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The Cobra Gold Almost Happened in Chiangrai Province in 2001

Cobra Gold 2001 almost happened in Chiangrai Province
The Cobra Gold 2001 ops were moved from Chiangrai province.
Here would have been the problems.
Cobra Gold 2001
Every year there is a Cobra Gold excercise in Thailand.
Slated for May 15-29 in Chiangrai Province Thailand
11,000 Soldiers - 5,000 of them US.

This further militarization of the border areas where the Akha hill tribe lack basic human rights is another example of the contradictory policies of the American Government and Thailand's disregard for its Hilltribe peoples.

None of the hilltribe peoples in this region have been informed of this invasion of their region nor given opportunity to appeal it.

There are approximately 135 Akha villages in this small region, not counting other hilltribe villages such as Hmong, Lahu, Lisaw, Yao and Karen.

Please Contact Your Congressman or member of Parliment regarding this poorly planned excercise in Thailand.

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