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Akha Land Taken by the Queen of Thailand

July 18, 2012
SR James Anaya
Maia Campbell
Judith Parker
Rebecca Sommer

(Our letter to SR James Anaya regarding the neglected Akha land case.)

Here is a session between SR James Anaya and the "indigenous" of northern Thailand.
SR Anaya in Thailand

However, we have received no questions or specific discussion of the Akha land case from the Special Rapporteur.

The sequence is as follows.

SR Stavenhagen files a letter of Allegation with the Thai government.

The Thai government investigates and responds, virtually denying everything they have been accused of. The Queen's Royal Project buildings and activities continue on Akha land, easily verified on the ground by a casual visit by the SR if he would make one.

We respond to the Thai government response, point by point and forward this document to the SR.

We hear nothing specific back and can not verify that our response has been given to the Thai government or that anyone has pleaded the Akha land case with the Thai government. While the SR would meet with the "indigenous" in Thailand he has not bothered to communicate with us about the case or ask us who he can speak with in Thailand in the very Akha villages affected by the Queen of Thailand's seizure of their land.

Why would the SR be silent on the specifics of a highly developed case, and allow it to die in the face of Thai government disregard?

Matthew McDaniel

July, 17, 2012
This page discusses the case of Hooh Yoh Akha and Pah Nmm Akha in Thailand's Chiangrai Province.
The farm land of these two village clusters was taken by the Queen's Royal Project starting in 2003 and going forward.

The case was brought before the UN Permanent Forum at New York and was taken up by Special Rapporteur Rudolpho Stavenhagen who filed a Letter of Allegation with the Thai Government, stating that the Thai Government had taken this land without INFORMED CONSENT on the part of the Akha villagers concerned.

The Thai Government investigated and responded, stating that the Thai Government in fact had taken no land what so ever that was not "donated" by the villagers. This case of course is easy to verify in the presence of Akha villagers.

Meanwhile SR Stavenhagen retired from his post at the UN and the position was taken up by Special Rapporteur James Anaya. SR Anaya did not inform us of the Thai response until we requested to know about it, and in a number of years has not asked us any further questions on the case.

We supplied SR Anaya with a point by point response to the Thai Government denials. Several times. But we were not asked for any additional information regarding this case which is now in its eighth year.

We have made repeated requests to SR Anaya, asking that he investigate this case and press the case with the Thai Government and help protect the land of the Akha people but we have not been able to get any assistance on the case at this time.

We hope that SR James Anaya will take an interest in this case and the large amount of effort that has been put into defending the land of the Akha people, that he will understand the hardship and distress that has been created for the Akha in loosing their farmland to the Queen's Royal Project where they must now work. Instead of enjoying the profit and benefit of their own land, they must now farm their own land for the Queen and see her take the profit and benefit for herself. We ask SR James Anaya to use the power of his office to defend the rights of the weakest people before the UN.

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