories were applied in Chile under the fascist dictator, Pinochet.

"Pearson was elected to head University Professors for Academic Order (UPAO), a group that includes many members of the Heritage Foundation, the Reagan Administration and the Mont Pelerin Society. [f-228] The latter is a group of about 500 ultraconservatives whose best known economists, Milton Friedman and Friedrich von Hayek, were architects of the economy of Pinochet's Chile. Both advocated a form of dictatorship as part of the economic plan. Heritage Foundation president Edwin Feulner is treasurer of the Society." 16.


It is common knowledge that the massive destabilization of the democratically-elected Chilean government and assassination of President Salvadore Allende was carried out by the CIA, hired by a corporate mafia which planned to install a nationalist government more lenient toward private enterprise. President Nixon and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger allocated $8 million for the campaign to destabilize Allende. Kissinger told the CIA that Washington's "firm and continuing policy" was for Allende to be overthrown by the US-trained Chilean military. In 1975, CIA director Richard Helms admitted his agency's involvement. When the coup finally came in September 1973, U.S. warships appeared off the coast of Chile and American intelligence officers kept in touch with Pinochet and other military leaders. In subsequent years, an estimated 50,000 Chileans died at the hands of Pinochet's dictatorship, which was protected throughout by Washington.  

In 1999, a journalist who had written exposes of Richard Scaife was by all appearances murdered in the Oxford Centre of Pittsburgh, PA -- the office complex of the foundation of his subject -- Scaife. Richard Mellon Scaife is the heir of the Mellon fortune and a major funder of the Heritage Foundation and other right wing organizations, although, like the Coors family, Scaife also funds abortion and gay rights organizations. Shortly before his death in February 1999, Kangas catalogued the gruesome accomplishments of the CIA and issued a scathing indictment of their paymasters -- the very elites who created the CNP! The following portion of Kangas' Origins of the Overclass deals with CIA "success stories" around the world:

"The wealthy have always used many methods to accumulate wealth, but it was not until the mid-1970s that these methods coalesced into a superbly organized, cohesive and efficient machine. After 1975, it became greater than the sum of its parts, a smooth flowing organization of advocacy groups, lobbyists, think tanks, conservative foundations, and PR firms that hurtled the richest 1 percent into the stratosphere.

"The origins of this machine, interestingly enough, can be traced back to the CIA. This is not to say the machine is a formal CIA operation, complete with code name and signed documents. (Although such evidence may yet surface -- and previously unthinkable domestic operations such as MK-ULTRA, CHAOS and MOCKINGBIRD show this to be a distinct possibility.) But what we do know already indicts the CIA strongly enough. Its principle creators were Irving Kristol, Paul Weyrich, William Simon, Richard Mellon Scaife, Frank Shakespeare, William F. Buckley, Jr., the Rockefeller family, and more. Almost all the machine's creators had CIA backgrounds. . .

The Business Origins of CIA Crimes

"Although many people think that the CIA’s primary mission during the Cold War was to 'deter communism,' Noam Chomksy correctly points out that its real mission was 'deterring democracy.' From corrupting elections to overthrowing democratic governments, from assassinating elected leaders to installing murderous dictators, the CIA has virtually always replaced democracy with dictatorship. It didn't help that the CIA was run by businessmen, whose hostility towards democracy is legendary. The reason they overthrew so many democracies is because the people usually voted for policies that multi-national corporations didn't like: land reform, strong labor unions, nationalization of their industries, and greater regulation protecting workers, consumers and the environment.

"So the CIA’s greatest 'successes' were usually more pro-corporate than anti-communist. Citing a communist threat, the CIA helped overthrow the democratically elected Mohammed Mussadegh government in Iran in 1953. But there was no communist threat -- the Soviets stood back and watched the coup from afar. What really happened was that Mussadegh threatened to nationalize British and American oil companies in Iran. Consequently, the CIA and MI6 toppled Mussadegh and replaced him with a puppet government, headed by the Shah of Iran and his murderous secret police, SAVAK. The reason why the Ayatollah Khomeini and his revolutionaries took 52 Americans hostage in Tehran in 1979 was because the CIA had helped SAVAK torture and murder their people.

"Another 'success' was the CIA’s overthrow of the democratically elected government of Jacabo Arbenz in Guatemala in 1954. Again, there was no communist threat. The real threat was to Guatemala’s United Fruit Company, a Rockefeller-owned firm whose stockholders included CIA Director Allen Dulles. Arbenz threatened to nationalize the company, albeit with generous compensation. In response, the CIA initiated a coup that overthrew Arbenz and installed the murderous dictator Castillo Armas. For four decades, CIA-backed dictators would torture and murder hundreds of thousands of leftists, union members and others who would fight for a more equitable distribution of the country’s resources.

"Another 'success' story was Chile. In 1973, the country's democratically elected leader, Salvadore Allende, nationalized foreign-owned interests, like Chile’s lucrative copper mines and telephone system. International Telephone & Telegraph (ITT) offered the CIA $1 million to overthrow Allende -- which the CIA allegedly refused -- but paid $350,000 to his political opponents. The CIA responded with a coup that murdered Allende and replaced him with a brutal tyrant, General Augusto Pinochet. Pinochet tortured and murdered thousands of leftists, union members and political opponents as economists trained at the University of Chicago under Milton Friedman installed a 'free market' economy. Since then, income inequality has soared higher in Chile than anywhere else in Latin America." 17.

Another case of New Right leaders using their influence to support Latin American dictators was the promotion by Pat Robertson [CNP Pres. 1985-6] and Jerry Falwell of General Efrain Rios Montt, who became president of Guatemala after a bloody coup in 1982. Rios Montt, a convert of Gospel Outreach Verbo Ministries [which originated in the Jesus Movement, a CIA operation] expected to turn the Verbo Churches into a new political movement which would "moralize national life from the top down."

"Gospel Outreach is an evangelical Pentecostal church with headquarters in Eureka, California and Guatemala. It grew out of the 'Jesus People' movement of the 1960s in the United States. . .After the 1976 earthquake, 28 Gospel Outreach evangelicals from California arrived in Guatemala to help rebuild the country and establish El Verbo church. . .An early convert was General Efrain Rios Montt, who became president after a military coup in March 1982.

"According to the Latin American Institute of Transnational Studies, 'Within the first nine months of Rios Montt's administration, 12 evangelical pastors were assassinated; 69 were kidnapped; 45 disappeared; 5 were jailed; 11 foreign missionaries were expelled; 88 evangelical temples were destroyed; and 50 more were occupied by the Army." By 1986, Verbo Ministries reported 250 congregations. Verbo Ministries also runs a Leadership Training School with over 1000 members directed by Rios Montt himself.

"Rios Montt has been supported by Pat Robertson (Christian Broadcasting Network), Jerry Falwell (Moral Majority, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Liberty Federation), and Loren Cunningham (Youth with a Mission). . .Jimmy Swaggart Ministries has provided financial support for the schools of El Verbo in Guatemala. This is done under the "Programa Ayuda Infantile," a branch of the Swaggart ministry." 18.

The Covert Action Information Bulletin implicates another elitist organization in the bloody coup of the Allende government: the Brazil-based Tradition, Family and Property founded by one Plinio Corrêa de Oliviera. "In Chile and other Latin American countries, the CIA helped finance the right-wing Tradition, Family and Property which played a role in the overthrow of both Allende in Chile and Goulart in Brazil. In many instances it pitted one sector of the Church against another." 19.  

Tradition, Family and Property has close ties with Heritage founder, Paul Weyrich and Morton Blackwell of the Leadership Institute, who are members of the CNP. 20. Weyrich and Blackwell endorsed a 1993 book by Plinio Corrêa de Oliviera, on the necessity of restoring traditional nobility and elites to rule the world. Writing the Forward of Nobility & Analogous Traditional Elites, Morton Blackwell opined: "One does not have to accept Papal infallibility to appreciate a case persuasively made, using theological, moral, and prudential arguments. This book will convince many readers, whatever their faith, that good elites are legitimate, desirable and, yes, necessary." 21.  

Paul Weyrich's endorsement appears on the dust jacket: "Sadly, most American elites are now devoted to self-interest, not to service, which is one reason why affairs here go so badly. Your book may help reawaken people to the realization that we need and can have an elite devoted to service." 22.  

In 1997, Tradition, Family and Property sponsored the Conservative Leadership Conference together with CNP affiliates/Moon fronts Christian Voice [Gary Jarmin] and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms [Alan Gottleib] and also Citizens Against Government Waste, which was founded by American Knights of Malta President, J. Peter Grace.  

If Latin America is any indicator of the corporate largesse toward the working classes, U.S. citizens will be in worse bondage than before privatization. Chile's revolution subjected the masses to a shock-induced depression in 1975 that was not remedied until 1986 by an IMF bailout which cost the taxpayers 3% of Chile's GNP for three years. Milton Friedman called this "an economic miracle".

"This follows the usual pattern of 'free market capitalism -- market discipline for the working class, state aid for the elite. During the 'miracle,' the economic gains had been privatised; during the crash the burden for repayment was socialised... It is the increased wealth of the elite that we see the true 'miracle' of Chile. According to one expert in the Latin American neo-liberal revolutions, the elite 'had become massively wealthy under Pinochet'and when the leader of the Christian Democratic Party returned from exile in 1989 he said that economic growth that benefited the top 10 per cent of the population had been achieved (Pinochet's official institutions agreed)." 23.

President of Gun Owners of America, Larry Pratt [CNP] also was Secretary of the Council for Inter-American Security [CIS], which was founded in 1976. Pratt "served both as an intelligence conduit from 'private' sources such as the American Security Council and CAUSA, and as an informal employment agency which provided analysts to the Reagan administration at the inception of Washington's murderous counter-insurgency wars in Central America." In 1980, CIS published the influential A New Inter-American Policy for the Eighties, also known as the "Santa Fe Document." 24.  

The Santa Fe Document, which was a sequel to The Rockefeller Report, was originally titled "Inter-American Relations, Shield of the New Order and Sword of the U.S. Ascent to World Power." This document set forth plans to create religious sects on a worldwide scale, whose mission was to corrupt the collective conscience of Christians to willingly accept the Rockefeller agenda. A portion of a book, La Mafia Sects (The Sect Mafia) by Burn Fouchereau, describes the planned use of Evangelical organizations, such as Rios Montt's Church of the Word, as fronts for the CIA to "take charge of the initiative of ideological struggle" in Latin America through religious phenomena, i.e., psychological warfare operations for inculcating Anglo-Saxon ideology:

La Mafia Sects (The Sect Mafia)

by Burn Fouchereau

The Sects, Powerful Tool of the Secret Services

"In the category, 'Manipulation of mystical groups and sects', the highest award can be given to the famous American intelligence agency. . . In May 1980, a group of bigwigs in the Republican party signed a confidential document, one destined to guide U.S. foreign policy, and more specifically, that of the CIA and of NSA. (2) This document was titled, 'Inter-American Relations, Shield of the New Order and Sword of the U.S. Ascent to World Power." Although this document set forth strategic proposals, whose objectives are made readily clear in the title, it nevertheless remained secret, and in the intelligence community was nicknamed, the 'Santa Fé Report.' Beginning with the Reagan administration, and then Bush’s, and on to the cohabitation of the Republicans with Bill Clinton, this project became operational and its application is ongoing. It is really just the continuation of a political strategy hatched by the U.S.A. in the 1950s, in turn guided by a document titled 'The Rockefeller Report.' The latter states: 'In order to win the battle for hegemony (control) over conscience, it is necessary to begin by exposing Latin America to the influence of the fundamental values of the American way of life, doing so through controlling the traditional apparatus of socialization of civil society: the Family, the School, and the Church.'

"The Santa Fe Report went further down this road, clearly defining that one of the vectors for the expansion of U.S. power worldwide would be the activities of the sects. The document concretely explained how necessary it was for the U.S.A. to take charge of the initiative of ideological struggle through religious phenomena, the goal of which was to win control over conscience. The recent development of the sects would be one of the elements of this strategy. On the same subject, the Santa Fe Report notes the work already done in this area: '… [T]he experience acquired in Vietnam, thanks to the work done in population control, was exported to Latin America, and particularly to Guatemala, by numerous agents of A.I.D., and of other U.S. services. Certain sects were created by psychological warfare specialists and entrusted with control of the political forum and control of conscience.' ---George Orwell could never have imagined anything more effective than this!

"In France, the reigning and undisputed specialist on this subject is Professor Jésus Garcia-Ruiz, of the Dept. of Ethnology and Anthropology at the University of Paris…In order to confirm this incredible American policy of manipulation of the masses of the world, of which the Latin Americans seem to be the model, he cites two other sources. First, the Popular Evangelical Mission of France, which, in a text titled, La Notion relative aux sects en Amerique Latine, wrote: 'They [the sects] are all made in the U.S.A. and are financed from the outside; they are the vehicles for inculcating an Anglo-Saxon cultural ideology, leading to adopting an American middle class model…' The second source is a report by the Minister of the Interior of Mexico, which explains: 'The sects carry out the most subtle part of the process of domination and of north-Americanization of underdeveloped societies, through their religious preaching, which is set down into the ideological struggle in the middle of civil society.' It is a fact that the foremost evangelical and charismatic sects have played a structural role in the dictatorships of Latin America. Sects such as The Church of the Word in Guatemala, or the Divine Universal Church, in Argentina, are directly linked to North American structures, such as the 700 Club (the real 'seminary' for the formation of gurus, directed by the CIA), P.T.L. Television, founded by Pat Robertson in Virginia, Billy Graham Evangelist Association, World Vision International (all part of the sects’ money stream)." 25.


According to the modern prophets of privatization, Bible doctrine is expendable, but no one may question the doctrine of unbridled capitalism. Any who go there are labeled "socialists" in the worst sense of the term. Forgetting that Christ drove the moneychangers from His temple, one prophet, Willard Garvey, shamelessly named the Lord Jesus among the founders of Republican government and proponents of privatization!

"Privatization is documented in the enclosed paper from the Heritage Foundation and dates back at least to Adam Smith, Plato, Aristotle and Jesus. . .Privatization might well be the theme for the 200th anniversary of the Constitution. Privatization is essential for national salvation."

To attain national salvation, the prophets of privatization determined to build a voting bloc to support their agenda. In 1976, direct-mail fundraising genius of the New Right, Richard Viguerie, was accompanied to the 1976 convention of the American Independent Party by three leaders of the New Right with equally doubtful connections:

   •  William Rusher, editor of CFR member William F. Buckley's National Review.

   •  Paul Weyrich, founder of the Heritage and Free Congress Foundation, who employed Fabianist/British race scientist Roger Pearson of the World Anti-Communist League, the multinational network of Nazi war criminals, Latin American death squad leaders and North American neo-fascists. Weyrich presently employs top U.S. Fabianist Sir Peter Vickers Hall and ex-Nazi collaborator Laszlo Pasztor.

   •  Howard Phillips, who founded The Conservative Caucus (TCC) at the direction of 33º Mason, Jesse Helms on whose staff he worked. TCC has an interlocking directorate (Phillips served on advisory board) with the United States Council for World Freedom (USCWF) of the WACL. Phillips also proposed the name for Buckley's Young Americans for Freedom and served on its board of directors.

At the AIP convention, Viguerie presented himself as a candidate for the Presidential nomination of the party of George Wallace, a coalition that included elements of the Ku Klux Klan, John Birchers and operatives of Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby. When Viguerie's bid for the nomination failed, the New Right leaders turned their energies to creating a hard right voting bloc within the Republican Party.

"By 1978, Weyrich's PAC helped sweep into Congress a new, radical breed of populist conservatives. The most notable, it turned out, was a brash, young man from Georgia named Newt Gingrich [33º Mason, CFR] whom Weyrich had trained years earlier at a campaign seminar in Milwaukee. Finally, on the verge of realizing his right-wing utopia Weyrich harvested what his friend Morton Blackwell termed 'the greatest track of virgin timber on the political landscape': evangelicals." 26.

In 1979, Robert Billings of the National Christian Action Coalition and Free Congress Foundation invited the Rev. Jerry Falwell to a meeting with Phillips, Viguerie, Weyrich and Ed McAteer, a retired advertising executive. Their agenda now was to influence the GOP party platform for the 1980 election. Weyrich proposed that if the Republican Party would take a strong stand against abortion, the large Catholic voting bloc within the Democratic Party would be split. At this meeting, the term "Moral Majority" was coined to represent the ecumenical bloc of voters that would be led by the Rev. Falwell, who pledged to "turn this (country) into a Christian nation."  

The Coors family, which funds abortion and gay rights causes (having made their fortune from the manufacture and sale of beer), generously funded the Moral Majority and built the headquarters building for Paul Weyrich's organizations, the Heritage Foundation and Free Congress Foundation. During the Reagan Administration, the Heritage Foundation served as almost a shadow government with Joe Coors' Kitchen Cabinet setting up offices within the Executive Office Building. During its first year, the Reagan administration adopted fully two-thirds of the recommendations of Heritage's Mandate for Leadership: Policy Management in a Conservative Administration.  

Working with the main architects and commanding generals of the New Right was also John T. (Terry) Dolan co-founder and national chairman of the 300,000-member National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC), the largest conservative political action committee in terms of spending and influence including Jesse Helms' Congressional Club which was a client of NCPAC.  

Weyrich, Viguerie and Dolan are Catholic; Phillips is Jewish but claims to have converted to Christianity. Terry Dolan was a homosexual who died of AIDS in 1986. In his expose of the New Right, God's Bullies, Perry Deane Young set the record straight on the religious makeup of the New Right leadership:

"We are told that out of [the Fundamentalist tradition]...a new and powerful force known variously as 'the new Christian right' or 'the religious right' or 'the moral majority' has emerged. We are led to believe that these groups, or this movement, sprang naturally from the fundamentalist soil. But such is not the case. 

"A fundamentalist is generally defined as one who believes in adult baptism (that one should have a choice in the matter and be old enough to know what he is doing), in a literal interpretation of the bible, and in being 'reborn' or 'born again' through a personal experience in accepting Jesus Christ as one's personal Savior.  This definition does not begin to cover all those in the religious right.  There are Orthodox Jewish rabbis on nearly every one of these groups' boards of advisors. In most cases, the groups themselves were set up by Catholics. The idea for a Moral Majority, Inc., and the name itself came from two political operatives in Washington -- one a Jew, the other a Catholic.

"The most effective leaders of the new right are nearly all Catholics. The following are only a few of them: Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum, Terry Dolan of National Conservative Political Action Committee, Robert Boege of the National Conservative Foundation, Robert Bauman, former national chairman of both Young Americans for Freedom and American Conservative Union, and Richard A. Viguerie, whose direct-mail expertise made winners of them all." 27.

Terry Dolan was also a former member of the advisory board of CAUSA USA, whose president is Bo Hi Pak, top aide of Sun Myung Moon. In 1984, Dolan's organization, NCPAC, received $775,000 from Rev. Moon. Terry Dolan stated that the secret of fundraising is to try to "make them angry and stir up hostilities. The shriller you are, the easier it is to raise funds. That's the nature of the beast." 28.

Appeals to fear and loathing amongst Christians in order to raise funds for right-wing causes was the brainchild of Richard Viguerie, whose enterprise was rescued from near bankruptcy in 1986 with an account for distribution of the Unification Church-owned Insight magazine. In 1987, Bo Hi Pak, a former Korean military-intelligence officer and Moon's top U.S. operative, paid $10.06 million for Viguerie's office building. Also, in 1987, Viguerie became Secretary, strategist and fund-raising genius of the newly created Moon-controlled and funded American Freedom Coalition (AFC), an alliance of political conservatives and conservative religious groups and individuals. In this position, Viguerie mailed millions of letters appealing for funds to lobby aid to the Contras and promote Oliver North's testimony before Congress. 29.  



Present at the meeting in which New Right leaders founded the Moral Majority, Ed McAteer had been a sales marketing manager for Colgate-Palmolive Company. However, McAteer had retired to become director of the Christian Freedom Foundation (CFF), an organization devoted to training evangelicals for places of leadership in government. From there McAteer served as national field director of Howard Phillips' Conservative Caucus. Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, was closely allied with the CFF, which was heavily funded by Amway billionaire, Richard DeVos, who in 1975 took over the CFF. The GroupWatch file on Campus Crusade for Christ speculates that Bill Bright, formerly a fancy foods salesman who decided the gospel could be marketed in the same manner as any other product, may have an agenda other than evangelism:

". . .Bright's early connections with Third Century Publishers and the Christian Freedom Foundation . . .have led many to believe that Bright's and CCFC's goals are to bring the policies of the evangelical far right and laissez faire capitalism around the globe, including, or perhaps especially, the U.S. government. Bright himself does not come from a ministerial background, but was a businessman in food specialty and candy sales." 30.

In 1979, retired sales executive Ed McAteer founded the Religious Roundtable of 56 members who symbolized the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. The Religious Roundtable is a coalition of conservative business, military, political, and religious leaders working together to politicize those who believe in traditional values and to influence government. Weyrich, Blackwell, and Falwell were among the 56 Roundtable members and Robert Billings' son, William, was the first editor of the Roundtable Report. 31. McAteer's Religious Roundtable brought together the top leadership of the Religious Right and worked as an informational clearinghouse for large organizations such as the Christian Broadcasting Network, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Moral Majority, Christian Voice, Church League of America, National Religious Broadcasters, Campus Crusade for Christ, Plymouth Rock Foundation, the National Association of Evangelicals, Gideon Bible, Wycliffe Bible Associates, and Intercessors for America.




Ed McAteer was also a member of the board of Wycliffe Bible Associates, a lay ministry which was created to support the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators, an evangelical organization that raises funds and recruits missionaries to do the work of the Summer Institute of Linguistics. Bill Bright served on the board of the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, which was an associate group of SIL. The Summer Institute of Linguistics was established in 1936 by William Cameron Townsend as a scientific, nonsectarian organization specializing in language studies, literacy work and "other services." 32. An expose of SIL's corruption by Rockefeller money mentions Cam Townsend's role in founding the Religious Roundtable with Ed McAteer.

"In 1979, after Nelson Rockefeller had passed from living humanity into history, Cam had gathered with other members of Christian Fundamentalism to form the Religious Roundtable. . . Cam was one of those who followed McAteer into the founding meeting of the Religious Roundtable. If he had any reservations about where this would lead SIL and how it would play in Latin America . . ., Cam's base of support in the homeland and his top financial backers left him little choice. He was, at the end of his career, trapped by the Far Right Fundamentalist base on which he had built Wycliffe's success at home." 33.

In this massive volume, Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil, authors Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett present the disturbing evidence of Rockefeller's use of American missionaries, and in particular, the Summer Institute of Linguistics, who cooperated in conducting surveys, transporting CIA agents and indirectly assisting in the genocide of tribes in the Amazon basin.

"At the heart of this story are two intensely ambitious and ultimately tragic figures: Nelson Rockefeller, scion of the liberal Standard Oil family, and William Cameron Townsend, founder of the ultraconservative Wycliffe Bible Translators. Although leaders of opposing camps, both found common cause against fascism and the communism, with ironic, fateful results.  

"We see Rockefeller gathering political power and building a vast business empire in Latin America, working with the CIA, developing close friendships with famous Latin American politicians and businessmen, and increasingly advocating military dictatorships, while Townsend's missionaries are used to pacify native populations in frontiers rich in oil and rare minerals or subject to guerrilla insurgencies. Seeking to hasten the prophesied Second Coming, Townsend pursues a fanatical effort to reach every Bibleless tribe with the Word, even to the point of saving their souls by destroying their culture and allying with the dictators who oppress them.  

"Rockefeller and Townsend contributed more than any other Americans to the conquest of the Amazon that now threatens to destroy the 'lungs of the planet,' the rain forests. Their systematic campaign of colonization was a chilling foretaste of American intervention in the Third World that has become so common today we take for granted repeated forays in the name of democracy and the securing of valuable resources." 34.

Colby and Dennett also describe the vital role of Ed McAteer in bringing together wealthy liberal and conservative patrons to fund and direct the Wycliffe organization which, in the name of Christ, was assisting Nelson Rockefeller in the conquest of Latin America:

"Yet, of all the principles building the Religious Right into a cohesive political force, the most important was perhaps the least known. Edward McAteer was the Colgate-Palmolive salesman who was the real organizing force behind the politicized Fundamentalist movement. McAteer had the glib tongue of his profession, substituting Christ for soap in his market analysis. He was more than a friend to Cam Townsend; he was a major figure on the board of Wycliffe Associates, which was now a powerhouse of resources for SIL, providing it and [Jungle Aviation and Radio Services] with construction skills, money, promotion, and overnight stays for furloughed translators on fund-raising tours. In return, testimonies from returned translators, films, books, and slide shows parlayed surrogate travels around the world for suburban believers. Special trips to jungle bases allowed the more affluent faithful actually to partake in adventure for God. The sheer human energy amassed by Wycliffe Associates was impressive, but the financial core was fueled by reliable wealthy SIL backers like North Carolina's James A. Jones, one of the largest contractors for military bases in Vietnam, and oilman Nelson Bunker Hunt of Texas. 'Bunker Hunt had helped me considerably,' McAteer freely offered.

"Wycliffe Associates '500 Club' was designed to offer the richer members a way out of service through cash; $500 or more each year was all it took to get a special certificate of membership. Some gave much more. Texas's corporate leaders were prominent in helping Cam build SIL's International Linguistics Center near Dallas; the Linguistics Center's board meeting was one of those special occasions where a Rockefeller business partner like Trammel Crow could rub shoulders with an ultrarightist like Nelson Bunker Hunt. But they were the old core of supporters. The real power in Wycliffe Associates was its thousands of newer members, spreading the influence of SIL across the country, and the influence of Wycliffe Associates in Cam's organization." 35.

As Ed McAteer's applied his advertising and public relations skills to finance the Summer Institute of Linguistics, these techniques would serve him well in organizing a base of support for the election of Ronald Reagan:

"Promoting and leading this base of support into politics was McAteer's forte. During the Carter administration, his name began to appear among New Right circles in Washington, D.C., connected with North Carolina's Senator Jesse Helms. It was McAteer who brought Jerry Falwell into this crowd, helping Falwell build the Moral Majority. Then, in 1979, McAteer organized the Religious Roundtable. Well funded, McAteer pulled together many of the Fundamentalists leaders of the nation to back the candidacy of Ronald Reagan. 36.



Nelson Bunker Hunt and Bill Bright were boardmembers of the SIL associate, International Linguistics Center in Dallas, in which board meetings "a Rockefeller business partner like Trammel Crow could rub shoulders with an ultrarightist like Nelson Bunker Hunt." Bunker Hunt was/is also a trustee of ILC, a board member and leading financier of the John Birch Society, a major supporter of the Campus Crusade for Christ and third president of the Council for National Policy.  

The board of directors and early membership of Ed McAteer's Religious Roundtable reads like Who's Who in the future Council for National Policy. 37. In 1981, the CNP was founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization by Tim LaHaye of the Religious Roundtable, who was also the first CNP president, with funding from Nelson Bunker Hunt who served as third CNP president from 1983-84. Bunker Hunt was also among several principals of the Western Goals Foundation, the domestic surveillance arm of the John Birch Society, who also served on the newly-formed CNP Board of Governors.  

In 1972, the JBS promoted the book, None Dare Call It Treason by John Stormer, which identified the Council on Foreign Relations as a pro-Communist Rockefeller-funded Trojan Horse on American soil. The Council for National Policy was formed ostensibly to be the conservative alternative to the Council on Foreign Relations and John Stormer is currently a member.  

Since its inception, CNP membership directories have been 'confidential,' CNP meetings are closed to the public and media and the very existence of the Council for National Policy is denied by high profile Evangelical leaders who publicly clamour for conservative policies in government. Responding to an inquiry by researcher K.E. Barr regarding the nature of the CNP and the reason that meetings are closed even to Christian media, a vice president of Focus on the Family presented the confused image of a Christian organization that is not involved in policy-making [only education] and yet cannot risk media exposure:

"[Paul] Hetrick repeatedly described the organization as a 'meeting of like-minded people.' He claimed that the CNP is a group of conservatives concerned about the direction of the country, who felt the need for an organization to counter the liberal agenda. He told me the network of leaders across the country meet two to three times a year to discuss issues involving '1) free enterprise, 2.) defense, and 3.) traditional western values.'

"In response to being asked how the CNP implements their policies, he said the title of the group may be misleading, and doesn't properly describe their activities. He claimed that they don't actually develop policies. They are, according to Hetrick, 'strictly educational' in nature. Regarding the secrecy of their organization's purpose and membership, he stated that the only reason Christian media is not allowed in their meetings is that: 'you can never tell if they are really Christians or not." 38.

Early CNP membership directories were obtained by enterprising researchers, however, and these revealed that the early leadership of the CNP was, in fact, also represented in the Council on Foreign Relations -- the very organization of globalists to which the CNP was to be the conservative alternative! On the first CNP Governing Board there were no less than three, and possibly more, members of the CFR: George F. Gilder - CNP Board of Governors (1982) ; Dr. Edward Teller - CNP Board of Governors (1982); and Guy Vander Jagt - CNP Board of Governors (1982). 39.  

Robert Waring Stoddard who also served on the 1982 CNP Board of Governors was affiliated with the CFR through his Boston newspaper. 40. Although we lack confirmation of this, Ron Miller, author of Distant Drums, stated that "sources in high places" have identified Jesse Helms, who served on the original CNP Board of Governors, as a CFR member in 1972. 41. Later CNP directories list CFR members J. Peter Grace (CNP, 1984-85; 1988) and Arnaud deBorchgrave (CNP, 1988).  

The 1984-85 membership directories advertised the CNP Board of Governors quarterly meetings at the following world class resort hotels: The Breakers [Palm Beach, FL], Marriott Rancho Las Palmas Resort [Palm Springs, CA], Camelback Inn Marriott Resort [Scotsdale, AZ], The Broadmoor Hotel & Resort [Colorado Springs], The Homestead [Hot Springs, VA], Le Bonaventure Hilton [Montreal], Colonial Williamsburg [Williamsburg, VA], The Westin [Dallas]. 42.  

After CNP membership directories were obtained by researchers and copied for distribution to Christians who support CNP organizations, venues of future meetings were not included in their directories. However, researchers were made privy to a 1998 CNP meeting that was held at the luxury Ritz-Carleton Tysons Corner hotel in McLean, Virginia. [See IFAS: News Reports for information on this meeting.] 43.  

Profiles of other prominent CNP officers and members reveal a shocking number of CFR connections, such as the aforementioned William Rusher who was editor of CFR member William F. Buckley's National Review. Even so, these revelations should not be surprising since the CNP was an extension of the John Birch Society whose early leadership consisted of members either directly or indirectly associated with the CFR. In 1976, The Belmont Brotherhood 44., an expose published by former JBS officers, identified the following glaring conflicts of interest:

   •  William Grede - Founding JBS Council Member and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Council was also director of the CFR-created and controlled 7th Federal Reserve Bank.

   •  William Benton McMillan - First Life Member of the JBS was also a member of the St. Louis Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations

   •  Robert Waring Stoddard - JBS Council Member and Chairman of the Board of the Worcester Telegram and Gazette whose editors belonged to the local Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations. Stoddard was also on the Board of Directors of the National Center for Privatization.

   •  J. Nelson Shepherd - JBS Council Member and a member of the Newcomen Society, whose president Charles Penrose, Jr. was also a member of the Pilgrim Society and the English-Speaking Union, whose elite membership -- Paul Warburg, J. P. Morgan, John W. Davis, Bernard Baruch, Otto Kahn, Jacob Schiff, and John D. Rockefeller, to name a few -- founded and financed the Council on Foreign Relations. 45.

   •  Spruille Braden - JBS Council Member and a resident member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a director of the W. Averell Harriman Securities Corporation, and an advisor to Paul Warburg, a principal architect of the Federal Reserve System.

   •  Louis Ruthenberg - JBS Council Member and Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

   •  Cola Godden Parker - JBS Council Member and a member of the Newcomen Society, whose president, Charles Penrose, Jr., belonged to the Pilgrim Society and the English-Speaking Union.

   •  Martin J. Condon, III - JBS non-Council member who was on the Editorial Advisory Committee of American Opinion magazine and also a member of the Newcomen Society.

   •  Charles Edison - JBS non-Council member who served on the Editorial Advisory Committee of American Opinion and was a member of the Pilgrim-connected Newcomen Society.

Additionally, the youth organization of the John Birch Society, Young Americans for Freedom [YAF], was founded by William F. Buckley, who is also a Skull & Bonesman and Knight of Malta. Various JBS and CNP members have been involved with YAF, including Lynn Bouchey, Connaught Marshner and William Rusher. 46. Howard Phillips, head of the U.S. Taxpayers Party (U.S.T.P.) and The Conservative Caucus (TCC) appointed many YAF members while acting director of the Office of Economic Opportunity under Richard Nixon. 47. Richard Viguerie, who with Weyrich, Phillips, Blackwell, Falwell and McAteer founded the Moral Majority, was the Executive Secretary of YAF from 1961-64. 48.  

Besides CFR and Religious Roundtable members, the upper echelon of the Council for National Policy were basically refugees from the defunct Western Goals Foundation, the domestic surveillance outfit of the John Birch Society which included high-ranking members of the fascist World Anti-Communist League, Knights of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon and Freemasonry. 49. There is some overlapping of Western Goals operatives who formed the early CNP Governing Board who were also CFR and/or Religious Roundtable members:

   •  John Singlaub [CNP Board of Governors 1982-83]. Member of national policy board of the American Freedom Coalition [AFC], a front for Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church.

   •  Daniel O. Graham [CNP Board of Governors 1982-83]. Member of national policy board of AFC.

   •  Mildred Faye Jefferson [CNP Board of Governors 1982-83]. Member of national policy board of AFC.

   •  Sherman Unkefer [CNP Board of Governors 1982-83]. Served as an adviser to Chile's regime under Augusto Pinochet and reportedly worked closely with Chile's secret police organization, DINA.

   •  Hans Sennholz [CNP Board of Governors 1982-83]. A decorated pilot in the Luftwaffe, Adolf Hitler's elite air corps.

   •  Robert Stoddard [CNP Board of Governors 1982-83]. Listed in The Belmont Brotherhood, as Chairman of the Board of the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, whose editors belonged to the local Committee of the CFR. Board of Directors of Willard Garvey's National Center for Privatization.

   •  Larry McDonald [CNP Board of Governors 1982-83]. President of the John Birch Society; Chairman of the Board of Directors of Western Goals Foundation, and served on the Congressional Board of Christian Voice, a front for the Unification Church.

   •  Nelson Bunker Hunt [CNP President 1982-83, Executive Committee 1984-85, 1988]. Knight of the Order of Malta. Member of a racial eugenics organization, the International Association for the Advancement of Eugenics and Ethnology, that was headquartered in Scotland. IAAEE was established in the U.S. by Lord Malcolm Douglas, a member of the British Cliveden Set which supported Hitler during World War II.

   •  Oliver North [CNP Governing Board 1984-85] Formed the Military Assistance Group-Special Operations Group (MAG-SOG), a political murder unit, and participated in Operation Phoenix which killed about 100,000 civilians in Southeast Asia. North received aid from the Unification Church and Knights of Malta for Contra operations in Latin America.

   •  Howard Phillips [CNP Executive Committee 1984-85, 1988] Director of The Conservative Caucus, served on advisory board of the United States Council for World Freedom (USCWF) of the World Anti-Communist League, a multinational network of Nazi war criminals, Latin American death squad leaders and North American neo-fascists. Conservative Caucus board member and funder, Richard Shoff, is a former Grand Kilgrapp of the Indiana Ku Klux Klan.

   •  Major F. Andy Messing, Jr. USAR (Ret.). Former chairman of The Conservative Caucus; Board of USWCF; Director of the National Defense Council Foundation. Collaborated with Linda Guell of CAUSA (a political arm of the Unification Church) and its head, Bo Hi Pak. to provide funds for Oliver North's operation in Latin America.

   •  J. Peter Grace [CNP Board of Governors 1986] Council on Foreign Relations; Head of Order of Knights of Malta in the U.S.; Chairman of W.R. Grace Co which focuses its business activities in Latin America and assisted the Contra operation in Latin America.

   •  William E. Simon [CFR; Knight of Malta]. Secretary of the Treasury under Richard Nixon; Chairman of the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund (NFF), a fundraising organization set up in l985 by the Washington Times, a newspaper owned by the Unification Church. Trustee of the Heritage Foundation. According to Sidney Blumenthal, Simon is or was a member of the CNP. [IRC: Americares]

   •  Frank Shakespeare, [Knight of Malta]. Council U.S. Information Agency director and director of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, a Nazi front established by Hitler's espionage officer, Reinhard Gehlen. Trustee of the Heritage Foundation.

   •  Dr. Edward Teller [CNP Board of Governors 1982] Council on Foreign Relations. Hungarian-born American physicist who became the architect of the hydrogen bomb. During World War II he was a member of the Manhattan Project for the development of the atomic bomb. Teller was a member of the Citizens Legal Defense Fund for the FBI, Ad Hoc, and advisor to the Western Goals Foundation.

It is significant that Nelson Bunker Hunt, the founder and main funder of the Wycliffe Bible Associates and Council for National Policy, like many founding CNP members, is a Knight of the Order of Malta. According to Russ Bellant, "Although it poses as a Catholic organization, the Order of St. John of Jerusalem is a Masonic group that claims to be the real Knights of Malta. It's Grand Master for fifty years until his death several years ago was Charles Pichel, and adviser . . .to Hitler aide Ernst Hanfstaengl." 50.  

Occupying a position in McAteer's Religious Roundtable, 33º Mason Jesse Helms was also a key figure in founding the CNP. With his top aide, attorney Tom Ellis, Helms had put together a national political machine that was unprecedented for the ultra-right. Tom Ellis -- who directed the agency which funded racial science for the purpose of eliminating inferior races -- was president of the CNP after Tim LaHaye.

"Tom Ellis was former director of the Pioneer Fund, a foundation which finances efforts to prove that African-Americans are genetically inferior to whites. Recipients of Pioneer grants have included William Shockley, Arthur Jensen and Roger Pearson, who has written that 'inferior races' should be 'exterminated.' All three and others were funded during Ellis' directorship on the Pioneer board. Yet Ellis served on the CNP's thirteen-member executive committee with Holly Coors, Paul Weyrich, and Heritage Foundation president, Edwin Feulner until June 1989. Oliver North and Reed Larson recently joined the executive committee." 51.

With the help of the Viguerie Company, Helms and Ellis' organization, the Congressional Club, funded candidates and solicited support on favorite issues through direct-mail campaigns. Helms' popularity increased during the Reagan era, when ideological conservatism experienced a resurgence at the same time traditional values of fundamental Christians were under siege.

"The National Congressional Club is Jesse Helms' PAC based in Raleigh and directed by Helms' senior advisor, attorney Tom Ellis. The Congressional Club began after the 1972 Senate campaign, when Ellis retained Richard Viguerie to help pay off the Helms campaign debt. Ellis and Viguerie built the Congressional Club mailing list to more than 300,000 regular contributors -- a constituency for Helms and a major financial resource within the conservative movement. . .Helms has used his political organization to build connections with New Right and conservative political activists. Besides Viguerie, Phillips, and Dolan connections, Helms is actively represented in Weyrich's coordinating groups. Helms is the chief legislative strategist for the conservative social agenda. . .Helms also occupies a central position in the religious right as a member of the Religious Roundtable, a lay preacher, and a former radio and television evangelist." 52.




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*Author's note: I am indebted to David Harris for allowing me to use a portion of his 1993 newsletter on the Council for National Policy as an introduction to the following report. David's report, which was published in the New Age Adversary Bulletin (October 1993), provided valuable information on the Willard Garvey Center for the Improvement for Human Functioning. Willard Garvey, a member of the highly secretive Council for National Policy, also founded another organization which is mentioned in this report -- The National Center for Privatization. I have added to David Harris' work information on the National Center for Privatization and the Council for National Policy. Mr. Harris' 1993 report also contained a list of members from the 1988 and 1993 CNP directories. Updating this list has resulted in an extensive database of past and present CNP officers and prominent members. ~ Barbara Aho

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