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Missionaries and the Akha

This site is about what the predominantly American Missions are doing to the Akha people in a battle of conquest for village ownership throughout the mountains of Thailand's Chiangrai Province. This is a battle for scores of Akha villages, not just one or two, but to dominate them, to force by pressure the total elimination of their culture in Thailand.

With the elimination of culture comes the elimination of language, of knowledge, of diversity, and of a people ultimately. That is why we call it genocide. What little the Akha have, their culture, the missions are dismantling and taking away.

We condemn these missions, because we have asked them to modify their actions, to consider these poor people, but they will not. They are blinded and addicted to the money the status quo brings them. They are chiefly racist to the core. It is this arrogance and racism which will not allow them to see the Akha as their equal. As they are.... as Akha. Not American, not Chinese Baptist, not Thai ... just Akha.

And God knows, if there is one thing Catholics and Protestants can't stand, it is anyone who is different than they. For all their talk of religious freedom.

For themselves only of course.

This is a country of religious tolerance. The Thai religious people tolerate the Akha, allow them to keep their own beliefs. The Christian missionaries do not. The Christian Missionaries are in violation of Thai Law. They have violated the trust, have lost their chance, their time in history is over.

In a sworn Code Of Silence among the offenders, it has been going on for more than 40 years. The Catholics Started in the late 1917 era and have continued to this day followed by the Protestant "willy nilly" system of a score of missions and missionaries, all different angles, but always the Akha are the money bait and always the Akha are needed, and always the Akha must abandon their culture.

Least that is what we figure, since for some odd odd reason that is how it always turns out, which the missionaries seem to be at a loss to explain.

While The Pope is busy apologizing for destroying the culture of Tribal Peoples in Arrogance, the church plunges on!

Where is the mission concern for the last group, the American Indians? Didn't they get enough? Apparently not! This is not a battle of liberation, but of control.

One doesn't have to be in Thailand long to know that the Hill Tribe are looked down on, are scorned, are given no rights that you would want to have to depend on in a crunch.

The Akha are stopped at every police road block, they are given poor medical care, medicine with no explanations as to what it is and what it will do. They are not allowed to travel out of their districts except for the lucky few who hold national Thai ID cards.

If you want to wait for the UN to help, guess again!

And there are relatively no NGO's looking out for their rights in North Thailand short of using them to raise money for compounds, rigs and the good life. In this environment the missions work. The missions are predominantly protestant Evangelical from the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Taiwan, Korea and a few other countries.

What ever their denials to the contrary, the missions condemn the Akha traditional way of life, introduce and push the "individual" over the "community", break the parent to child link of transmission of the culture and language while either forbidding or seriously discouraging all that it takes to preserve and promote one's own culture. They don't do this in their own back yard, they come to Thailand to build their campaigns and do it on the backs of the captive audience, the Akha.

Requests for privacy and to not be invaded on the part of headmen of Akha villages are ignored.

The missionaries are a law unto themselves, and as they get bloated and fat off their long term visas and budgets, adding yet this building and that building, the Akha see little improvements to their own rights.

The missionaries don't worry, because they either are foreign passport holders or soon will be by marrying to a foreigner at the mission. The latter we call the "Akha Elite". They are the traitors and stooleys for the missions, pressuring their own people to convert for financial reward of the good life from the missions in helping them attain their conversion and church placement goals. They no longer live in the villages, drive nice cars, "run the ops" and play lots of golf.

The investment in the mission homes and compounds set up to benefit the Akha is in the millions of US $'s!

Just about none of it reaches the villages or is made available for self determination on part of traditional Akha. At best "convert and we will help you" is the standard line.

The most dangerous element of this process is that the missions must grow to justify themselves and their ever increasingly bloated budgets. They claim they are under the great commission to share the gospel, and this must go forward. What must go forward is their budgets. And this presents the biggest problem to the traditional Akha because in order for the missions to innocently meet their goals they must continue to "convert" village after village. This is not an Akha idea. Matter of fact in locations where the Akha are wealthiest they don't want anything to do with the missions. Missions prosper where there are the least human rights and where the people are under the greatest duress.

Be it Catholic or Protestant the litany of excuses for the Akha "wanting" to give up their culture is always the same.

"The Head dresses are heavy"

"The dresses are immodest and short" (never been to an evangelical church full of spandex?)

"They always have to kill chickens" (What do the missionaries eat, rats?)

"They condone free sex" (well, probably a whole lot less than the average baptist youth group)

Always the smear and put down to justify what it is they are doing.

One has yet to meet an informed, honest and intelligent missionary. Notably they are from the lilly white segment of mid America. They are right, by God!

Rubbish. Rubbish we say, the missions are exploiting them for their own organizational and personal agendas, to keep themselves well fed and out of hell if nothing else, it is God and Glory.

In this day, when the Pope himself is apologizing for the sins of the church against Jews and Tribal peoples, the missions on the ground are silent and the Protestants say nothing at all.

This ongoing campaign of years comes at a time when these very missions claim the village "is finished" and like merciless vultures wait for the Akha to continue their attrition from the villages as the government takes more and more of their rice growing land and the Akha are pressured out of the mountains. This mentality, instead of direct assistance to prop up the villages, shows the true racist agendas of these white based and white dominated Christian mission organizations.

Fully aware of the record of past missionaries in dealings with indigenous peoples around the world, the missionaries of Northern Thailand, mostly foreigners, many from the United States, lay siege to village after traditional Akha village, forcing these humble people into their camp.

This web site is committed to exposing these practices, the peoples and missions involved, the huge amount of moneys consumed, and the persistent intent to wipe out the Akha race and every trace of their culture.

This is no secret.

These organizations nor their parents organizations can not show one way in which they are ACTIVELY protecting Akha Traditional Culture. Here in Thailand they try to confuse their sound, talking now about "the culture". Once again this is lying rubbish and they know it, but would appear that you have to be a Liar to be an Evangelical Christian. Helps anyway.

Many projects now rely on "Saving The Akha" from the flesh trade to boost their programs.

While a shortage of women for marriage is being encountered in the village, many organizations are pulling an increasing number of women out of the villages, as children, from ten years old, or as teenagers. Thousands, and this is no exaggeration, of children, spread over a host of rich organizations and compounds in the Chiangrai area serve as the bait for ongoing program funding, while the villages continue to suffer, the real problems never addressed, or solely blamed on the Akha. The worries about prostitution are endless reason for gaining children and money, but little is said about changing the problems in that make for these situations in the villages, like human rights, human rights that the center operators have, gathering a few children and women here and there while the conditions go on that produce many more problems and while the actual pulling of the children from the villages further weakens the villages, much to the glee of some of the people in power.

These Are The Missions That Are Actively Engaged In The TOTAL Destruction Of Akha Traditional Culture:

American Baptists
Korean Presbyterians
Taiwanese Baptists
Maesai Baptist Church
Huai Krai Missions
The Catholics
The Pentecostals
House of Grace
And a host of others.

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