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Welcome to Akha TV

We are just getting started but we begin our venture with Akha TV. Keep watching, and keep sending us email. Support this project as we buy gear and improve our capacity and content.

Please look at our large collection of videos about Akha life and the troubles they face. As you can see, we have much to do and there is much worth saving. We know that we must concentrate on raising awareness and funding. If you can help out in any way, please do get in touch.

Akha TV Program 1
23 meg mov file.
This is the beginning of Akha TV.
A quiet start up discussion of projects that we are working on.
Akha TV Program 1 Nov. 2006

Akha TV 2
Our questions for UNESCO Bangkok as to why they are partnered with four mission organizations when they are suppose to be promoting and protecting Akha culture??? New Life Foundation, Grace Project, World Concern, SIL. 56 meg .mov
Akha TV: Our questions for UNESCO. Dec 19, 2006

Akha TV 3
Fundraising strategies to help the Akha. 8.8 meg .mov
Akha TV 3: The War is NOT Over

Akha TV 4
Akha Crab Hunt 35 meg .mov
Akha TV 4: Akha Crab Hunt

Akha TV 5
Rotary 100 Phoenix. We approach Rotary 100 Phoenix about Rotary International supporting David Stevenson's CGT mission in Thailand, giving him large sums of cash, for taking Akha children away from their mountain villages. Rotary has never answered clearly to our replies, and Rotary 100 Phoenix has not answered our emails. Here is the movie. To grow in length. 13 meg .mov
Akha TV 5: Rotary 100 Phoenix and CGT Mission

Akha TV 6
This program is about the case of Amue Athu in the Singapore Prison. (Ms. Meitinee Wongsa) and how her case has now gone to the Supreme Court of Singapore. We also discuss UNESCO, New Life Foundation and CGT mission in Thailand supported by Rotary International 52 meg .mov
Akha TV 6: Amue Athu's case goes to the Singapore Supreme Court

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