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Drug War Overview 2006

The US Drug War Creates Mass Death of the Akha From Disease and Starvation. Death Rate As High as 20% in Some Villages. Forced Relocations, No Land, No Food, No Jobs. Data Supported by Independent International Reports.

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1. An Akha woman with a baby who has had fever several days. 10 children died in this village of fever or intestinal upset in the last year. Most children in these villages are not protected by mosquito nets.
2. Now with little land and no income, food for children is scarce. Milk is unheard of.
3. Many children are sick.
4. Severe poverty haunts villagers after the David J. Wise Drug War.

US DRUG WAR DEATH PICS - Killings Paid For With YOUR Tax Dollars

Official UN Filing UNOHCHR, Geneva - Detailed Case Accounts of the Killings

The US Drug War is the only governmental policy of ANY country that directly results in the death of Akha people. Up to 20% of some villages died as a direct result of the US drug war.
The US Drug War has a violent effect on Akha communities that goes beyond just police prosecution of would be offenders. Military and police violence against the Akha has been a standard event in Thailand. Extra-judicial killings and killings for no reason are what the Akha expect.

The US Drug War has served the Thais well as a convenient cover for these acts that go back thirty years. A clean line between hill tribe drug running and police-army drug running has never been made.

Affordable addiction treatment is a preferable alternative to incarceration.

Documenting corpses first hand, or beaten prisoners, illustrates the level of brutality against the Akha in Thailand by Thai police and army. The effects of this brutality is that these security forces can get away with many other acts, and it aids Forestry in taking away the rice lands. The Akha become afraid to speak out. Enforcement in this way increases prostitution and trafficking in persons.
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The criminalization of drugs in the Akha region, a place that Americans aggressively exported drugs FROM, has the effect of ethnic cleansing, giving the local authorities every excuse to "please America" and at the same time do what they want to the locals. If the same aggressive methods were used in Bangkok among Thais, the country would need several more prisons to hold all the people and the whole issue would get true scrutiny.
Bush Should See the Human Cost of his Drug War in Asia
 Akha Dying Like Flies in Laos
David J. Wise, Robert Gelbard - "Architects of Death" for the Akha of Laos
While Americans live in relatives security, with refrigerators full, individuals in the US Government set policies in motion around the world which bring about the deaths of thousands of people, their only fault being that they are not on America's "protected specie" list.
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David J. Wise - Architect of Death for the Akha in Laos
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The US Govt. is not elected to run the governments of any of these countries, so it is a mystery how the US can come in and set up policies that kill people who never voted for them?

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