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The Mission Watch Network

This Page Is For Identifying What The Missions Do That Is Destroying The Culture Of Indigenous People And How They Can Be Stopped!

Action Points:
1. Identify the Missions, workers, vehicles 2. Identify the community that they are working with
3. Identify all the missions working with this community or adjacent to this community
4. Identify home country of mission, and local lay workers, head offices
5. Identify projects, building efforts, and particularly targeted communities
6. Identify what actions that the missions take which do damage to the community of concern
7. Save all emails and correspondence
8. Make enquiries both of local and national offices incountry and at home country
9. Send other people to make enquiries
10. Photograph buildings and compounds which demonstrate the wasteful use of funds which could have been used to serve the impoverished community they claim to serve.
11. Talk to people who have or are working closely with the missions and can tell you what is going on
12. If mission policy is damaging or removing the indipendence and autonomy of the indigenous people then seek to raise awareness in that indigenous community and start a publicity campaign.
13. Keep updates in an email journal distributed to interested parties.
14. Post pictures and data to a website, explain the data, what its significance is.
15. Be as accurate as possible, do not present guesses or assumptions as evidence of what is going on.

In Many Cases:

In many cases the mission agenda is to control the people, get them as church members, convert them to a new and different religion which has many imported cultural differences and assumptions as well.

Predominantly missions are white race based. Mission often require people of a different culture to abandon their culture in exchange for help.

They will receive help if they agree to conversion in most cases. The poorest people are picked on, and in a village that is not willing to convert the poorest people in that village, or the people at odds with the leadership, no matter the reason, are picked in a simple age old "divide and conquer" mentality.

In most cases, the missionaries will insist they do some good so that they are ok to also destroy the culture of the people they are working with. Of course they don't see it as destroying the culture, how can you destroy a culture so inferior to your own, it must already be destroyed? No?

Missionaries are not open much to discussion so it is a much better use of time to just offer the indigenous community alternatives while at the same time mounting a publicity campaign against the missions such that they find them increasingly exposed and unwelcome as the religious predators that they are of the poor. Lords of the Poor.



Mission in Papua : Talking about the mission has brought the "Bible", and told us about the way to heaven and enternal lifes, its can take billion of pages.The mission today in west papua they lost their vision, they lost what the Bible has told " Go there and living among them" but now is "Go there and living among the missionaries with beautiful fancy house + big yard withouth paying a tax, barbwire fances,security post, nice cars etc... I have said absoulutly they have lost their vision, they have to returned home adjust their brain and learn more about human care and human rigth. Mission in papua are not differece with Indonesian army, they are absolutly a real colony. I think also they are also some kind of tools from their home nations to wish a dollars . My parents said early missionaries was good but now is selfish. may be true , because still differece between black and white. They work as preacher, teacher in mission school,pilot,mechanic mission company,docter,nurse,carpenteer, translator. Some mission have been here 40 year, but some are new. They works with the tribe like lani, yali,nduga,damal,walak,amungme,this is all from highland of Papua, in low land there are view tribe who had outside contacted more early.

15 kinds of mission orgs, they from America,Korean,Australian,Ducth,German,Canadian,Indonesian,singapore.

Catholic are working in south cost area and Protestan work in west area, but there are some catholic also in Protestan area, and protsetan in catholic area. They have been in papua for long time but they never trainne Papuans as Pilots,Mechanic,Doctors. They said Mission only can teach us to be a pastor, traslator and only nurse, Missionaries said if Papuan person get good education and Papuan person will become very rebels person. So until today they still think we are stupid people in the world that why we are talking about FREEDOM. Free from Indonesian and any kind of mission statement, mission Philosophy, rule and institution.

I think it enough for a moment.


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