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Antonio Maria Costa UNODC

Starvation is a War Crime

This is UNODC's Antonio Maria Costa. He is the Director of the UNODC Office of Drugs and Crime.

He is the one who along with the US hatched the plans in Laos that resulted in the severe humanitarian disaster for the Akha of Laos. A "death plan" if you will. Architect of Death. He was helped by Amreicans like David J. Wise NAS and Clifford Heinzer. Reporters for the International Anti Drug Media such as Ed Cropely have also promoted this death plan.

Anyone with experience could have looked into the region and been aware that a rapid poppy eradication plan was going to bring severe problems and death to the Akha people. As of 2006 you can still go there and witness the results in full swing.

The Agencies should accept full responsibility for what they have imposed on nations.

NGO's should take responsibility for not publishing reports and death rates which have occurred as a result of these policies. While continuing to receive funding for their projects, they fail to publish the statistics for the number of people who are dying in their target area villages. People are dying, in massive numbers, and the NGO's remain silent. We think this is an accessory to the fact. Its easy. You ask, you write down. "How many people died in your village last year." Then you publish it. Let the chips fall where they will.That is their moral and legal obligation.


"We know they are dying, we are helping to alleviate their poverty. We have started a new plan, called 'The Plan To Stop Eating'. The Akha should be grateful."



Credit must read: UNE 3118 UN/DPI Photo by Mark Garten

Credit must read: UNE 3112 UN/DPI Photo by Sophie Paris

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