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The Tetanus Toxoid Scam

Non Voluntary Vaccinations of Akha Women
Possibility of link to In-utero deaths among Akha women which are frequent in this region.

This vaccination given twice to three times during pregnancy.
Akha women in Thailand say that if they object they are told that they will not be given identity papers for their child when born.

human Chorionic Gonadotrophin

Excerpted from Health Wars by Phillip Day ( 


   An Overview of the Question of Immunisation 



[When hCG is combined with Tetanus Toxoid it can cause confusion to the immune system and attack the natural hormone
needed to sustain a pregnancy, causing a miscarriage - spontaneous abortion.]

[WHO Birth Control Vaccine Trials use Tetanus Toxoid and hCG]

   On 21st January 1995, Sister Mary Pilar Verzosa RGS, of Pro-Life 
   Philippines, Pandacan, Manila, wrote a letter to Judi Brown, President of 
   the American Life League. The letter contained an alarm, which has since 
   been sounded across the globe. Part of this letter reads as follows:  

   "At present we are doing research on the tetanus vaccines that were given 
   last March 1994 by our Dept of Health to women of reproductive age. Many of 
   the women complained of bleeding (miscarriages) and allergies. We got 
   alarmed recently when we received communications from Magally Llaguno that 
   the vaccine in Mexico contained hCG... if you have enough [research] 
   papers, could your group do a press release via international press like 
   Reuters so that all countries could be alerted?"[1]  

   The substance in question found in the vaccine was human Chorionic
   Gonadotrophin.  Professional pharmacologist Judith Richter writes thus: 
   "hCG is released by the fertilised egg cell soon after fertilisation and 
   continues to be produced by the placenta. It stimulates the corpus luteum 
   in the ovary to continue to produce progesterone." [2]  

   >From this, most would be led to believe that the presence of hCG in a 
   tetanus vaccine would actually have a beneficial effect on the overall 
   health of the female recipient.  However, such hCG is not that of a 
   pregnant woman's own embryo and actually causes antibodies to be created 
   that see the embryo or foetus as a foreign body and repel it through 
   miscarriage. Thus hCG acts as a chemical abortion agent, and in the case of 
   it being given to girls of reproductive age who are not pregnant, hCG 
   likewise causes prevention of all fertilisations and therefore acts as a 
   sterilising agent. Additionally, according to medical researchers Dr Judith 
   Richter, Dr George Isajiuw and Robert Whelan[3], hCG suppresses the immune 
   system and in certain cases may cause the onset of opportunistic diseases 
   if malnutrition and mineral depletion are also in evidence.

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