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Tourism and Eco Tourism

Luang Namtha Eco Tourism - The Other Side of the Story
A Report on Eco Tourism by Chris Lytlleton
While this report promotes tourism in the area as good, in fact the report says many things about what the Akha are not in control of, visible to the skilled observer. Moneys are put into a fund. Moneys for the Eco Tourism agencies and operators they get equally and immediately. The Akha do not get this. The fund was not designed by them but by the outside exploiting white people.
Tourism and the Akha
Eco Tourism and the Greening of Hate
Ethnic Tourism in Northern Thailand - Applies to Laos
Eco Tourism - Do We Need It?
Eco Tourism and the Indigenous
Globalization, Tourism and Indigenous Peoples
Tourism as Charity?

Tourism Monitoring Agencies
T.I.M. Team Tourism Investigation and Monitoring Team
Tourism Concern

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