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Dangerous Deceptions

There is a lot of information that is put out by globalizing agencies as to how well the indigenous are being cared for. That is all most people need to know. This information is also put out by NGO's who are in fact funded by these globalizing agencies. In fact the conditions for the Akha and other indigenous on the ground are far different. Carefully chosen words can be used to cover what is really going on. In the case of the Akha for one example: GTZ in northern Laos told us the Akha did not have mosquito nets because the "didn't want them." We asked the Akha and nothing could be further from the truth, yet these agencies put this information out to many passing tourists, laying salve on their souls when seeing the Akha in such disastrous conditions.

Below are some films which have contributed to these events among the indigenous. In time we will be building pages for each one.

The Jesus Film - Campus Crusade
The End of the Spear - Steve Saint
The Enemy God - 10X Productions

Careful What They Tell You

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