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Human Rights Index

Land Rights
Child Rights - Akha Children removed by missionaries:
Medical Rights
The Right to Food

Most recent case on the land of the Akha people at Hooh Yoh and Pah Nmm Akha, the Letter of Allegation:
Akha Land Taken by the Queen of Thailand - Special Rapporteur James Anaya

This list of human rights articles represents only SOME of the material on this site. While the entire site is about human rights, we have broken it up into categories, so it will depend on what you are looking for. Drug War deaths, killings, children removed from their villages by missions, intellectual property rights or land rights. So if your interest is human rights, take a look at the different country files, and variuos topics, ultimately much of it leads to a serious human rights issue.

The Crime of Genocide: The Akha vs. Thailand at the International Criminal Court
Akha Human Rights Demands
The Death of Ah Aw
Mr. Ah Pah Killed by the Thai Army
Human, Cultural and Community Property Rights
The Human Rights Situation of the Akha People
Rule of Lords: The Murderous Thai Police

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