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Tourism Activism T.I.M. Team - Tourism Monitoring

Tourism Monitoring Organization

This Thailand based organization presents tourism articles in a developmental and environmental context, the bi-monthly bulletin New Frontiers that monitors tourism development in Southeast Asia's Mekong region, as well as tourism-related statements and action alerts. It focuses on tourism issues affecting local communities and the natural environment and highlights voices who usually have little opportunity to influence policy-making structures.
t.i.m.-team was formed in 1994 as an independent research and monitoring initiative to provide information for public use and to engage in campaigns for social and ecological justice in tourism and development. 
 t.i.m.-team has been active in the Global Anti-Golf Movement (GAG'M) by contributing research and documentation on golf and tourism-related developments worldwide.  t.i.m.-team produces the newsletter new frontiers which highlights the issues of tourism, development and environment in the Southeast Asian Mekong sub-region.
t.i.m.-team critically reviews concepts and policies promoting 'alternative' forms of tourism, projected as responsible, sustainable, eco-, fair, etc.
t.i.m.-team is coordinated by Anita Pleumarom who has worked with public interest groups and as an author
based in Bangkok, Thailand.
Contact: P.O.Box 51 Chorakhebua, Bangkok
10230, Thailand,

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