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Sanford-based New Tribes Mission sued for alleged sex abuse overseas
May 10, 2011
(When will the Akha get access to the courts like this?)
Sanford-based New Tribes Mission sued for alleged sex abuse overseas
View Complaint:
Complaint Againt New Tribes Mission for Sexual Abuse of Jane Doe, Philippines Mission Boarding School Aritao:
Complaint Against New Tribes Mission pdf
Plaintiff claims abuse for a decade at a New Tribes dorm for missionaries' children in the Philippines.

Orlando Sentinel
Plaintiff claims abuse for a decade at a New Tribes dorm for missionaries' children in the Philippines.
New Tribes Mission, one of the largest Christian missionary organizations in the world, was sued Monday in Seminole County by a woman who says she was raped repeatedly from age 8 while she lived in a dormitory for missionary children run by the Sanford-based group in the Philippines.

The allegation of systematic abuse was the second in two years, following New Tribes' admission in September that more than 50 children of missionaries had been sexually, physically or emotionally abused at a similar boarding school in Senegal in west Africa.

The lawsuit filed Monday by attorney Jeffery Herman of Miami accused New Tribes of investigating the rapes of "Jane Doe," now 35, and other youngsters without reporting the crimes to Philippine police. He is seeking at least $5 million in damages.

According to the lawsuit, a missionary serving as "Dorm Dad" at New Tribes' campus on the northern island of Luzon confessed to molesting 23 children before New Tribes sent him home in the 1990s.

The man resigned after returning to the U.S. The Orlando Sentinel is not identifying him because he hasn't been charged with a crime.

"It's bad enough these kids were abused at the hands of employees of New Tribes Mission, but covering it up for decades literally destroyed their lives," Herman said after filing the lawsuit in Sanford. "My client believes there are many, many other victims suffering in silence and hopes they will seek help."

New Tribes Mission declined to respond to questions until New Tribes spokeswoman Nita Zelenak returned to Sanford on Wednesday.

"I'm not aware of any other lawsuits against New Tribes," said Herman, who represents child sexual abuse victims in cases involving religious orders. "But I know there are a number of victims waiting to see how New Tribes responds."

Last year, New Tribes wrote on its website, "We are deeply saddened by the extent of the abuse."

The comment was in response to a report about widespread abuse of missionaries' children in Senegal documented by GRACE — Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment, a Virginia-based group.

New Tribes asked the group's director, former Orlando sex-crimes prosecutor Boz Tchividjian, to investigate victims' claims in 2009 that dated back to the early 1980s in Fanda, Senegal.

The GRACE review lasted 13 months and identified a dozen New Tribes employees accused of sexually molesting about two dozen children and physically or emotionally abusing 35 other children. Another seven were accused of covering up what happened.

GRACE recommended firing all of the abusers and creating a $1 million fund to help the victims.

The report, which didn't cover allegations of abuse in the Philippines, was highly critical of New Tribes' Senegal operations, which were run by a field committee of senior missionaries who claimed to speak for God.

Their decisions including placing children in the Fanda boarding school to double the mission's work force by sending their mothers as well as their fathers on missionary work.

"Thus, the children were viewed as a hindrance to the work of God," wrote Tchividjian, a grandson of evangelist Billy Graham. "On the field, mothers and fathers were warned against the idolatry of putting their own children at the center of their worlds and thereby making them little gods."

New Akha Song on Youtube
May 9, 2011
An Akha song performed in China.
Akha Song Youtube "Aryaev poq mir"

Akha Unspoken. A Video by Scott Christopherson
May 5, 2011
An intertesting video about the Akha people.
Akha Unspoken

The film is produced by the Akha Woman's Foundation - Winnie Cain. While it doesn't really go into the reasons for the pressure on the Akha to go to town for what ever reason (such as lack of land rights) the film gives glimpses in a sensitive way into the realities of the Akha with soft visuals, and slowed down film speed which gives more opportunity to study those visuals. You don't feel rushed along. The film does not try to be a final word on anything, or drive an agenda, but the stories are there if you know what to look for. The film is in Thai with background Akha and english subtitles. I think it is one good film to use for beginning discussions about the life of the Akha people. Once again, I would stress that real time tragedy drives many aspects of the life of the Akha, and this is worth keeping in mind. In this film, one tragedy mentioned is that this woman lost her partner, but this is not a normal house, so it begs the question how she got this house in the first place?

Akha Tour Guide Accused of Shooting Japanese
April 27, 2011
Bangkok Post

A tour guide in Chiang Rai has been arrested on charges connected to the shooting of two Japanese clients.
Apichat Inthisak, 41, a Chiang Rai tour guide, is detained by police after being accused of killing Takashi Kondo.
One was killed and the other injured. Meanwhile, a third Japanese man was on the run.
Police claim the dead man was a key member of a major crime syndicate in Japan.
Apichat Inthisak, 41, also known as Guide Tee, from Chiang Rai's Muang district, was arrested on Tuesday shortly after he allegedly shot dead Takashi Kondo, 44, and injured Hiromishi Nagano, 59, in a forest in Ban Pha Soet village in Muang district of Chiang Rai, police said.
Mr Apichat was arrested with a gun.
Mae Yao police, who responded to the call, said Kondo, a Japanese national, was shot once in the head and once in the torso with a 9mm handgun.
Police also found three backpacks near Kondo's body.
Kondo's friend, Hiromishi Nagano, 59, was seriously injured. He was shot in the head and torso, and taken to hospital. In one backpack, police found US$10,000 and 47 bullets. Mr Nagano was also carrying US$10,000 in cash at the time of the shooting.
Police arrested Mr Apichat at Akha Apae village in tambon Doi Hang, not far from the scene.
Police say the tour guide told them he was hired by the two Japanese men to drive them to a hilltribe village.
44, a suspected top member of a Japanese crime syndicate. He is also accused of shooting and injuring another Japanese man, Hiromishi Nagano, 59. PHOTOS BY CHINPAT CHAIMON
However, a quarrel broke out between them after he took a jeep to pick them up. Kondo was unhappy with him for turning up late.
Mr Apichat claimed Kondo drew his gun and shot at him.
The tour guide managed to dodge the bullet and fired back twice. He also shot Mr Nagano after he attempted to snatch his gun.
Police have yet to explain why Mr Apichat was found with a .38 gun when the dead man was shot with 9mm bullets.
Pol Maj Gen Adit claimed Kondo helped run the third largest drug trafficking ring in Japan.
They are now searching for a 72-year-old Japanese man, Ogasawara Nariyaki, thought to be connected to Kondo's crime ring. Mr Nariyaki disappeared from his apartment in Chiang Rai after the shooting.
Police are holding Mr Apichat at Muang Chiang Rai police station amid tight security.
In Bangkok, meanwhile, police have ordered Provincial Police Region 6 and Sukhothai police to revive an investigation into the murder of a Japanese woman in Sukhothai in May 2007.
Tomoko Kawashita, a Japanese tourist, was stabbed to death on Nov 25, 2007 at Sukhothai Historical Park during the Loy Krathong festival.
Editor's Note: Many oddities to this story.

Day 5 Akha of Asia Jan. 2011
April 24, 2011

A trip to the Akha museum in China which is quite nice and sports a library of books on the Akha all in Chinese, and also a lot of information on Akha personalities in China. Collections of Akha textiles and tea. Worth the visit. And then the day visiting Akha villages and settling down to dinner and some Akha singing.
Day 5 Akha of Asia Jan. 2011

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism ABWE hires G.R.A.C.E. to investigate allegations of sexual abuse involving mission doctor in Bangladesh Donn Ketcham
April 17, 2011

G.R.A.C.E. has become a bit of an emergency switch for missionary kids who were abused at mission schools. Too bad the Akha kids don't have the same kind of access.
ABWE hires G.R.A.C.E. on April 12, 2011

An Investigative Report on the Missionary Bobby Morse Sex Abuse Case
April 12, 2011

This report was forwarded to us from Thailand and we have just now gotten it translated. It is our understanding that a number of the girls involved reportedly went with Bobby Morse to the Mae Taeng Police Station and dropped the charges, saying the case was "just a joke". Well, apparently it is to some. Missionary Bobby Morse runs the North Burma Christian Mission.
North Burma Christian Mission

24 April 2552

Re: Progress Report on the case of a foreigner sexual assault on tribal children

To: Director of the Akha Cultural Association of Chiang Rai Province

In regard to your instructions to follow up on the case of Mr. Robert "Bobby" Morse, Jr, 55 years old, American citizen and chairman of the Nanaphao Foundation and Mr. Chailong Siriwongse, 49 years old, dorm father for the Nanaphao Foundation, who have been accused of immoral actions with children, hill tribes girls, in their care, under the age of 15 years old: From my investigations, I have discovered that the girls are:

1. Miss 1
2. Miss 2
3. Miss 3
4. Miss 4
5. Miss 5
6. Miss 6
7. Miss 7

I consulted with Mr. A, Director of x, who took the victims to report the crime. He gave me the names and addresses of the victims as well as a contact number for Mr. B. From our conversations regarding the facts, I learned that Miss 1 went to work with her older sister in Nakhorn Sawan Province after the incident in question, and quit her studies. It is not known when she will return home.

From my consultations with Miss C, a social worker from Ching Chai Children and Family House in Chiang Mai, who interviewed all the children, I found out that this case was reported to the Mae Taeng Police Station, Chiang Mai Province, in February 2550 by Ban Ching Chai in cooperation with the Ban Soppeung Witthaya School. Then, in 2552, it was possible to arrest Mr. Morse and Mr. Chailong, the accused perpetrators.

Miss C also told me that she and Mr. A who took the seven children in to report the crime, are now both defendants in a law suit. Mr. Morse and Mr. Chailong, who are people of influence in Mae Suai Sub-district, Mae Suai District, took four of the girl victims to be witnesses in their suit. The girls changed their stories; all four of them have accused the social worker and the Director of the school of being behind the accusations, having told the girls what to say. Moreover, the girls also said that the reason they made accusations against Mr. Morse and Mr. Chailong was that they had been threatened by the school that if they refused to say that they had been indecently assaulted, they would not get passing grades. Their retraction of their previous testimony has resulted in the social worker and the Director of the school now being the accused.

From confidential investigations, I have learned that all three of the Nanaphao Foundation branches in Chiang Mai Province have a Police Colonel on their board. This Police Colonel is very influential and is defered to and highly respected by the officials in the Police District 5 Headquaters. This has been another reason that our investigations have not moved forward. Mr. Morse and Mr. Chailong posted bail and at this time all three branches of the foundation are still operating under new management. At this time, no one knows where Mr. Morse is located.

In my investigations in the village from which these girls come, I was not able to meet with the victims. But from my questions to their relatives that were home, each and every one of them refused to speak about this situation, especially in Mr. D's village, who is one of the accused. It was as if all the people had been pressured or paid off; no one would give any details or even speak about this case. They would only say that they had no knowledge about it.
End of Document.

A letter from Bobby Morse to supporters explains the aftermath of the hushed up case:
Dear Friends and Faithful Supporters and Prayer Partners,


After nearly 10 months or so, it is good to finally be able to announce to you that the court has dropped the alleged false charges of child molestation of under-aged girls at the Mae Teng Hostel! After reviewing the evidence, the court has determined that the teachers intentionally brought false charges against me and my dorm parent by coercing, intimidating and forcing the girls who were under-age at the time to make false testimonies and claims that they had been inappropriately touched. That court has determined that there is no evidence to that charge. In fact, when the allegations were finally made by the teachers (2 years after the initial charge by the teachers to the police) and not by the kids or their parents, and the media had their day with this news, it was the four girls themselves and their parents who became irate and very upset and came to the defense of myself and the hostel parent.

The girls, who had transferred back to their home village schools, from the school where the teachers had made the initial false charges were now two years older and were out from the daily intimidation and when they saw the allegations in the news papers and TV, came forward and gave new-fresh testimony incriminating the teachers who had made these false allegations and charges.

I want to thank all of you who had confidence in my integrity and me and stood by me in prayer and support. I feel a real sense of relief and vindication. Indeed, I feel like a great burdensome cloud has lifted off my shoulders. I thank God for His goodness, mercy and grace. I know this has come about due to your many constant prayers. So, thank you!!! The spiritual battle is still not over yet, so please continue to pray for me, my wife and our children and this ministry to the Tribal Children and the new Video ministry called GospelVision Ministries. Concerning these false allegations, we know that this was a frontal attack by the enemy, Satan. So, lets not let down our guards but continue to persevere and be fervent in our prayers for God's continual protection and guidance and continue to run the race towards that finish line.

I will admit there were moments I thought what's the use of praying? I found myself sometimes even saying; God knows everything, yet he tarries! So, what's the use? Well, I'm glad you all continued to pray when I was wavering. So again, thank you from the depths of my heart for your confidence and prayers. There were many months I felt alone and since I had this media gag, imposed by the lawyer, and couldn't speak about these charges, it made things worst. I thank Tassanee my wife and Melody and Bert our children who stood by me in thick and thin.

Many of you have no doubt read and heard of these charges and were curious and perhaps were even upset or doubtful due to the media blackout. I'm very sorry for that. I will try to start up the newsletters and regular reports again. I thank Joshua and Krystle for doing a good job of passing on tidbits to many of you through his letters and emails.

I am now ready to put this whole incident behind me and go forward with the work, which is before us. Throughout this ordeal, I never missed a day of work and have continued to work with the Hostel kids here in Chiangmai while I felt the need to close down the Maeteng Hostel due to the attitude of the Teachers in those schools there. I felt the teachers were very hostile to our children and me and didn't want to put the kids in an environment of constant intimidation and ridicule. So, I closed the Maeteng Hostel.

Throughout this ordeal, I also continued to work with my staff, working on video dubbing projects and completed dubbing the book of ACTS and are presently half finished dubbing the book of MATTHEW as well. During this time, we also recorded and finished a series of sermons on Thanks giving in the Lisu language. We also recorded and a number of DVDs of a Lisu Choir in China and a number of other sermons including a sermon by myself.

There is so much work ahead of us that I feel we can't loose a day so are already making future plans including a seminar in China on Discipleship. We are also planning a trip into China to deliver equipment and set up a recording studio as well as do more Video and Audio recording/editing training in China. We then plan to dub the book of John in China by May and June of 2010.

This weekend we are having our annual Hostel Christmas celebrations. We will have a sermon and performances by the kids on Saturday evening followed by services Sunday morning. Would appreciate your prayers as we are hoping to have a baptismal service following the Sunday service.

Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, so I want to take this opportunity to wish every one of you a wonderful and Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!! I just wish the very best for you and your family and loved ones and that you will be blessed with good health, happiness, success and an improved economy. That the God that sent Angels to appear to the shepherds to declare the Good News that a Savior was born would appear to you in a very personal and tangible way and bring Joy and Happiness into your home and your lives.

Again, I just wanted to let you know from me that the charges against me have been dropped. We are now just waiting for the formal notification of the court's verdict. So thanks again for your continued support and prayers. God bless you all.
End of Bobby Morse Letter

Commentary on Bill Young
April 8, 2011

Just some commentary on the Bill Young thing. One, we know a lot of fake suicides happen in Thailand when it's time for someone to move on. Some people speculate that Bill Young didn't kill himself but a clean up crew did it so that he wouldn't blabber about the Nugan Hand Bank and other antics he knew about. Like a whole lot of rogue CIA people might have to change their shorts afterwards.

The other thing we note about his involvement with the DEA was that during the ongoing years of the drug war the Thai Army and Police and Border Patrol were wholesale slaughtering Hmong, Mien, Akha, Lahu and others. Thousands. Many shot at point blank range. The army later said many of them were innocent, one of the reasons for due process. The DEA was providing listening gear and other logistical help for the so called "drug war". Check out Task Force 399 in Mae Rim. Bill Young was certainly in the loop. So what gives that this CIA DEA James Bond stood by while many of his "hill tribe friends" got murdered? If you want to see what it looks like when they got murdered, go here:
Hill Tribe Death Pics

Some have said his executioners were kind enough to let him hold a crucifix while they cleaned up his mess.

Maybe when you murder the wrong people, even hill tribe, they come back looking for you.

CIA DEA Missionary Drug Runner and Hired Killer Bill Young Killed Himself
April 6, 2011

Upon news of Bill Young killing himself, this email came to me this evening:
A quote from a friend who worked with Bill Young:
"This is a fitting end to the man who slapped my face and who caused me to be room confined when I decked him. He was the sonofabitch that, in the exuberance of my youth, I challenged to a duel. Of course, that never happened. I was too romantic, I guess. But I would have killed him. There are only two people I want to piss on their graves. One is Ted Weldon, the other, this guy. A more worthless son of a bitch I have never met. And, my dear, dear friend, if you wish to quote me on this, you have my express permission to do so."

"What goes around comes around"
CIA Suicide After a Life of God and Guns

Wednesday, 6 April 2011, 10:34 am
By Richard S. Ehrlich

BANGKOK, Thailand -- William Young, a former U.S. Central Intelligence Agency paramilitary commander who spied on China and used tribesmen to kill Communists in Laos during the 1960s, died at home of a bullet to the head, clutching a crucifix alongside a gun, prompting speculation that he committed suicide. He was 76.

"Killing was part of the job", Mr. Young told Edward Loxton, who said he had interviewed Mr. Young extensively.

Mr. Young "became a top CIA Vietnam War-era hit-man in the jungles of Burma, Laos and Thailand," Mr. Loxton wrote on Monday (April 4) in The First Post, a British publication.

"Mr. Young was in poor health," said Susan Stevenson, the U.S. consul general in Thailand's northern town of Chiang Mai, where Mr. Young died on Friday (April 1).

Police said he died of a gunshot wound to the head, with a pistol next to his right hand while his left hand clutched a crucifix, according to news reports.

"In many ways, Mr. Young's exploits in this part of the world mirrored those of the U.S.," the American consul said in a statement dated Monday (April 4).

"After a tour with the U.S. Army in Germany, Mr. Young joined the CIA, which -- given his language skills and knowledge of this part of the world -- posted him to Bangkok in 1958. He was soon sent to back to Chiang Mai, from where he directed case officers in villages in Burma and Laos," she said.

"Mr. Young's failure to stop the [opium] trafficking is part of what made him a controversial character."

He was born on Oct. 28, 1934 in Berkeley, California.

God and guns played an important role throughout Mr. Young's life.

He grew up in Burma, a country later known as Myanmar, where his grandfather worked from the 1880s onward as an American Baptist missionary, converting indigenous people.

Mr. Young's ancestors converted many Lahu and other tribal people to Christianity, though many of them never fully renounced their spirit-based animist beliefs, rituals and customs.

The family's extensive knowledge of the region's tribes and languages enabled Mr. Young's evangelical father, Harold, to join the CIA when Washington needed help rearming the defeated Kuomintang (KMT) National Chinese army during the 1950s to destabilize victorious Mao Zedong's Communist China.

Alongside Harold Young's Shan and Lahu tribesmen in Burma, the KMT were directed from around Chiang Mai in Thailand, up through northeast Burma's Shan state, into southern China's Yunnan province.

Able to speak several tribal languages, William Young joined the CIA to continue his father's work sending guerrillas and spies into China.

Mr. Young also organized minority tribes in a doomed "secret war" in Laos in the 1960s against Communist Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese forces, during a widening U.S.-Vietnam War.

"Young was instructed to build up a hill tribe commando force for operations in the [Laos, Burma, China] tri-border area, since regular Laotian army troops were ill-suited for military operations in the rugged mountains," wrote Alfred W. McCoy in his book, The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia.

In 1962, Mr. Young's work was "to organize the building of runways, select base sites, and perform all the other essential tasks connected with forging a counter-guerrilla infrastructure" in northwest Laos and northeast Burma.

His base in Nam Yu, Laos, also "served as CIA headquarters for cross-border intelligence forays deep into southern China," wrote Mr. McCoy, a history professor at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

"After a year of recruiting and training agents, William Young had begun sending the first Lahu and Yao teams into China in 1963."

By 1964, Mr Young was in "command of paramilitary operations" in northwest Laos, according to Mr. McCoy.

"Bill Young had organized a force of several thousand part-time militiamen, some of them Yao [tribe], the rest from other ethnic groups," wrote U.S. author Roger Warner, in his book Shooting at the Moon: The Story of America's Clandestine War in Laos.

"No other American was as gifted at collecting intelligence information, and no other American had so many good-looking women parading through his bedroom every day, for free," Mr. Warner wrote.

Mr. Young's deadliest legacy in Laos came when he endorsed Long Cheng village as the best possible airstrip for the CIA, empowering Americans to obliterate the tiny landlocked nation for years with aerial bombardments.

"Young had not selected Long Cheng for its breathtaking scenery. What attracted him was the plateau's protective barrier of mountains, making it a difficult place for the communists to attack," wrote Keith Quincy, chair of the department of government at Eastern Washington University.

"Within two years, the CIA would begin to expand Long Cheng's airstrip into a mile-long, asphalt, all-weather runway...becoming by the mid-1960's one of the largest American military installations on foreign soil. Toward the end of the war, air traffic at the CIA base was heavier than at Chicago's O'Hare International airport.

"Eventually, Long Cheng would outgrow its original design as a secret CIA paramilitary training center. By war's end, Long Cheng had a population of nearly 50,000, making it the second largest city in Laos," Mr. Quincy wrote in his book, Harvesting Pa Chay’s Wheat: The Hmong & America's Secret War In Laos.

Before quitting the CIA in 1967, Mr. Young also worked alongside the CIA's mercenary Hmong tribal leader Gen. Vang Pao who died, aged 81, in California in January.

Thousands of CIA-paid tribesmen and countless civilians died in Laos before the U.S. war ended in failure in 1975 when Communists in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia seized power and set up repressive regimes which further destroyed those three countries.

Orphans of the Drug War
April 6, 2011
While this article is from 2004, I think it gives just one more important angle on what the children of people killed in the 2003 drug war in Thailand are facing.
Orphans of the Drug War

CIA DEA Missionary Officer Drug Runner Bill Young is Dead
April 4, 2011
We noted with interest that Bill Young passed away this week end.
CIA Officer Bill Young Dies

Our Links from the past at to Bill Young:
Bill Young at
Search for Bill Young

But we also noted that his passing was posted to the US Consulate's website with details of his life in north Thailand as a CIA officer. What is most interesting is that he is mentioned as part of the "War on Drugs" when in fact he was the biggest opium trafficker out of Luang Namtha, Laos during the Vietnam war.
The Politics of Heroin in SE Asia

A quote from the Consulate article:
"Mr. Young is also mentioned in Douglas Valentine's "The Strength of the Wolf: The Secret History of America's War on Drugs as putting his childhood Lahu friends into a strategic intelligence network in southern China to photograph Chinese engineers and soldiers building a road to Thailand. His connections to the tribesmen were clearly essential to his success as a CIA officer."

So there you have it, a missionary family, a CIA officer, the drug trade, and of course the ongoing drug war in Laos where villagers are pushed into poverty while the massive drug trade in Afghanistan rages during a full occupation by American and Nato forces, many of the drug warlords actually on the US security payroll. As well the war on drugs in Thailand continues, the Akha are often a target of this war, while issues of land rights are ignored and US missionaries continue to prey on children of Akha families with the comment, "their parents are involved in drugs." Well, so was CIA officer Bill Young.

I recall being in Chiangmai when a Thai Intelligence Colonel stopped me on the road and said that he had someone he wanted me to talk to. He pulled out his phone, pressed one of several phone numbers for Bill Young and handed me the phone. And there was Bill Young. His first comment was that he was upset that had an article about his being kicked out of Burma for being involved in the CIA and the drug trade. I told him I put the article there because I thought it was true based on what I was seeing. He avoided a bit then said it would be quite impossible. I made him no offer to take it down unless he could refute it. We talked further at length on a nearby phone and the Colonel went on his way. But Bill never convinced me with any evidence that he had not been in the drug trade in Laos and Burma. The christian Lahu in Thailand and Burma continue to have deep connections to the drug trade. Little wonder.

Hilltribe hits a high point
April 4, 2011
US Consulate in Chiangmai, Thailand funds Akha culture
Hill tribe hits a high point
Consulate Akha Grant pdf

We are glad to see the Chiangmai Consulate and US consul-general Susan Stevenson involved in helping to protect Akha culture. The action is long overdue, considering that it is predominantly US missioanries who have been brutalizing the Akha people for a good three decades in northern Thailand.

"The attache said Ban Doi Chang has the largest population of any Akha village in Thailand. While most villagers have converted to Christianity, 183 households still practise a relatively complete set of Akha traditions."
Aje of Akha Outreach has made a major effort to overrun the traditional Akha of Doi Chang. Aje is married to the American Nancy and trained under (CIA) Paul W. Lewis, the Baptist missionary who sterilized hundreds of Akha women to control their population for the Thai government.

Support This Site
Akha Books on Amazon
March 22, 2011
You will notice that there are now many Akha related books on this site that take you to a sales link on Amazon. First this will help you if you are new to the subject of the Akha people and secondly it will help support the cost of maintaining this site. Other books shown will be related to the drug war, Thailand and the region as related to the Akha cause.

I am also working on a project to get a lot of Akha books that we have published back in print. Quite a few when I add them all up.

Ride for Freedom, The Book, The Movie
March 22, 2011
I have had my nose to the grind stone getting video files, photo files, archival video tapes and hundreds of photos from 20 years ready for the documentary about the Ride for Freedom which is ultimately about the Akha. I am also working to get all the journals from the Ride for Freedom typed up, and all the other notes organized. Meanwhile I keep writing out chapter after chapter of the trip, so we got a couple different things going on here that will all come together in the final manuscript. To be on the safe side I'd say don't expect to see anything for at least a year.

"Undeveloped" Akha Never built a Nuclear Reactor
March 12, 2011
While the western world claims the Akha and other indigenous are "backwards" and "undeveloped" people it is the western world busy blowing the earth up and endangering ALL HUMAN LIFE with their so called DEVELOPMENTS.

Video Day 4 Akha Asia Jan 2011
March 2011
Video Day 4 Akha Asia Jan 2011

Video Day 3 Akha Mountain Festival 2011
March 2011
Video Day 3 Akha Mountain Festival 2011

Teaching in Traditional Societies
March 2011
I find this booklet interesting as it encourages the indigenous to hold onto their traditions. As the world goes into upheaval over food shortages the Akha have a lot more to offer the world on survival techniques than the world has given them credit for.
Teaching in Traditional Societies

Salem Weekly Article
March 2011
Local Activist Tackles Missionaries in Thailand

Video Day 2 Akha Festival 2011
Feb. 2011
Join us for more of the Akha New Year Festival celebrations in this latest video we have uploaded. These people really know how to sport their culture and celebrate. Lots of color, lots of music, lots of dance. Eight more videos coming as I can get them edited.
Video Day 2 Akha Festival 2011

Akha New Testament Free On Line PDF
Feb. 2011
One of our concerns with the missions has been that they have always controlled access to the Akha Bible so that only certain groups would have copies. This was due to competition between the denominations and missions. This was standard procedure in the early 1990's with the Akha New Testament. And then later with the translation of the Old Testament, which elders had say about the translation etc. We have asked for years for electronic copies of the Akha Bible so that access at least on line would be free to anyone who wanted to look at it. Now we have the Akha New Testament on line.
Akha New Testament

If you have access to an electronic copy of the whole Akha Bible or the Old Testament, or PDF then please send it to us, Thank You.

Video Day 1 Akha Asia Trip 2011
Feb. 2011
A trip through Asia with the Akha people including the New Year Festival.
Video Day 1 Akha Asia Trip 2011

Christian Doctrine Fueled Dehumanization: UNPFII Report
Jan. 2011
A report from the UNPFII last year pointed out that the doctrine of the Papal Bulls fueled the dehumanization of native peoples by those who claimed to "discover" them.
Christian Doctrine Fueled Dehumanization: UNPFII Report

The Doomsday Project
Jan. 2011
The Doomsday Project, Deep Events, and the Shrinking of American Democracy
Peter Dale Scott
I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency [the National Security Agency] and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision, so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return."
-- Senator Frank Church (1975)

In recent years I have become more and more concerned with the interactions between three important and alarming trends in recent American history. The first is America's increasing militarization, and above all its inclination, even obsession, to involve itself in needless and pernicious wars. The second, closely related, is the progressive shrinking of public politics and the rule of law as they are subordinated, even domestically, to the requirements of covert U.S. operations abroad.
Read More: The Doomsday Project

Paul and Lori Vernon's Secret HOUSE in their CAPTIVE Akha village
Jan. 2011 from somewhere in Akha Land.
More Pics of Paul and Lori Vernon's House
Wow, look at this! You won't see these pics on or on Paul or Lori's Facebook account. I wonder why? Lords of the Poor. Truth is you can't say much of anything about the TRUTH if you are in the BUSINESS that Paul and Lori are in, making the Akha out to be poor while living the good life with house and maid, all paid for by the donors who claim to want to help poor people while REALLY HELPING one of their OWN.

Word has it on the blogs that the old pastor wants to come back to the village and take over again, no wonder, he isn't blind to how the wealth is carefully spread to just a few places. Paul and Lori are trying to learn about Akha culture. Even the sign at the road says "Conserve Aka Culture". Yeah, this looks like it. Looks like they are saving missionary culture first and foremost. They will tell you the poor Akha are poor, that they are without the love of god, that they live in darkness and bondage, that they worship demons, that they in danger of being exploited. Well we'd like to invite Paul and Lori to leave Thailand just one more time, to go find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (and god's will) somewhere else. Keep in mind, this village of traditional Akha were moved here onto land bought by church donors in the US, but were not given paper to the land their houses are on. Then after the move Ajay from Akha Outreach Services (funded also by Twin Falls, Idaho reformed church) burned their cultural items, tore down their swing and gate and pronounced himself Lord over this village. In an interview the Akha said they would be "hit" if they talked about it.

By the way, Twin Falls, Idaho is the town that sent the missionaries to Haiti to rip off Akha kids, a business Ajay has been in for years, gathering Akha kids, telling the churches they are orphans, when they are not.
See this: Twin Falls Church Supports Destruction of Akha Culture
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Abuse victim files suit against Presbyterian Church
Dec. 19, 2010

Their Other Gospel
Dec. 17, 2010
A great blog on YWAM in Thailand, What they are up to.
Or download the pamphlet at this site:

US to approve Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Dec. 17, 2010
Too bad the US had to be last, drug kicking and screaming into recognizing the indigenous.

Presbyterian Mission Sex Abuse Report October 2010 PDF
Dec. 15, 2010
Of particular note, Pages 293-302 are about abuse cases in Thailand.
If you read this report, and you have any doubts about what the conditions are for the thousands of Akha children who have been taken from their parents across language and cultural lines into American missionary schools in Thailand, who are NOT missionaries' kids, and who have little to NO one representing them..... If you think that these Akha children are some how better protected from this kind of unadulterated abuse, if you think that what happened in Haiti is not happening fifty times over in Thailand, well then you just don't get it.

This 6.2 megabyte file, that you can download and keep, this 568 page report on sexual abuse of mission kids in just one mission denomination. Take a hundred missions and multiply this. ACF and NCA sexual abuse reports, not near as thorough or conscience felt at this, but just multiply the numbers, this is the size of the problem out there. And the missions who take Akha kids are answerable to no one.

The Global War on Tribes
Dec. 6, 2010
In this article by Zoltan Grossman, the empire building intentions of the US are clearly spelled out, making sense of missionary behavior in Thailand among the Akha. No independent indigenous left to themselves to rule themselves, take over everything, gain control of the resources. The self happy missionary can think they are doing some good for Jesus but in the end they are the ones that don't know that they are being used by a machine to deprive the indigenous of everything they have. Despite glaring proof of what is going on, such as this article, missionaries willingly go along or buy deeper and deeper into denial of what is going on. They supervise genocide, they implement genocide, they are the field agents of genocide and have no escape from their deeds.

This article is an excellent reference point to the actions of US missions amongst the Akha, from Paul W. Lewis to Paul and Lori Vernon, cutely hid in their village, running a mission and a website totally devoid of the facts on the ground, carefully only displaying the curtain on the theatre stage that hides their brutal deeds in overrunning a people for the needs of statist empire.

We continue to focus on a number of specific missions who are the ringleaders of a very large movement to destroy Akha independence and security. First is Paul and Lori Vernon of (You have to paste in this link yourself as Paul and Lori have it rigged so that you can not get to their site off of our site - gee what ARE they hiding). Paul and Lori are working for Akha Outreach run by Ajay who was trained by the sterilization specialist Paul W. Lewis who got his Ph.D. at the Univ. of Oregon.

Children of the Golden Triangle is another mission, this one supported by the likes of Rotary 5100 in the northwest, governed by Kristi Halvorson of Kruse Way Lake Oswego Rotary.

When we read this, it becomes very clear, in what is often lawless Thailand, that the missionaries can do what ever they want to these Akha people while the State Department may very well just stand by and laugh at how fast their goals are being met. Grossman points out very clearly what we have seen happening on the ground in Thailand to the Akha people.

"But to U.S. counterinsurgency tacticians, the ideology is secondary. The real primary threat is that the people retain a tribal identity and allegiance—an identity that has not been formed or encouraged by capitalism. The goal of the Pentagon and CIA is either to harness tribal loyalties to weaken their enemies, or to destroy tribal identity. Even in supporting tribal allies for their own ends, they may end up destroying the tribes in the process"

"The tribal regions still retain forms of social organization that has not been solely determined by capitalism. In her anthology Paradigm Wars, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Chair of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, comments that “promoters of economic globalization, the neocolonizers, use the overwhelming pressure of homogenization to teach us that indigenous political, economic and cultural systems are obstacles to their ‘progress.’” (p. 14)."
"The salient point is not that all tribal cultures are paradise, but that they are not capitalist, and neoliberal capitalism cannot stand anything other than Total Control."
"Tauli-Corpuz concludes that Indigenous peoples “believe they already constitute a viable alternative to globalization, underpinned by the fundamental values of reciprocity…community solidarity and collectivity” (p. 218)."

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