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Bangkok Maitrichit Chinese Baptist Church Denies Destruction of Akha Culture

Maitrichit Chinese Baptist Church
591  Mitrichit Road, Pornprab
Bangkok 10100,  Thailand

Working group on Legal Anthropology
Dr. Rene Kuppe
Wien, Austria 

March 4, 1999

Dear Dr. Rene

Re: Practice of Baptist Church in Akha Village

Thank your fax March 3, 1999. We are shock to hear from you. We are an old established church in this country, we are concerned as you do in prevent destruction of the cultures of ethnic minorities of any tribe.

Our mission outreach has worked among many groups. But no such action ever heard. We will be glad to help in investigate if you will give specific place, time, name and how such events happened; or any local connection in Thailand  we can reached.

Dear Dr. Rene, please bear in mind that our church is ready to help to stop such acts. This is the reason we respond your fax immediately, even we never have such idea in mind.

God be with you,

J. Kinghirunwatana
Chairperson of the Mission Board

Suvimon Kongkangwanchoke
Senior pastor

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