Thailand. U.S.-aided drug-war deaths, torture, beatings. The war on drugs has cost the lives of many Akha, who never saw a day in court. U.S. aid, equipment, and training supports the Thai police and army. 

Thailand's brutal U.S.-aided death-squad drug war. Photos of dead, tortured, wounded, scars, families, etc.. During the period of the mass-murdering Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The photos and photo captions are from Matthew McDaniel of the Akha Heritage Foundation. Photo albums are farther down. Click the album image to view the photo albums. For more photos, links, info, videos, etc. see his website:

"US-Thailand’s 'License To Kill'. 2274 Extra-Judicial Killings In 90 Days". The Akha Journal of the Golden Triangle. By Matthew McDaniel. Vol. 1. No. 2. October 2003. Relevant section of journal 2: - Cover and first part of journal 2: -
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2003. Human Rights Watch. Thailand: Anti-Drug Campaign Reaches New Low. More Than 50 Organizations Sign Letter of Protest.
Timeline of Thailand’s “War on Drugs”: |

Southeast Asia: Probe into Thai Drug War Killings Getting Underway. Drug War Chronicle, Issue #497, August 10, 2007.

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Akha 1503 Case Filed, January 2004, UN Filing UNOHCHR, Geneva - Detailed Case Accounts of the Killings and Torture. 46 cases out of thousands.
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May-2003. U.S.-aided Thailand death squads go on. 1000's dead. Drug war and more. DEA, U.S. police, and U.S. military involvement with Thailand. Akha Foundation, Indymedia, etc.. and Many illustrated messages. and and

*July 7, 2004 New York Times article. "LETTER FROM ASIA; She Tilts Against Power, but Don't Call Her Quixotic." By Jane Perlez. Article quote: "Among those either killed, or missing and presumed dead, were campaigners against logging, dams and wastewater projects." Another article quote: "She reminded those audiences, she said, that more than 2,000 people suspected of breaking drug laws were killed during a three-month 'war on drugs' by the Thaksin government last year [2003], a move that prompted the State Department to criticize Thailand's 'worsened' human rights record." and Google cache:


Mae Salep Village, Mr. Ah Pah, beaten by police, killed 2003.
Akha hill tribes. Regional map. Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China, Burma. Click to enlarge.
Album: Thailand army. U.S.-aided drug-war torture, death squads.

Album: Thailand police. U.S.-aided drug-war torture, death squads.