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Freedom of Information Act Searches for the word "Akha"

Freedom of Information Act Searches
on Term "Akha" etc

Here is documentation on our efforts to see how the Akha are filed away in US Government files.
As you can see, the US Government denies it ever heard of these people.
DEA Case:
Department of Justice states that they stand by the claim that there is no information in DEA files for Akha, Igor, Ekaw, etc which they can admit exists.
CIA Case:
Now the CIA claims that it does know of files related to the Akha and that another Government Agency also has information on the Akha.
What is the point of al this?
Well, it shows that the Akha play a rather central roll in the region for narcotics, geographical location and international politics, all the while the US Government claims it has no time for these people at all.

Here a people that don't even rank the register for human rights abuse in US Gov. reports, are suddenly national security secrets with both the CIA and the DEA. We aren't surprised, some people may be.

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