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Documents on Laos
This index includes documents on the US and UNODC Drug War in Laos as well as many other documents on Laos.
Many documents are in PDF format.

Opium Eradication, Poverty, Drug War, Environment, Forced Resettlement
Aiding or Abetting pdf - Baird Shoemaker
Laos Mortality Report 2004
World Food Program Report for Laos Aug 2006
Mortality Statistics
US War on Drugs in Laos Leading to Increased Poverty
Opium Eradication - Alternative Development?
1999 Human Rights Report in Laos
Amnesty International Report Post 2000
Amnesty International 2003 Death PenaltyMaybe Halvor Kolshus Knows Something About This?
Capital Flows and Privatization
Copper Mines in Laos
Dams and Forgotten People
Destroying the Environment
Foreign Investment in Laos
Foreign Relations of Laos
Minority and Indigenous Rights in the MDG's
Human Rights In Laos
Human Rights Treaties
Human Rights Treaties 1
IMF International Monetary Fund Lao
Internal Displacement
Internal Displacement 1
Internal Displacement in Asia
Lao Government Profile
Lao Opium Survey 2003
Lao Opium Survey 2005
Opium Eradication Alternative Development
Opium Eradication Senlis
GTZ Opium Report
Aiding or Abetting
Unsettling Experiences - Baird/Shoemaker
Food Situation in Long District
Resettlement 1
Rubber Study Alton
Laos Drug Assesment
Laos Opium Eradication - Unintended Consequences? - The Economist 2004
Long District, Eradication, UNDCP and Norwegian Church Aid
Opium Bibliography
Opium in Laos - Alfred McCoy
Poverty Reduction and Opium
UNODC Laos Country Profile 2003
Logging in Laos Report May 2006
Opium Eradication in Afghanistan 2006

UNICEF Report on Human Trafficking in Laos

NCA Evaluation Report 2005 Chris Lyttleton
Minority Disparities
Laos Nutrality 1961
No More Moore at the WTO
List of Articles Related To SE Asia
Rural Roads and Social Action Plans

Involuntary Resettlement and the Asian Development Bank ADB
We would note that all the rosy documentation on what SHOULD happen, more often than not DIDN'T happen.
The Links below, are just a few that can be found at the site below:
ACF Report: Is Resettlement a Solution for Human Development 2005
Involuntary Resettlement ADB
Marketing the Mekong ADB
Northern Economic Corridor Project Social Action Plan
Resettlement and Gender
Resettlement and Poverty in Laos UNDP 26k
Resettlement: UNDP Report on Laos 3.3 meg
Resettlement in Attapu ADB
Resettlement Social Action Plan Excerpt
Resettlement Framework ADB
Resettlement Handbook ADB
Involuntary Resettlement ADB
Resettlement Plans Paksan ADB
Resettlement Plans Laos ADB
Resettlement Plans Xaign ADB

International Network on Displacement and Resettlement
International Association for the Study of Forced Migration
Refugees Study Center Oxford
International Land Coalition
id21 Dam Displacement

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