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The Akha and the UN

1. SR Stavenhagen files a "Letter of Allegation" with the Thai Government about the Queen taking the land of Hooh Yoh Akha.
2. The Thai Government files a response, denying the allegations. This response was received in 2008 after SR Stavenhagen had left the position and SR James Anaya had taken over.
3. SR Anaya makes no attempt to contact us regarding the communication. We don't find out about it till 2010.
4. We file a response to the Thai denials in the summer of 2010, delivered to SR James Anaya's office. His staff say they never received it even though we sent it twice and finally a third time.
5. We receive a letter from SR Anaya saying he really can't tell us anything about the case blah blah blah.
6. We publish an article on the sad state of affairs regarding this very important case and how it has been handled.

At meeting below apparently no mention is made of this very important land case nor is there any evidence that SR Anaya attempted to assist the Akha on the matter.
Most recent case on the land of the Akha people at Hooh Yoh and Pah Nmm Akha, the Letter of Allegation:
Akha Land Taken by the Queen of Thailand - Special Rapporteur James Anaya

At the 2008 UNPFII the Indigenous are increasingly ignored by the Chair Corpuz until there is an outbreak of yelling and a confrontation in the Forum, an attempt to remove speakers by force by UN security, and a demonstration outside the Forum.
UNPFII Protest 2008

SOME Documents from the Cambodia Pre Forum for UNPFII 2007 are now forthcoming.
Participant Contact List for the Prepatory Meeting in Cambodia pdf

There is now a serious lack of transparency at the UNPFII and the Pre Forums. Requests for this information from AIPP, IWGIA and Tebtebba have not been answered.
Lack of Transparency at the UNPFII Pre Forum Feb. 2007

Asia Consultation
Consultation on Asia pdf
Stavenhagen on Asia pdf

Communications with the UN Human Rights Commision
1503 Filing Index
1503 filing with the UN regarding extra-judicial killings and torture of Akha people Part 1
1503 filing with the UN regarding extra-judicial killings and torture of Akha people Part 2
1503 Filing Against Sacramento County

1503 Instructions and filing form:
1503 Communications with the UN Human Rights Commision
1503 Forms

UN SpecialRapporteur on Human Rights Defenders, Hina Jilani
UN Special Procedure Changes Not a Good Sign

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
5th Session Final Report pdf
In this session we were able to get the issue of "removal of children by missionaries" added to the text as a concern of Indigenous peoples.

Letter to the Special Rapporteur:
Letter: The Queen of Thailand and the Theft of Hooh Yoh Akha Lands

The New York Declaration
The New York Declaration #1 - Unesco and Missions
The New York Declaration #2 - The Queen of Thailand and the Land of Hooh Yoh Akha
The New York Declaration #3 - Giving Priority to the Indigenous at the UNPFII

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