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Review of "Prisoners of a White God"
Video Review "Prisoners of a White God pdf

The Akha Way
"The AKHA WAY presents a powerful political and ecological perspective on indigenous people in developing nations. The images of the Akha and their natural habitat are wonderful. A great program for learning about cultural and environmental issues."

Manuel Lizarralde
Assistant Professor in Anthropology and Botany
Connecticut College
For a thousand years, the Akha people have inhabited the hills of Asia--mainly Southern China, Burma and Northern Thailand. The Akha Way, or Akhazaunh, is the code by which they live. This documentary describes their origins and their culture. It contains extraordinary footage of a shaman healing ceremony; a funeral, with the ritual sacrifice of a water buffalo; the reading of a pig's liver after a new house is built, and more.
Today the Akha Way is in danger of disappearing. The program shows how forced migration, Christianity, money and drugs are eroding the cultural heritage of the Akha tribe.
Produced by Yellow Cat Productions, Matthew McDaniel & Sharon Hainsfurther
Running time: 25:07


Deceptive Bandit Videos
The following videos have used misleading information about the Akha or other indigenous peoples to further the white mission agenda.

The Jesus Film - Jesus Film Project and Campus Crusade
The End of the Spear - Steve Saint
The Enemy God - 10X Productions

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