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The Maesai Incident - Maesai Baptist Church

In Northern Thailand a War of Racial and Cultural Genocide Is Being Waged Against The Akha People

The Maesai Incident In March of 1999 three teachers and ten students flew from Denmark to Thailand to assist in the building of a school at Hua Mae Kom village, northwest of Haen Taek in Chiangrai Province, a traditional Akha village at that time.

I had worked with this village for seven years. It was stoutly traditional Akha though it lacked some elders and part of an adjoinging village had left to the Huai Krai area.

The lower part of Hua Mae Kom had been converted to Protestant by a group related to the American Baptists, a particularly Racist and unsavory group which opperated Akha Christian Training and Development and Agriculture Project for Akha, a front for more evangelization in the villages against Akha Traditional Culture.

The students and teachers stayed at the headman's house in Hua Mae Kom Akha village, and ordered the construction material for the village, some $600 worth of lumber.

The lumber was trucked from Mae Chan some 60 kilometers away, twisting mountain roads.

Construction was planned for that next day.

But on that evening, two young men, seminary students, from the Maesai Baptist Church Seminary in Maesai, Chiangrai, Thailand, came into the village and specifically told the Akha in the village in front of us, that this was going to be a "christian village area" and "don't build", that they would request the Lisaw regional headman to not allow the construction. They were also Lisaw, not Akha.

If the project was disputed, for whatever reason, the villagers knew that once it was appealed to the regional head man it would have to be heard out, so concerned with this new development, they asked that the school not be built now.

Since the group from Holland could not extend their time for this matter to be resolved they would not be able to do the construction as planned.

The boards were left at the headman's house in the village at Hua Mae Kom.

The following day the entire group left for Maesai and went directly to Maesai Baptist Church to inquire as to what right the church had to interfere with a project that was costing close to $10,000 US so far?

The Maesai Baptist Church denied that the incident was caused by their people, these men were not from their church. However, while we were talking, the two offenders walked out of the seminary.

At this point the entire group claimed they could not speak english. If we had a problem we should go and talk to the Maesai Police.

We did and returned with the Maesai Police at which point all of the people, the head of the seminary included, could suddenly speak fluent english. (Liars?)

The Teachers from Denmark asked that the Maesai Baptist Church compensate them for their loss, at least that of the cost of the lumber.

Of course they would not.

The police did inform them they could not interfere with others projects.

The Maesai Baptist Church continued with the plans for the pushed conversion of Hua Mae Kom village, against the will of the headman, taking over house by house till only the headman was left and finally the entire village was converted. Mysteriously, shortly after that a large addition was made to the headman's house and grounds.

The traditional Nyeeh Pah in the village, Meeh Shuuh, said that she could no longer practice healing as she had done for 26 years because the new converts forbid her to.

Immediately the church began removing young women from the village for indoctrination.

The lumber was removed from Hua Mae Kom village and the school was built in Pah Nmm Akha Village instead.

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