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The US Drug War Against the Akha People

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Four alternative pages to the drug war, pics and explanations.

International Narcotics Control Strategy Report US State Department, 2008

Blood Bath in Thailand Feared
Bloodbath Feared

Thai Border Patrol Police and Torture
Thai Torture

An article in the New York times from April 8, 2003.
A Wave of Drug Killings Is Linked to Thai Police

Thailand starts second drug war April 2, 2008
ICID Independent Committee for the Investigation, Study and Analysis of the Formulation and Implementation of Narcotic suppression Policy (ICID)
This Thai report discusses the drug war of 2003 and the possible "crimes against humanity" implications.

Important Notes
Important Quote from Vienna:
"On to the CND itself UNODC Director Antonio Maria Costa noted the successes of international drug control (in his opening address) in limiting deaths associated with illicit drugs... He urged European governments to increase pressure to reduce demand for drugs, and warned that societies have the drug problems they deserve...he had also said this at a high level drug policy meeting in early February, and I was shocked by the brutality of this comment."

There are a number of Government structures in the Drug War that are very important to recognize.
Internationally at the UN level there is the triad: CND Commission on Narcotic Drugs
The International Narcotic Control Board (INCB)Professor Hamid Ghodse
The UN Office of Drugs and Crime UNODC (As in crimes against humanity?)

This list is not complete. There are many more articles on this site related to the US Drug War against the Akha in Thailand and in Laos. To find them, search for "Drug War" on this site using the provided search box.
There are also many documents in other sections.
Akha in Laos - Docs
Army Reports
Police Reports
Human Rights
Cases filed with the UN, shown in the UN links etc. 1503 Part 1 - 1503 Part 2

We believe that the US Drug War is a war against the Akha and people of non white races in general. The US Drug War is most often sponsored by people who claim to be "pro-life" like "chritians" in America. The US Drug War has its greatest effect on poor people such as the Akha, or those in Bolivia, Colombia, and the minority peoples in the US such as Hispanics and Blacks. In the US the Drug War is used to disenfranchise the black voters.

In places like Laos, noteable names come to the forefront. David J. Wise NAS (DEA), Antonio Maria Costa, head of the UNODC, Halvor Kolshus of Norway who was a strident supporter of criminalization and promoted the reintroduction of the death penalty for drug offenses. His policies increased starvation and disease for the Akha.

The US Drug War in Laos paid for opium eradication when there was no replacement source of income in place. (This is ironic considering US involvement in the drug trade in Laos during the Vietnam war.) The US Drug War policy also looked the other way regarding the results of a ban on swidden agriculture (we are reminded of Solzhenitsyn)and forced relocations which caused the Akha to be moved into malaria ridden areas where there was no land. The result was further starvation and disease resulting in death for untold numbers of Akha.

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