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1503 Filing Index for first two filings
These cases were filed Jan 2004 from in Thailand before my deportation in April 2004.

UN Case Filed

On behalf of Akha individuals a human rights case has been filed with the
United Nations in Geneva. 27 new cases have since been added to this petition.
This petition was formally accepted Jan. 2004 and a copy was filed with the UNHCHR committee and one copy to the Thai Government.
UN Human Rights Commission
Form 1235 converted to a 1503
Cases on consitent patterns of torture, extortion and extra-judicial killings
by Thai Army and Police Units
Continue to check for updates on this case.

Press Release:
Matthew McDaniel
For Immediate Release
January 24, 2002
Akha Hill Tribe Alleges Human Rights Violation by Thailand in UN Petition
A petition has been filed with the United Nations Human Rights Commission on behalf of a Southeast Asian
hill tribe, the Akha, detailing repeated incidences of summary execution by Thai military and police, torture,
denial of due process, and discrimination. The Akha who are generally looked down upon by Thais have been
caught up in cross border warfare on the Thai-Burmese frontier between various political factions, drug gangs
and the military.
The Akha who are facing grave challenges due to forced village relocation policy by the Thai government and
depredations by Christian missionaries are in danger of losing their culture, way of life, and ultimately their
identity. The Akha are scattered through out Thailand, Burma, China, and Laos and have been credited with
saving the lives of downed US airman during the Vietnam conflict. Ironically, the United States has paid back
their help by pouring money into the Thai drug war in which corrupt police officials shake down, rob, and
murder Akha villagers under guise of the ěWar on Drugs.î
According to the petitioners, tribal advocate, Matthew McDaniel and attorney Jonathan Levy, the UN petition
is just the beginning of a last ditch effort by the Akha to assert themselves in their struggle to survive. An action
against Christian missionaries who remove Akha children from their families is planned.
Letter of Petition:
37 Royal Pointe Dr.
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926 USA
Tel/Fax 202-318-2406
December 26, 2002
The Human Rights Commission
c/o Centre for Human Rights
United Nations Office
8-14 avenue de la Paix
1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
Re: Akha People v. Thailand, Resolution 1235 Petition
Dear Sir/Madam:
Enclosed please find our petition and supporting reports.
Respectfully yours,
Jonathan Levy
Attorney for the Petitioners

Address response to:
37 Royal Pointe Dr.
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926 USA
TEL 202-318-2406
FAX 202-318-2406
The Akha are a Southeast Asian hilltribe of Tibetan origin now scattered through Myanmar, Thailand,
Laos and China. The Akha are relative newcomers to Thailand, many having fled the perpetual unrest and
decades long civil war in Myanmar. They make up a unique racial, linguistic, religious, and cultural nationality
within Thailand. Few have been granted Thai citizenship, and most are registered aliens. In Thailand the Akha
have been caught up in a low level internal conflict involving the drug trade in which they are victimized by both
police and armed gangs. In addition, a cross border conflict between Myanmar, Thailand and various insurgent
groups i.e. Wa Army, have produced further bloodshed. The Thai government in particular through a policy of
village relocation and cultural destruction has decimated the Akha people. Routine and pervasive violations of
human rights by the Thai authorities are documented in the attached report by Matthew McDaniel, an on the
site advocate for the Akha people, with both official and tribal ties to them.
The Akha have been unable to meaningfully address their issues with the Thai government due to their
second-class political status. The situation is both extreme and serious and without UN intervention, the Akha
as a people may cease to exist.
Serious violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenant on Civil and
Political Rights documented in the attached reports include:
Article III ? Deprivations of life, liberty and security
The Akha have been summarily executed by Thai authorities for minor crimes. They are often jailed under
appalling conditions for minor crimes, status crimes, or for the purpose of extortion and interrogation. The Thai
authorities instead of protecting the Akha from the perditions of cross border insurgent groups have actually
either placed them in harms way or left them to their own devices.
Article V ? Torture
Akha in the custody of Thai authorities have been tortured, treated cruelly and inhumanely.
Articles VI, VIII, IX, X ? The Akha have been denied due process for their alleged crimes due to their tribal
status. They have been arrested without cause and jailed. The Akha are often denied access to civil authorities
and their cases dealt with by the military.
Violations of the ICCPR documented in the attached reports include:
Article VI ? Summary execution of Akha by the military.
Article VII ? Torture
Article IX ? Numerous violations of due process and arbitrary arrest.
Article X ? Inhumane treatment while in Thai custody.
Only the most serious violations have been documented and the submitted reports can be considered
representative of a pervasive situation not addressable through other means. The Akha are a politically
defenseless tribal unit in a notoriously unstable region, the so-called ěGold Triangleî. They are caught between a
drug war and ongoing insurgencies in Myanmar without international intervention; the prognosis for the Akha is
The petitioner requests that this matter be referred to the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and
Protection of Human Rights for further study and other appropriate action.
Respectfully submitted,
Jonathan Levy, Esq.

The Petition:
Human Rights Violations
Against The Akha People
2001- 2002
Case Number Case Name Page Number
Introduction Page 1
714 Torture of Mr. Dah Gkeh Dah Deeh Dvak Dah Veeh Page 3
715 Killing of Mr. Ah Juuh Cheh Mooh Pgae 6
716 Torture of Mr. Ah Dtay Ah Maw Page 9
717 Beating death of Mr. Ah Bah Rgoeuh Zurh Page 12
718 Shooting death of Mr. Loh Guuh Zurh Shaw Page 15
719 Torture and death of Mr. Ah Byeh Page 18
720 Beating and torture of Mr. Ah Dteeh Page 21
721 Beating, burning with fire of Mr. Ah Peeh Page 24
722 Beating of Mr. Ah Zeh Page 27
723 Shooting and beating of Mr. Ah Nyoh Page 30
724 Shooting death of Ms. Meeh Paw Seh Dooh Page 33
725 Robbery and imprisonmentof Mr. Ah Myah Page 36
726 Mr. Jaw Law Dteeh Lahu truck stolen by army Page 39
727 Robbery of Mr. Jah Uuh's truck by army Page 42
728 Robbery of Gold from Mr. Pah Seeh Page 45
729 Robbery of 91,000 baht from Mr. Yah Tooh Page 48
730 Disappearance and execution of Mr. Ah Tsah Page 51
731 Disappearance and execution of Mr. Leeh Cheeh Page 54
732 Disappearance of Pooh Yai Mr. Ah Aw Page 57
733 Robbery of Mr. Yah Goh, Yah Tooh and Ah Dauh Page 60
In many of these cases the individuals involved have received death threats, including the author, from Thai Military Personell for discussing or persuing justice in these cases.
The Cases
Human Rights Violations
Against The Akha People
I. Information concerning the author of the communication:
Matthew Duncan McDaniel
Date and place of birth:
April 3, 1958 Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
Present Address:
Postal Restante
Maesai, Chiangrai 57130
Address for exchange of confidential correspondence:
c/o Jonathan Levy, Esq.
574 Clairmont Woods Dr,
Cincinnati OH 45244
Submitting the communication as:
(a) Victim of the violation or violations set forth below:
(b) Appointed representative / legal counsel of the alleged victim(s):
Appointed Representative and family friend of victims.
(c) Other:
If box (c) is marked, the author should explain:
(i) In what capacity he is acting on behalf of the victim(s) (e.g. family relationship or other personal links with the alleged victim(s)):
Family representative and family friend by marriage.
(ii) Why the victim(s) is (are) unable to submit the communication himself (themselves)
They are either unable to write or dead or missing.
An unrelated third party having no link to the victim(s) cannot submit a communication on his (their) behalf.

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