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How the Thai Government Killed the Akha to Get Their Land

Call it "Drug War", Call it what you like, it is an excuse for stealing the land from the Akha people. We are expected to believe, that if the nasty label of "drugs" is put on the Akha, then it doesn't matter what happens to them. The US and the Thai Government have been very effective at doing this.

If it is ok to go killing people like this, then let us make it open, let us make it than anyone can kill anyone, and that no one is immune from the violence they impose on others.

A collection of victims and their families, dead and abandoned by the US Drug War madness against the Akha. These people were not arrested, they were not armed, they were not given trials, they were not given any chance to face their accusers or show that they were guilty or innocent. They were gunned down at point blank range by people who killed them with impunity and in cold blood.

While the US Drug War goes on, the US Govt. looks away from all the harsh results, for a country which does not keep track of the civilian death toll in Iraq, we are not surprised. The US public has little knowledge or awareness of what the government is doing to the Akha overseas. Few Americans even know who the Akha are, making it all that much more convenient for the US Govt.

It would be an improvement to have strong programs that provide help for drug addiction

Contact your Congress person or MP and complain about this abuse of the Akha people and Akha human rights. These actions by Thai security forces are in violation of the Leahy Ammendment.

If you need a proof page with all photos in one folder go here:

The cases associated with these pics will either be in individual Army, Police and Drug war links, OR you can go to the UN section where we have the reports that we filed with the UN detailing these cases. UN Index

Ah Tah tells what happened that night.

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