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The Infiltration of Missions in Thailand

"They are not laughing now!"

Using secret cameras and video we go into mission after mission and they spill their guts about greed, competition, sex abuse and rape of Akha boys and girls, and appetites that are uncontrolled, all the while calling the Akha 'evil'. The disparity of wealth and poverty, the poor Akha, the massively wealthy few, we display here, these buildings are not cheap, they cost vast sums, as does the land, the trucks, the perks.

What you can do is write the Thai government, write your US congress person, your person from parliament and protest what is being done to the Ahka in Thailand. Once again, the chief players selling out the Akha are Luka, Yot, Ajay, Yohan, Ajew, Ah Sauh to name a few.

Afect is the ONLY organization we know that stands up for Akha culture in the Chiangrai area. Plenty of others, mostly foreigners, live the good life, get a lot of grant money, pretending they do something to help the Akha. These people don't stand up for Akha human rights because what they are deep into could not happen if the Akha had human rights protection. And of course they just MIGHT loose their visa and their HOE.

Paul and Lori work for Ajay and Akha Outreach in Chiangrai. They were recently involved in the elimination of Akha traditional culture in a village in Maesalong - June 2005.

Paul and Lori wrote us that they do not like the picture we took of them that we put on our website here reporting about what they do and advertising their work and website for free.

We think that is rather stingy of them, since they don't mind that they can destroy Akha culture in Thailand to make Ajay wealthy, so he can afford to buy land and then sell it to the Akha who don't have much money so that he can get richer.

Donors don't give money to make people rich or be Lords of the Poor. Nobody knows what Ajay is doing, how rich they all become, with his American wife Nancy, with help from people like Paul and Lori to go out and destroy the culture in the village. Three months ago the swing and gate were there, essential parts of any Akha village, but now they are gone. The Akha at the village where Paul and Lori stay say that Ajay destroyed the gate and swing. But Ajay and Yot his brother, who runs Dapa, say in public that the Akha swing is very important to the Akha village.

Publications in Thailand such as on Thai Airways, always honor the Akha Swing Festival, but there can be no Swing Festival in this village now because of what Paul and Lori have done. We think it is important to let the world know what these missionaries do to the Ahka hidden from view. Who else is reporting this, Paul and Lori? We don't think so.

This is all the Devil's seed from Paul Lewis, who sterilized the Akha woman, still going on like a cancer in the region.

Paul and Lori think a lot about their work and their rights, but they don't think anything about the rights of the Akha people. Why did villagers tell us that they can not talk about what these missionaries are doing there or they will "get hit"? Villagers are threatened with abuse and violence, just what are Paul and Lori doing there? They send out newsletters that make their donors think they are saving the Akha, but really they are destroying the Akha.

Write Paul and Lori and tell them what you think. Remember, they don't want anyone to see their website, what they are doing and who is doing it with them.

The issue is, that these wealthy by comparison people are coming to Thailand to shove the Akha around who have little to no rights.

These few missionary Akha who work for the large western missions make a very good living selling out their own people.

Paul Lewis sponsored Ajay and Yot, and they have done very well for themselves.

The village shown has no gate and no swing any more. We doubt that the Tourism Authority of Thailand know about this. But the school yard and the dapa sign both have a fake swing. You don't just put Akha swings anywhere, and you don't just use them anytime. But of course, how will anyone know this if they are never told the truth about Akha culture?

When Yot says Christian culture is better than Akha culture, he means possible that it pays HIM much better. That we don't doubt. And how about the ladies from Pah Meeh Akha?

Stand Up For Akha Human Rights - Freedom From Missionaries!

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