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Akha Legal Defense Fund

You may support the Akha by making contributions directly for the purpose of legal defense. Currently we have cases going in Thailand.

You may also contribute legal expertise to these cases.
The most important of these cases is the case of Hooh Yoh village and Pah Nmm village. Both of these villages lost large portions of their land to the Queen's Royal Project. This case is still before the UN and we are working to see more land returned to the Akha.

The Akha Outreach Foundation run by Ajay works with Paul and Lori to persue Ethnocide upon the Akha people.
Akha Outreach Foundation

Help stop the removal of Akha children.
CGT is just one of many missions that remove children for financial profet and exploitation rather than support them in the family context of the village and culture. Many missionaries believe that their white culture is the best, so deleting Akha culture to them would be the natural thing to do.
CGT Mission

We will continue to have updates for you on this case which is still in progress.

The removal of Akha children from their communities by missionaries in Thailand.

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