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The Death of Mr. Ah Aw

Death follows village massacre

Mr. Ah Aw who included himself in a village massacre with Mr. Piawat from Maesai, was taken captive and announced as "dead" following the massacre by the Thai army and other security forces of the Burma Akha Village of Meh Joh across from Gow Lang Village in Ampur Mae Faluang.

Shortly after the slaughter of Meh Joh Akha across the border into Burma, the junior headman of Meh Maw Akha was picked up while visiting a neighboring Lahu village and disappeared. He is presumed dead. There are varying accounts of events. Some say that his daughter is married to a Mr. Piawat in Maesai, a known smuggler of guns who also works for Channel 7 and led the attack on Meh Joh Akha. It is alledged that Mr. Piawat and Mr. Ah Aw may have planned this attack and may also have stolen large sums of money, drugs and vehicles after the attack.

The Army says Mr. Ah Aw is dead also. Reports are that Mr. Piawat is being watched. Other sources say that Mr. Ah Aw was an informer who got hill tribe people arrested while he was taking bribes. What we do know is that he is missing and that a good number of men, women and children were either shot or burned alive in the attack on Meh Joh Akha in Burma by forces from the Thai side. Border tensions are keeping these murders of chidren from being investigated properly, though there is significant photographic evidence.

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