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Medical Documents

Errors in the 1984 Gallo AIDS paper
The controversy on HIV to AIDSThai Language Document, Footnotes are in English
Document on Autism relationship to Vaccines, Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine HCG
The Inherent Racism of Population Control"Someone else's" population
Anti Fertility Vaccine
Anti Pregnancy Vaccine
Apartheid of Medicine
A Stealth Vaccine?
Autism and Vaccines
Cord Care and the Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine
Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin Vaccine
The Safety of Vaccines?
Tetanus Toxoid Contamination and Canadian Vaccine Labs
Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine Contamination in the Philippines
The Tetanus Toxoid Scam
Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine Tampered With?
Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine
Vaccine Links
Vaccines and the Canadian Indians
Vaccines - More Harm Than Good?
Untimely Cut - Paul W. Lewis and the Sterilization of Akha Women
Child Health Inequalities pdf
Morgellans and Genetically Modified Foods?

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