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Mission Elite Bent on Destroying Akha Information Technology
Words people can understand. The Akha have an elaborate oral knowledge system that helps them survive. The destruction of this system is to blame for increased mortality. The missions are deeply invested on destroying this God dependent system and replacing it with their own system as to make the Akha consumer dependent, doctor dependent, medical facility dependent. They do this by taking the children away from them with impunity, as was done to Native Americans. When will it all stop?

For the missions it is very important to destroy the knowledge that the Akha have, because with their knowledge and closeness to God they are hard to destroy, they are very self sufficient. That is why the missions want to make sure the children are removed from Akha "school" and put into their own.

Killings At Arvada YWAM - Colorado
The YWAM abuse of Volunteers and the Akha

There have long been complaints from young people our organization has worked with about the tactics that are used at YWAM. These young people cited pressure as well as mental and spiritual manipulation which they were put through during their time at YWAM.

Numerous comments on the web state that youth at YWAM feel preyed upon for their money and then abandoned when they no longer have any, as then unfit for use by the YWAM program.

In Thailand, youth brought to Thailand by YWAM paid their own way, as well as brought money for a YWAM projects in Thailand, but in fact were on the ground such a short time that they had no way to measure what was going on, or the conditions under which YWAM gained possession of Akha children in Thailand.

The young people were shut off from contact with local NGO's which might bring them up to speed during their short stay. When adding up what it cost a group of twenty young people to come to Thailand, one must consider whether that sum of money could have been better spent, since it only covered a very short time, not likely to be very informative. What the young people got out of it, suggests that they are being exploited for their money.

In northern Thailand YWAM has a number of projects which remove Akha children from their villages and culture while presenting to the public that these children are true orphans. The families do not know the quantities of money that their Akha children bring in for the mission. Two such YWAM missions are Eden House Children's Home and Christian Happy Home, both located in Chiangrai Province.

In the case of Eden House Children's home, the operator, Vern, removes Akha girls only, saying that they are at risk of going into prositution. No mention is made of the severe human rights situation that the villagers face. The YWAM video untruthfully depicts all the ills the Akha face as self induced. No mention is made of land rights, extrajudicial killings, lack of ID cards and so forth.

In this case, the donor, the Akha children, the YWAM volunteers, all remain in the dark.

We have repeatedly asked YWAM to stop removing girls from their villages, and we have asked them to take their video off of
Eden House Video Villifies the Victim
In this YWAM video, the Akha villages are blamed as an evil swamp, while no mention is made of the horrendous human rights conditions the Akha have faced for decades. Further more, references to HIV and AIDS rates as well as drug use are not backed up by any true documentation. If it was this bad, the Akha would have died off years ago. In fact, in many THAI villages, Thai death rates exceed birth rates but not so in Akha villages.

Vern McCauley has made out to dedide who he can take away from their culture and families. He has no permission to do so from the Thai government, which also fails to protect its ethnic minorities under international treaties it has signed such as the Rights of the Child.

Two missionaries connected to YWAM in Thailand from Salem, Oregon and Arvada, Colorado are Lori Crouch and Paul Vernon.

Lori Crouch is a missionary involved in the Akha Ethnocide in Thailand. She comes from Salem Alliance church where she receives financial support. But her sending church, that of her husband Paul Vernon, is Faith Chapel, Arvada. As well, Arvada, Colorado has a YWAM office.

Lori Crouch and Paul Vernon run the website They also run a mission in Thailand. The are connected to Akha Outreach mission in Chiangrai which practices removal of Akha children from their families for coercive conversion. (See Dapa Article below - Brother to the operator of Akha Outreach)

Akha Outreach cooperates with YWAM's Eden House Children's Home which is in north Thailand. Eden House Children's Home's Vern castigates the Akha people while taking their children, all teenage girls. (see video "Eden House Thailand") YWAM Salem says that they are not connected though they obviously are the same organization run by Loren Cunningham.

What we'd like our readers to know is that what ever the appearance of denominations in the US, many of these organizations like YWAM Salem, Arvada and Chiangrai Thailand, are connected at the Thai end. Salem Alliance has said that Lori Crouch is not THEIR missionary, while trying to deny the issue of financial support.

The network of these missions and churches and what they involve themselvs in is much greater than people think. We see YWAM as a militarized evangelical organization, translating the gospel into a warlike machine mentality.

YWAM needs to address how it treats its volunteers and the Akha. Maybe if it had changed its pattern of internal management, the tragedy at Arvada could have been avoided. The conflict ran over a long period of time, why did YWAM not take the proper action to defuse it?

Similarly, we have not been able to get YWAM to respond to our requests that they take the above mentioned video down.

DAPA (Aje / Yot) Says We Don't Represent the Akha
We represent traditional Akha who have asked us for the help. We make no claim to representing christian Akha unless they request it. - So, does DAPA now own the Akha Nation?

Dapa, the mission started by fundamentalist sterilizing missionary Paul W. Lewis and run by a christian Akha named Yot is drafting a letter to the UN stating that we do not represent the Akha of Thailand, that we just eat all the money that we raise using the Akha name and that our website is full of lies. (We can clearly answer any questions of where money used in the Akha Heritage Foundation has come from and what it has been spent on, write us.)
(pic Yot)

We have received statements made by administration staff at DAPA that Yot, the administrator of DAPA, and trainee of Paul W. Lewis, (Paul W. Lewis knew of the charges) has made repeated sexual abuse of underage girls at the mission for years. (Paul W. Lewis also set up the New Life Foundation located on the same property as Dapa.) The statements by Admin staff at Dapa were that Yot was sexually abusing Akha girls who lived in the Dapa hostels. Rather than being dismissed by the mission, Yot was promoted to full administrator. Administrators said that this was all they could do because mission lands had been placed in the name of Yot by Paul W. Lewis. They were trying to get mission lands out of his name.

Finances of the Akha Heritage Foundation can be located on the State of Oregon website.

We back up all statements on our website with documentation.
If you want the name of the DAPA staff member who made these allegations we can provide it.

Corban College Needs to Get Rid of Jim Morris Before Asking For $12 Million for a New Library
Corban's Racist Missionary In Residence, Jim Morris, Comes out of the Closet!

Nov. 23, 2007
A racist letter to the editor by Jim Morris, a missionary to the Karen in Thailand (read Karen are better than Akha in Thailand slang) illustrates how clearly the missionary underground in Salem really supports the racism against the Akha by most missionaries in Thailand. This article is an excellent example of why. There are many things left out of this letter, as in all missionary practice, that the public is not informed of by the writer. What is the reason for such great omission? Jim Morris Statesman Letter

One reason my be to cover up the truth. Lets get into it. Lets look closely at this letter.

No mention is made of the sexual abuse of Akha children in missionary fake orphanages (children the missioanries claim are orphans in order to get money when in fact the children have one or both parents.), cases which have been documented and prosecuted by the Thai government. Do we have to wait 30 years before the missionaries are prosecuted for sexual abuse like the Catholics are being prosecuted in this country? In 30 years will the Thai judicial system be willing to go after missionaries who raped little boys and little girls?

Jim Morris lists a long list of negatives. This in itself is an offensive way to describe a people. Jim Morris states not one positive about the Akha except what he sees as all the good missionaries brought to them.

Jim Morris is a missionary in residence at Corban College. We have dealt with him before. He is also a CEO at OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) that is based out of Denver.
OMF Website
In years gone by we requested that Jim Morris take racist pages againt the Akha off the OMF website. Jim Morris refused, saying the comments were all true. We had to go to the Denver office to get them taken down. One connected web page remains, that was put back up and is hosted on a Christian Server in New Zealand. We have filed a case with the New Zealand Office of Human Rights regarding this website.
off the Info Mekong Site
No reason is given on that site why the Akha are singled out as a people. Racism fits the bill. A prevaling mentality in SE Asia to bash the Akha and for many people including missionaries to contribute to that cause.

Jim Morris mentions in his letter that the Akha were addicted to opium. Actually it was the Christian British who brought opium to the area, forced it on the masses and made their billions off of it. People like Jim Morris is all we got left with. But let us go further. In the Lonely Planet description of Luang Namtha, Laos describes Bill Young from the Young Missionary Family as the trafficker of nearly ALL CIA opium that flew out of Laos. So just who exactly was involved in opium and who profitted off of it?

Jim Morris does not speak Akha nor has he ever lived with them. He makes light comments about spirit worship as a denunciation of a culture and religion that he knows nothing about.

The Catholics organized the first Akha script in Keng Tung, Myanmar around the year 1920.

Jim Morris would imply, as the Queen of Thailand, that the Akha destroy the environment, but this pig headed talk has long been refuted by environmentalists both in Laos and Thailand. For those of you who don't know, read this article on the recently passed Community Forest Act that describes how the Akha are really treated. Why doesn't the bigot Jim Morris mention this?
Community Forest Act

But the most glaring omission of content in Jim Morris' letter is the gross quantities of information that show just how ignorant and racist he is.

In Thailand vast tracts of land of the hill people have been confiscated by the Thais and the environment completely destroyed for industrial farming with chemicals at every level polluting the land and water. The Akha experience starvation due to this situation as well as contamination from the chemicals that they are forced to use on land that once belonged to them. This contamination results in a growing number of serious birth defects, such as many baby's born specifically without an anus that causes years of surgery and suffering. Does Jim Morris mention this better life?

The Queen of Thailand has stolen thousands of acres of precious farm land. The case has gone before the UN Human Rights Commission. Why does not Jim Morris mention this?

During the Drug War, sanctioned by the US government, the Akhas were murdered like animals. Look here, look at these pics, are these people having a better life? Why isn't OMF's sham missionary investigating these inconvenient truths?
I took many of these photos within a few hours of when the Akha were murdered.
Drug War Death

These killings have become the substance of a Criminal Case of Genocide to be filed at the International Criminal Court in the Hague before Dec. 25, 2007 by the Akha Heritage Foundation.

World wide it is well known by respectable organizations like National Geographic, that the indigenous are the best stewards of the land and that regions that they live in are the most environmentally protected as shown by satelite imagery. To slam the Akha on the issue of the environment is incorrect. The Akha have lost land in great volume, and much of it more than a decade ago, yet that environment is "developed" to death and the water shed is destroyed, but not by the Akhas. Try vast lands used for oranges, all run by Thais, where pesticide use is so great that the government calls for temporary halt to spraying and for the people to stop planting oranges.

Neither does Jim Morris mention the huge removals of Akha chilren by missionaries, including OMF. All of these issues that Jim Morris fails to mention in the "better life" of the Akha, are violations of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Neither does Jim Morris speak about the hundreds of Akha women who were sterilized by the American Baptist Missionary Paul W. Lewis, while he was getting his PhD. from University of Oregon, oh oh unconvenient truth, how dastardly it is. We have an ongoing campaign at U of O to have Paul W. Lewis' PhD. rescinded, a complaint that we also take to the Governor's Office.

I know a vast number of Akha people who are traditional and live according to the "old ways" that Jim Morris as a white man so readily bashes. None of them feel that the culture and life that got them over thousands of years, is somehow inferior.

As recently stated on the front page of the New York Times, it is time for white missionaries like Jim Morris to stop telling the Akha how to live and to stop making one sided discriptions of their culture.

Corban College is teaching young people the very same racism as their missionary in residence speaks.

It is time that young people got the truth, fully what has happened. Will Corban College invite us to speak, we think not, but we would still ask them to send this carpet bagging missionary, Jim Morris packing, they should do that first before asking for funds for their new library, otherwise people may just think it will be full of white racism. Nothing that our children need to be taught. Including our Akha traditional children.

OMF - Most Offensive MIssion

KBOO Nov. 22, 2007 Program
Today we went to Portland and spent an hour on the air. We discuss Janet Taylor and the Salem Kiosks. We discuss Salem Alliance, YWAM, and missionaries removing children. Michu sang a traditional Akha song, and we told listeners what we do and how they can help.

Commentary on Akha Tribe and Activism at
The Nov. 21, 2007 Statesman Journal has a guest letter entitled: " Akha Tribe's Plight Echos US History". We are glad that people are getting the message, we are glad and overjoyed that there are people in Salem and Keizer who KNOW what happened to the natives of Turtle Island, and HOW it happened to them, this great great tragedy.
Akha Tribe's Plight Echose US History

(pic) Michu joins members of the Grand Ronde Confederated Tribes for a photo at the 24th anniversary Restoration Ceremony

Salem Alliance Picket
Nov. 18th, 2007

We have a bit of a laugh at Salem Alliance, picketing them on Czech National TV video. People ask questions and get answers, I run back and forth up the street asking the people exiting the church if they want anyone taking away THEIR children?

I asked church members if they knew what their money was going for, taking away other people's children? Trading land for conversion, destroying culture?

Church members looked very visibly aware that there was some problem involving their church.

If Salem Alliance doesn't want to support what Lori Crouch is doing then they need to ask the server people to take the link to their church off their website. But our take on this is that in fact, from the way they behave, they do in fact support this racist agenda.

A church has got to be nuts to support missionaries who destroy culture, and remain so illiterate as to admit how racist they really are.

(pic) Photo of Akha woman who's husband was murdered by the Thai army.

This woman has been left alone to fend for herself, and faces near starvation conditions, while taking care of her children. This is the kind of story that the missions don't tell you.

We File Letter of Complaint With Salem Keizer School Board Members
Nov. 16th, 2007

We reject Sandy Husk's letter excusing Phil Rodin's behavior. We have filed a letter of complaint, with the Salem Keizer School Board as according to the Formal Complaint Process.

This is our letter:

Dear Salem Keizer School Board:

This is my letter to you according to the procedure set forth in the complaint process form I was given.

I would like to say at the onset, that I don’t understand how it is that Sandy Husk states that this matter is closed? That is very clearly in exception to what the complaint process calls for, and I regard it as malicious bullying, rather than accurately and constructively addressing the issue of racism that we have at hand.

This has been somewhat characteristic of this complaint process. The entire process has been similar to coming before an all white jury. I would certainly appreciate speaking with someone who understands racism from a personal perspective. We have complained that the racist and disregarding statements of Phil Rodin are an affront to our family and our people, the Akha. Phil Rodin has feelings. He speaks from his feelings. What he feels when he is outside of school doesn’t go away when he is in the classroom. He cannot be a part time racist. Racism is not a free speech right.

The UN Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples protects indigenous groups such as the Akha. The Geneva Convention on Genocide clearly states that removing individuals from a group to make them members of another group is an act of Genocide.

Yet as an affront to us, Phil Rodin has stated that he approves of a video that is on line at and he likes what this organization is doing, and will begin to financially support them. What they are doing is removing Akha girls from their families and villages based on their own discretion, not based on authority of the state, and not based on the consent of the Akha community. The Eden House Children’s Home, run by white missionaries, has become a self appointed ward for Akha children. Further, in the video that Phil Rodin directly approves of, extremely racist remarks are made about the Akha people as a race. These comments are made in order to “justify” the removal of these Akha girls. We find this totally unacceptable, that Phil Rodin would make an affront to us and speak so ignorantly of the rights of indigenous peoples, peoples of a race different than his own.

We have asked that he apologize.

But the incident illustrates something else. Both Cheryl Bower and Sandy Husk have carefully avoided the issue at the basis of this complaint, which is racism. This is not clever. They should have confronted it clearly. Instead they chose to defend Phil Rodin, causing us to believe that they don’t understand what racism is either, or worse yet, as white people they accept and support such attitudes against people like the Akha.

When we went to Sprague High School to speak with Cheryl Bower, students in the parking lot began shouting insults at Michu Uaiyue, who is Akha. This added to our concern that racism is very much alive in the Salem Keizer School District.

We also note, that with so many Hispanic children in Salem Keizer schools, there appears to be no Hispanic person on the School board. This follows a patter of no Hispanics on the Salem City Council. Patterns beget patterns.

We ask that Phil Rodin apologize to us and to the Akha people, we ask that procedures for handling these cases be reviewed, and it would be most clever if some effort was made in Salem to educate students as to who the Akha people are. We find the current situation unacceptable and we find Phil Rodin unfit to teach in the district.


Matthew McDaniel

Michu Uaiyue

We Make Statement About Phil Rodin at Salem Keizer Board Meeting
Nov. 13th, 2007

Michu and I attended the Salem Keizer Board meeting and I made a statement introducing Michu and the Akha people and that Phil Rodin had said he would support removing Akha chidlren from their villages. I asked the audience if anyone spoke Thai, Burmese, Akha? I spoke to them in those languages. I got no response. I went on in English. I stated that we would not be talking about Imus. We would not be talking about Dog, the Bounty Hunter. We would be talking about Phil Rodin. We didn't want to see anyone making an afront to us about the Akha people.

You can see this on line Live TV at Nov. 13th Salem Keizer Board Meeting. Presentation starts at min 43:17

Why didn't anyone further down the chain of command have the intelligence to deal with this issue rather than avoid it. This will not do the Salem Keizer School Board any good. How can they say that what a person does off the clock has nothing to do with what they do on the clock. What they feel about it, is what they feel about it, no matter where they are.

I told the School Board I would forward the complaint to them in writing.

Why does the School Board not want anyone to mention names? The admin people have said that Phil Rodin can say what he wants, then I have the freedom of speech right to mention Phil Rodin's name in a board meeting.

Fear Nothing
Demand Documentation

Nov. 12, 2007 Statesman Journal Article
The Akha Heritage Foundation was formed in 1991, re-incorporated 2001
501-c(3)(e) Public Charity Non Profit Tax Exempt

The Akha Heritage Foundation includes a network of international volunteers both lay and professional as well as satellite organizations in both Asia and Europe.

Protect Akha Human Rights
Stop the seizure of Akha lands by the Queen of Thailand
Stop the removal of Akha children by missionaries
(see case on Darfur and fake orphans - exploitation of children with parents)

Czech National TV comes to Salem Nov 17-19, 2007 for continued filming of Bio.
Lonely Planet cites missionary son William Bill Young for drug trafficking in Laos. 2005-2006 Edition on Luang Namtha. Relative and missionary Markus Young continues side by side mission work in Thailand. Missions take away Akha children saying that their parents are involved in drugs. WHAT?
1997 Formation of a non partisan extended and phoentic script in Akha language
(See downloads section for a book)
1997 Meet with Thai Supreme Commander Surayud Chulanont and stopped the forced relocation of Hooh Mah Akha, Chiangrai Province, Thailand
2001 Gain front page coverage of Akha murders in the Bangkok Post for ten days
2001-2003 Document the murders of Akha people and publish two books on the subject:
Journal of the Golden Triangle Vol 1 and 2. (see Salem public library)
2003 Journal reviewed in the Thai Journal of Human Rights
2003 Article published in the Thai Journal of Culture
2003 Publish an Akha Alphabet book and distribute 20,000 copies to 189 Akha villages in 30 days in conjunction with Paul Hunt. Paul Hunt continues long term committment to helping Akha prisoners.
2004 File 46 cases of documented extra-judicial executions, torture and extortion with the UN. This case is the basis of Genocide charges yet to be brought to the International Criminal Court in the Hague against former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra for ordering the drug war in Thailand that resulted in the death of thousands. The Thai Supreme Court has issued an order for Thaksin's arrest and extradition from the UK where he went into exile and bought the Manchester City Football team. His purchase of the team was condemned by Human Rights Watch.
2004 Accept defense case on request of Akha to protect the lands of Hooh Yoh Akha from seizure by the Queen of Thailand
2003-2004 "License to Kill": Publish complaints that the US DEA is funding the killing of Akha villagers in Thailand
2004 Deported from Thailand (Aid workers state that US State Department involved in the deportation)
2004-2007 Six appearances at the UNWIP at Geneva and the UNPFII at New York. File repeated complaints against the Queen of Thailand for seizing the land of Hooh Yoh Akha village
Wording added to UN Recommendations to "stop the removal of indigenous children by missionaries" with cooperation by William Littlechild, A Cree Indian Permanent Forum Member at the UN.
Aug. 7, 2004 References in the Economist.
1997 Israeli film on the Akha
1997 The Akha Way. Documentary. Plays two years on National Geographic TV Asia.
1998 Where the Wind Blows. Italian film on the Akha of Thailand with Lorenzo Hendel and RAI TV.
2005 Movie "Ja Akha" with Czech Republic TV
2005-2008 Information and Documentation, Photos, for Czech Documentary by Steve Lichtag and Tomas Ryska: "Prisoners of a White God". Opens Jan 2008.
2001 Forced meeting of commanders of Thai 5th Army results in demotion and prosecution of Thai Colonel, Major and numerous soldiers for the brutal murder of Mr. Ah Juuh Cheh Muuh, an Akha man beaten to death in detention.
2002 File human rights reports with the US Embassy in Thailand.
2002 File allegations which later appear in CIA reports, that the Thai army invaded and brutally murdered more than 50 villagers in the Burmese Akha Lahu village of Meh Joh across the border from Pah Nmm Akha. Documentation based on the first hand accounts of villagers who escaped. Meeh Paw, an Akha woman from Thailand, is shot in that attack and left to die.
2007 Rotary International pulls funding for CGT mission in Thailand which has removed more than 460 Akha children from their villages in the region of Mae Suai, Thailand.
2007 OMF removes racist and offensive websites via Denver office. Jim Morris, a CEO at OMF and missionary in residence at Corban College refused to remove the site.
2007 Call on the University of Oregon and the Oregon State Board of Higher Education to rescind the PhD. of Paul W. Lewis, an American Baptist missionary who went to Thailand and pioneered a program that sterilized hundreds of Akha women without Free, Prior and Informed Consent. Women were removed from Burma for sterilization without the permission of the Burmese govt. or health authorities in order to meet quotas. See articles in the Oregon Emerald 2007
2006-2007 Defense of Akha woman illegally imprisoned in Singapore while a victim of human trafficking. Woman is illegally deported back to Thailand. Top UNESCO officials in Bangkok ignore the case, while running an office to fight human trafficking
2007 Document that UNESCO is working with SIL (the Wycliffe Bible Translators) in Thailand
2000-2007 Cooperation with FPCN International in Germany and UK.
Cooperation with Ecoterra in Kenya
See the start up of numerous pro Akha websites world wide
See the cooperation between Italian professors and the Lao Govt. to improve the conditions at the museum in Maung Sing, Laos.
2005-2006 Document abuse of the drug war in Laos which was orchestrated by the US and the UN office of Drugs and Crime, run by Antonio Maria Costa, which resulted in the forced relocation and death of hundreds of Akha villagers. This documentation supported by international reports.
2005-2007 In conjunction with Tomas Ryska of the Czech Republic, launch an investigation in northern Laos into the sexual abuse of Akha women and girls by aid workers from Norwegian Church Aid and Action Contre Le Faim. NORAD and BATIK Intl. make investigations and reports into the allegations that Akha women bring. Cases referred to on these websites.
2006 Meet with head of ACF in New York
2006-2007 Challenge French photographer for placing postcards of Akha women in various stages of undress in Laos markets. Case not completed.
2007 Presentations at Lane Community College Cultural Anthropology
2005-2007 3rd Akha Journal - Pending completion.
1995 Creation of Akha Flag with cohorts
2007 Present material to the UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Issues and the SR on the Right to Food at the United Nations. These two SR's file a letter of Allegation with the Thai Govt. Sept. 2007
2002 File a case against a Thai policeman from the Mae Chan Police district who murdered an Akha man in Huai Krai with a gunshot to the back of the head and back of the chest.
2001-2004 Repeated extraction of Akha prisoners from Thai torture camps.
Documentation of the murders and absue of Akha villagers
Construction of Akha wells
Implementatoin of Akha language classes in villages
Free first aid program for 289 Akha villges in Thailand on a first come first serve basis.
Immediate mobilization service to 289 Akha villages in Thailand within 4 hours of call
Truck Photo Link
Oppose coercive conversion of Akha villagers and the removal of their children,br> Compare Darfu case where "orphans" are really from Chad and are not orphans to the case of the Akha children in Thai mission "orphanages" who are portrayed as orphans to donors but are not orphans. Governor of Rotary Intl says he was told the Children were "abandoned". Within one week Rotary responds to allegations from Australian volunteers and pulls funding.
Document abuses of drug war in Thailand
Outreach and letters project to more than 1000 Akha in Thailand's prisons
Complaint to Amnesty International that their Thai staff in Bangkok are ignoring the plight of Akha prisoners and draconian sentences handed down to young people and elderly. Filed from UK.
Akha prisoners added to foreign prisoner website.
Challenge Ford Land Rover for exploiting Akha images in film ad for vehicle.
File compalint with Sprague High School and the Salem Keizer School District over racist comments made by teacher Phil Rodin.
Picket Salem Alliance church for supporting the mission of Lori Crouch (Salem resident) who is involved in the coercive conversion of Akha villagers in Chiangrai Province, Thailand.
2006 Call for an investigation into the brutal torture and murder of an 8 month pregnant Akha woman by the Thai army behind the village of Pah Nmm in Chaingrai Province, Thailand.
Discussion with Campus Crusade and the Jesus Film group over planned incorrect translation of the Akha New Testament for use in the movie The Jesus Film which specifies that the Akha crucified Jesus.
Challenge racist commentary aimed at the Akha by white missionries.
Oppose speech or articles which intend to degrade the Akha and justify or cover up the exploitation of the Akha people for religious agendas.
Challenge YWAM Salem for video on which portrays the Akha race as evil.
YWAM Salem tries to sidestep the allegations of racism.
Review of Akha Jouranl 1 and 2 published in the Irrawaddy. (
Force the Thai Permanent Mission to the UN to make comments in defense of the Thai government's treatment of the Akha people and seizure of Akha lands by the Queen of Thailand.
File complaints with UK members of Parliament on the situation of the Akha people.
Supply medical equipment to facility in SE Asia.
Oppose Richard Haugland of the Haugland Foundation (An Oregonian registered in Wash. State) for his removal and abuse of Akha children to the Chiangmai Country Home as documented by volunteer workers.
Promote Akha tea and coffee projects where appropriate in Thailand.
Promote the use of the Akha spindle for spinners and weavers.
Document Akha cuture and music
Document Akha language
Work with Akhas from Burma, Thailand, Laos and China
Contribute to content of book: The Akha: Guardians of the Forest, by Jim Goodman
Document the theft and trafficking of Akha babies and children to the US. Investigate and locate numerous Akha (now grown women) who survived this experience in the US. Contact the FBI. Contact ICE and the State Department which express little to no interest in these human trafficking cases.

For documentation on any of these events contact us.
Get involved for Akha Human Rights.

Salem Keizer School District Superintendent Sandy Husk Silent on Racism
In a letter dated Nov. 5, Superintendent Sandy Husk states that what ever Phil Rodin says apart from his job is his free speech rights. We disagree. We find that hate speech, racist speech, is not acceptable anywhere, and Phil Rodin is not two people, the person who teaches at Sprague and the person who has off time. As Michu puts it, "He said it, he is the same guy who is teaching at Sprague, not some other guy."

Further, Superintendent Sandy Husk seems to think that she has the power to sidestep the entire official complaint process. She states the case is closed. The "Complaint Procedure" form from the school district clearly states that there is an official process and there is a chain of command above Sandy Husk's head that she appears to be forgetting, the Salem Keizer School Board. Further, the case is far from closed. We find the racist comments, the utterly stupid comments by Phil Rodin, that he will finance a mission that removes Akha children from their families, as an afront to us, to Michu, to the Akha people, as totally unacceptable for anyone who is teaching children in the Salem Keizer school district.

Never does Sandy Husk state the issue at hand, the content or implication of what Phil Rodin said. She also ignores our requests that were listed in the complaint. Sandy Husk and Sprague Principal Cheryl Bower are attempting to sweep this issue under the carpet.

Portland Indy Media article

Picture link of Sandy Husk:
Sandy Husk Pic

Sandy Husk Email

We will be picketing the Salem Keizer Offices

Salem Keizer Mission Statement
Our Mission
"value and celebrate diversity among people of all cultures and abilities;"
"refuse to tolerate racism, discrimination, harassment, and prejudice;"

So what happened?

Indochina's Oppressed Hill Tribes
Nov. 10, 2007
Paul Hunt
Ethnic minorities in the Indochina region of South-East Asia have for decades been struggling to survive. They are facing gross abuses of their fundamental rights, atrocities committed against their villages, and adverse "development programmes" perpetrated by nation-state officials, business interests, missionaries and NGOs who often do not consult honestly or openly with the ethnic minorities whose communities they disrupt.

Such insensitive and exploitative practices have caused the displacement, immeasurable suffering and dire impoverishment of tens of thousands of hill tribe minorities in the region. Yet this human tragedy has largely been ignored by the media and even by human rights groups. Burma has occasionally been in the spotlight because its illegal military regime has denied the people democratic rights and has few qualms about killing and imprisoning protesters and those who disagree with its brutal policies. A similar state of affairs exists in other nations of the region. Meanwhile, hill tribes have their villages destroyed, lands taken and people killed with impunity while the rest of the world seems hardly to bat an eyelid.

Full article:
Indochina's Oppressed Hill Tribes

Queen of Thailand Needs to Return the Land of the Akha People
The Queen of Thailand who has seized vast tracts of Akha land in the last three years, needs to return this land to the Akha people. A complaint has been filed with the UN office of HR. A letter of Allegation against the Thai government has been asked for.

The seizure of Akha lands by the Queen radically impoverishes the Akha. While missionries stay silent about these human rights abuses, they take Akha children as "orphans" (Chad case) and seperate them from the culture and identity as they did to Native Americans.

Two organizations involved with mission which conduct such activities are Salem Alliance church which supports Lori Crouch, a missionary in Thailand, and YWAM Salem. YWAM Thailand which Salem YWAM sends student volunteers to, operates Eden House which removes Akha teen age girls from their villages.

Phil Rodin Case Taken to the Salem Keizer Committe Level
Our complaint against Salem Keizer School District, Sprague High and Phil Rodin has been submitted to the Committee level of the Salem Keizer School District. We are asking that Phil Rodin be dismissed for his racist comments off campus about the Akha people.

Corban College and OMF:
Info Mekong Mission Web Places Racist Page About the Akha

Info Mekong Info Mekong website has maintained a page on the Akha that is racist and distorted. The page singles the Akha out as a group in hate speech that would be totally unacceptable in the US and other western countries.

Info Mekong is connected to the Joshua Project and OMF. OMF is connected to Corban College in Salem, Oregon, where Jim Morris is the OMF missionary in residence.

Page on the Akha:
Description of the Akha we reject

YWAM: Just like Akha Fake Orphanages
Chad Orphans Weren't Orphans

Chad Orphans Didn't Need Saving
Change the name from Chad to Akha and what the western missions are doing to the Akha in Thailand for decades is no less of a scandal.

So interesting all the people shuffling other people's children around, like institutional trafficking. The Akha children in north Thailand are no more orphans than the children from Chad but the churches keep getting away with claiming that the children they take and exploit, are orphans.

These "orphans" had at least one parent and or other relative.
Not Orphans

Sprague High Principal Sidesteps Racism Issue
Sprague High Principal Cheryl Bower sidesteps the issue of racism on the part of teacher Phil Rodin by claiming that his political and private religious views are his own rights, his rights to free speech, and not conducted during school hours.

The issue here however is race. Phil Rodin said that he likes what Vern's YWAM mission does. Vern is a white missionary who takes away Akha girls from their own families based on his own criteria. We oppose this activity as racism against the Akha by Vern and YWAM mission. Phil Rodin says he approves of this mission's actiivties. The Akha are Akha. They don't have to be like Vern or Phil. Its pretty arrogant for Vern, his wife and Phil to think that they are the powerful people who will dictate to the Akha what will be. Cheryl Bower is supporting this position.

Do the Akha have any say in this, what white people are allowed to do to them or not?
Cheryl Bower apparently agrees that this is just about politics and religion. In a way she is right. Vern and YWAM feel that their religion is superior to the relgion of the Akha and that this is a permit for removing children. At the same time, if a 1000 Akha came to her school, would she hold the same view? Or is it just about what one can get away with?

Does free speech give one the right to hate speech? If Phil Rodin is a spontaneous kind of racist while away from the classroom, does that make him fit to teach if he happens to plan on keeping it under wraps in the classroom? Would it be ok for Phil Rodin to belong to the KKK in his spare time and still teach students?

Hey, I'm going to support people who take away your children, from your racially inferior culture?

What we point out is that Phil Rodin's statements were aimed at a race of people, the Akha.
Phil Rodin stated that he examined the work Eden House does (taking away Akha girls) and would support them. This is in contrast to our statement that Eden House has no right to take away Akha girls and convert them, seperate them from their tribal culture and identity. Eden House portrays Akha culture as evil as compared to white culture.


Why would you say that you would support someone taking away other people's children without state authority, in a foreign country, people of another races, based on a video that presents very few facts but points the culture of the people out as evil compared to white culture?

Our statement to Cheryl Bower that she should take some action to make sure students get a balanced view was not of any value apparently. Cover it up. Gloss it over. Hope it goes away. Oh if it were that simple.

The formal complaint process form says that both parties should work to resolve the difference. Cheryl Bower has not offered any solution, just an evasion of the issue.

Does Cheryl Bower think that Phil Rodin's narrow world view is acceptable? Is she stating that what he thinks in his personal life would not carry over into the classroom? 1/2 time racist?

What would she say if Phil Rodin had stated that white families were justified in taking the children of black families away from them, because their culture was evil? We see no difference. We see it as racist.

We would note that students in the parking lot yelled insults at Michu as she was leaving the vehicle. Apparently Cheryl Bower's sees no connection. Is there no racism at Sprague?

Does Phil Rodin put nooses over people's trees only at half time?

Prisones of a White God
Here is a trailer for the movie "Prisoners of a White God". Produced by the well know Czech documentary maker Steve Lichtag and Tomas Ryska the movie will tell the tale of human rights violations against the Akha by western missionaries and aid workers.
One Nation WMV
One Nation MOV

As time goes on, the story of the tragedy of the Akha people is told to the world.

A short bio of Steve Richtag and his work

University of Oregon Daily Emerald -Lewis PhD.
Rescind. We present to the University of Oregon, Rescind the PhD. of Paul W. Lewis. The school paper printed a report on that presentation and we look forward to more progress as the drive picks up steam.

Mengele, where art thou? Institute of Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene?

Salem Alliance Picket Spreads to Other Area Churches
We are now taking the Salem Alliance picket to other area churches so that they will know what is going on. Today we picketed Salem Alliance and First Baptist Church.

What was interesting was that at both churches, the first attempt of some of the church people who approached us was to convert us to their way of seeing the "gospel". Anything to get off the subject at hand, the removal of Akha children by missionaries, the coercive conversion practices that Lori Crouch is connected to, trading land for conversion, burning traditional Akha items. The list goes on.

Some of the church people were genuinely interested to know what was going on. We had good conversations. Others were only interested to change the subject.

Discrimination against the Akha is an issue of race, not just religion.

We also continue to tell people about the YWAM video on

Out in front of First Baptist Church, other people came out and understood what we were talking about, the abuse of indigenous people by missionaries, the removal of Akha children. Others, no matter how passionate, were not able to understand.

We took the picket to other parts of downtown Salem, talking to a lot of people and passing out flyers. One man told us he lives at the Union Gospel Mission and that the Union Gospel Mission doesn't like Catholics and won't let a priest come in and hold mass for the Catholics staying there. Why in God's name are people giving money to the Union Gosple mission if this is their attitude?

We Are Seeking a Bus
We are seeking donors of a bus to the Akha Heritage Foundation. The bus is needed for an "Akha Human Rights" tour. If you have a bus, or know someone who might be in the position to donate a bus in running condition suitable for such use, please contact us. If missionaries taking away Akha children really bothers you, then what ever you are able to do in order to change that picture is appreciated. Your donation is tax deductable.

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