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David J. Wise Laos

2004 Press Releases
Embassy Narcotics Officers Visit Lao-American Project in Phongsali Province (Nov. 20, 2004)

Narcotics Affairs Section Director David J. Wise meets villagers.

Narcotic Affairs Section Director David J. Wise and General Services Officer Erin A. Sawyer from U.S. Embassy Vientiane visited the Lao-American Project, Phongsali Province November 16 – 20. The embassy officers observed ongoing alternative development activities in several project villages.

At Muchinampok, tea is doing well and has found a ready market in Vientiane. The embassy team also held discussions with recovering opium addicts who described the difficulties of the detoxification process. Despite these difficulties, the recovering addicts appear determined to stay away from opium.

At Muchigow village, embassy officers observed a womens’ handicraft project. A highlight of the trip was NAS director’s dedication of the LAP-financed primary and secondary schools at Sampanxai town.

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