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Missionaries as Drug Dealers

The Amazing Connections In Northern Thailand, Burma and Laos

While the Akha community languishes and is ground to ashes in a crossfire of poverty, drug raids, police, army, rice land confiscations by forestry, extortion, beatings, murders, assasinations and lengthly prison sentences, the missionaries who will never raise their voice publically about these events, stand by so eager to grab up their children as "unkept" or "discarded".

These very same missionaries may have long term and substantial connections to the drug trade itself. And their well funded multimillion dollars in financing just keep rolling on and on and on.

Where does all the money come from?

Well, we are sure some of it comes from drugs.

Just What Do They Want Us To Believe?

They Call It "Operation Dawn" shh....maybe they used to call it operation Air America?

The bigger drug dealers continue the end game policies by turning their land over to their wardens, to process the tennants a little longer, while they take a leave of abscence on drug charges and run away a little deeper into Burma.

The picture above is such an establishement. When you go up the driveway you see crosses everywhere and no smoking signs from those people who export so much tobacco around the world from the Bible belt. Some kind of in house conflict I suppose. And maybe the crosses are to remind people that everything is mixed up, not straight, and that there are a lot of dead result of the mix up.

Up at the top of the compound, you get the biggest bonanza of bible verses painted and hung everywhere like you could sniff it for a high.

And then there is this huge painting there of The Man. I asked who it was because it was so ironic, and the painting was big and like someone who wanted to be looked up to, more like someone wanted you to look up to the painting, painted more in the style of those Jesus paintings before he dies, but here they had pulled Jesus out and put in this standing soldier, Khun Sah, the same background.

Oh, he's the guy who made this all possible, he cares deeply about people, he donated his land, this land for a drug rehabilitation center, he doesn't want people to use drugs.

Maybe putting him on the Jesus canvas was part about all the lies they tell about Jesus and what he pays for, why he takes people's children and all else, I don't know, but finally they told me their saint's name, Khun Sa.

Operation Dawn project trucks run around the hills, ministers for Jesus, telling the Akha, who the KMT and the rest of the chinese hordes have rode hard for a good century, that they are here to bring them the good news, and take their land for tea, yep, Jesus made us do it, least the guy on his canvas, there is a resemblance don't you think? Should he be carrying a cross? You know life isn't easy for Khun Sa.

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